Garrard says knee injury didn’t result from playing with son


It’s still not known how Dolphins quarterback David Garrard injured his knee to the point that it required arthoscopic surgery.  It is known that Garrard is a little touchy about an online claim that he suffered the injury while playing with his son.

After reported that Garrard felt something in his knee pop on Thursday night when turning to look at his son while playing in the backyard of their home, Garrard contacted to clarify the situation.

I wasn’t out playing basketball or football with my son,” Garrard said.  “I saw him running for the pool and I turned and felt some popping and clicking.  I went in and told [the trainers] that, but that wasn’t the cause.  It had been swelling up on me throughout camp.

“It doesn’t matter what it was.  It could have been a cloud that I looked at.  I knew when I woke up that morning that I was probably going to have to get surgery.”

Garrard is expected to miss two-to-four weeks, which as a practical matter reduces the race to be the Week One starting quarterback in Miami down to Matt Moore and rookie Ryan Tannehill.

11 responses to “Garrard says knee injury didn’t result from playing with son

  1. I like Garrard but this just sounds like he wants it classified as a football injury so he gets paid when he gets cut. (probably why he said it has been bothering him all camp but didnt mention it before now) It looked like he tried that last year but nobody signed him and he had back surgery after it was clear he wouldn’t sign/start for anyone. Good guy but he knows he wont win starting job now and just wants to keep his $2 mil.

  2. Just start Tannehill. We need some hope as Dolphin fans. Since Marino left this team has been boring to watch & just pathetic offensively. I’m tired of the losing and sad qb play.

  3. Well, if his knee has been swelling up for awhile, and the recovery time for surgery is 2 weeks, he should have gotten this taken care of during the 4 week break between minicamp and training camp.

    I don’t like a guy with a serious back injury history who gets injured during training camp before the real hitting starts.

  4. What about Miami trying to get Payton Manning with 4 neck surgery, it will be bade for the Denver team, if his neck acts up, glad Miami didn’t get him. Bill

  5. I like his quote about it not mattering what it was. So, I dont think it matters if he gets cut right before payday. The knee injury didnt appear like a cloud did it? Time to move on with a little dependability. Tannehill and his backup Moore.

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