Dolphins lost nothing by taking chance on Chad

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In June, the Dolphins took a chance on receiver Chad Johnson.  In the end, that chance cost them nothing.

Johnson signed a one-year, $925,000 contract after he was cut by the Patriots.  But since none of it was guaranteed, Johnson won’t receive a dime.

Yeah, he got his per diem during training camp, but that’s money that would have gone to anyone on the roster, regardless of tenure or draft status or name recognition or value to the franchise.

And while at the end of the day the Dolphins essentially admitted that it was a mistake to sign him, they generated some extra notoriety while he was on the team, and they arguably have picked up style points by so quickly severing ties with him in the wake of his arrest for domestic violence.

19 responses to “Dolphins lost nothing by taking chance on Chad

  1. Ahyup.

    At the end of the day it cost nothing.

    What did the Pats get out of CJ?

    Not much more than the Dolphins, but Belly is a genius….Paying more for less.

  2. To say Miami lost nothing is not accurate. They passed on other veteran receivers that they could have signed to fill the huge void they have at the WR position. Now two weeks into camp it will be next to impossible to sign a veteran and bring them up to speed. They will be forced to go young and take their lumps this year. Just throw THILL out there and get it over with. They might as well all learn together this season.

  3. How can a grown man be so CLUELESS regarding the stage of his career, his eroding skills and his utter lack of worth to his team, as to behave so boorishly and insipidly? He blows close to 1 million, has no football prospects, education or job skills? Even if he did, he would need to update his resume for seeking employment in the REAL WORLD by adding a line or two about that little “dust up” over the Trojans. What does it take for these players to wise up PRIOR to crashing and burning?!

  4. The distraction was unnecessary in the first. That’s probably the only fault of the Dolphins signing him. They should have just rolled with the receivers they had and draft one in the first round in 2013 if necessary. It isn’t like Chad Johnson is the difference between winning a Super Bowl or not. He may have increased Miami’s total wins by one or two, but nothing significant.

    Anyway, I am extremely happy he’s gone now. Good on my Dolphins for reacting quickly and making the right decision here.

  5. All you people calling out the Dolphins for jumping the gun are missing the main point.

    He’s a distraction and he’s been absolutely terrible on the field for three straight seasons. Now it appears it’s boiled over to include an off the field issue.

    The Dolphins wisely figured out it wasn’t worth it and they cut ties. We’ll see what clown organization gives him his next chance.

  6. It is time to call Plaxico Burress because the Dolphins didn’t gain an extra edge on New England by signing Chad Johnson. He was their castoff!!!!

    However, they do gain one more edge by taking away the chances of Plax helping the Pats.

    If I need to score I’ll take his 8-10 TD’s any day of the week versus Chad or anyone else available!!!

  7. All I Know is, our team lost, and it was not as close as we wish it was, I am afraid our team is not quite fast enough on defense, Misi seemed kind of slow to me, Definately need these wrs to step up, Clyde, up sorry, did I Just say that, mm, But on D, dude, slow…..fix that we got slither of a chance to go 8-9 wins, After watching several other teams games, we still see who the ballers are. 1 td, loss, I’d like to know what player is smiling. Go get the W…..then smile oh, then get another, now can you get 10 of these, ASAP, eleven will be absolutely Devine, but do not lie to yourselfs, anemic d, and lethargic safety play, Then saying it is ok game, made my pet rock vaumitt. Lol

  8. Julius Pruiit, Roberto Wallace, BJ Cunningham, these are guys that are going to be really good. Who needs big name recs, every player has to start off somewhere. Don’t forget about Nannee. Nannee is going to be a solid 3. So I’m happy with Roberto being number, then Bess, hartline, Nannee, Pruiit, Cunningham.

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