Early returns good on Randy Moss in San Fran

No one’s quite sure what to expect from Randy Moss.

Sure, he’s one of the 49ers five No. 1 receivers.

But after blowing through three teams in 2010 and none last year, it’s hard to gauge what he’s going to do on the field this year.

But so far, the Moss experiment seems to be going well.

‘‘It’s neat to watch our players watch a guy like Randy, that people watched growing up,’’ 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said, via Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe.

Moss said at the beginning of training camp that he’s matured.

‘‘Well, when I first came into this league, it was more of I didn’t really understand really everything that goes on with the NFL,’’ Moss said on July 27. ‘‘And now that I’m matured physically and mentally, my philosophy is I do not like what the NFL does for me, I want to know what I can do to make the NFL better. If that’s teaching the young guys and showing guys my professionalism and bringing leadership on and off the field, that’s what I’ll do. If we have that mind-set, it’ll make it a better league.”

The idea of Moss showing maturity, or leadership, is comical considering some of his past shenanigans.

But Harbaugh said defensive players are always taking a peek to watch him in practice, and believes that he is, in fact, back.

‘‘Ray [McDonald] says, ‘I don’t think Randy Moss has lost a step,’ ’’ Harbaugh said. ‘‘And Justin [Smith] says, ‘That’s Randy freakin’ Moss over there. It doesn’t matter if he did lose a step. That’s Randy Moss.’

“It’s been great. He’s been all about getting into this team, getting into this playbook and being a part about what we have going here. [I’m] really, really happy.”

Trying to bet on how Moss will react in the face of adversity will always be a dicey proposition, which makes his situation worth monitoring all year.

21 responses to “Early returns good on Randy Moss in San Fran

  1. In his last games with the Patriots, Moss stopped jumping or reaching for balls. He’d hold his hands up, and if the ball didn’t come to him, he watched it fall. 2007 is a long time ago, folks.

  2. Can’t wait to see what happens when Smith flutters a couple 7 feet over his head….
    Good ol’ Moss will come back then….

  3. descendency says:
    Aug 12, 2012 12:11 PM
    Randy can still play. The question is will he want to.

    If he wants to, I almost feel sorry for the rest of the AFC West.

    That’s NFC West. And with Alex Smith not particularly throwing deep often, the Niners are the one’s who’ll be sorry.

    But..that defense will keep them in every game.

  4. As a titans fan, I’m outraged. Where was this effort and maturity when we had you? Moss is my favorite receiver of all time and the thought of him catching a TD in titans blue and doing the “part the seas” touchdown celebration was all I wanted! I guess I forgot, he is gonna play when he wants to play.


  5. Last time I saw him play, Darrelle Revis pulled up limping trying to catch up to him. As long as the team is winning, I don’t think getting him the ball will be as important. It seems he gets upset on losing teams that don’t get him the ball. All he is saying is ” Hey, wanna win? Get me the ball then!” I’m excited and wish him the best.

  6. I think he’s still got the talent but those expecting 2007 Moss will be disappointed since Alex Smith isn’t Tom Brady.

  7. Typical Raiderrob ignorance. One game, one snap which was a run. He was strictly a decoy genius. Oh and its preseason. So maybe if you were so smart you would have realized Brett Swain 7th on the depth chart was in the game before the first drive was even over

  8. People, this is just preseason, Gotta give Randy a chance to break a real sweat before he begins actings acting like a spoiled child.

  9. A Vikings fan I’ve always been a fan of Moss, from when we drafted him, to his first departure when our ownership was a disaster, through his return and subsequent second departure when Childress was a disaster.

    Randy does just what he has said himself “play when I want to play”

    It’s frustrating because he is a player when focused is in my opinion the greatest ever WR, but IMO you can’t give him that title outright forever because he doesn’t even by his own admission give 100% all the time.

    He has had more than his share of suspect moments everywhere he has been, Minnesota x 2 included. That said I was sad to see him go from my crew both times.

    I think he can be very productive for the 49ers if they can win & he is involved in the offense, despite his prime days being past at 36…..if not on either account well then we’ll see which Randy appears, going to be an interesting watch.

  10. Put that picture up against a picture of Megatron. Moss’ arms will look like mine (puny) in comparison. That’s just how much more awesome Calvin Johnson is and he started mature out of the gate!

    Plus no way Moss beats a jam like Calvin. They showed it in the Browns game and this corner comes over to jam Megatron and he just pancakes the DB turns to the right and catches the ball and goes 30 yards up the middle. Now that Schwartz has tape on the 49ers they are going to get thrashed this time around! Pay back is coming in Week 2!

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