Jaiquawn Jarrett slides toward the bottom of the roster


In 2011, the Eagles used a second-round pick on safety Jaiquawn Jarrett.  In 2012, they could be bidding Jarrett adieu.

According to Tim McManus of PhillyMag.com, Jarrett’s rocky showing in the preseason opener against the Steelers resulted in Jarrett losing some of his second-string reps to Tom Nelson.

The move has puts Jarrett in danger of being waived.

That’s how it rolls,” Jarrett said.  “But I’m going to continue to do what I do, go out here and get better.”

Jarrett played at Temple, and he seems to be realizing that the NFL entails a slightly higher level of talent than whatever conference Temple plays in.  (Annnnnnd now I’m going to get a nasty letter from Bill Cosby.)

“Every player is faster and stronger and bigger but it’s just about the technique, continue to keep working and taking better angles,” Jarrett said.

An angle he may be taking in the future entails the angle between the exit door and the spot where his car is parked.

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  1. They played in the MAC, they moved to the Big East after he was drafted.

    Jarrett was a hell of a tackler in college no matter the caliber of team he played against. His lack of speed and the poor angles he takes are very noticeable at the NFL level. He’s got some work to do to make the team this year, but I think he can do it if he puts in the work.

  2. “Jarrett was a hell of a tackler in college”

    he was a heavy hitter, which doesn’t always equate to being a good tackler. especially now, when guys are faster than he’s used to playing against and he doesn’t know how to wrap up.

  3. Broad street Journal or whatever you call yourself don’t really care, Just out of recent memory Terrance Knighton has been pretty good for the jags, even if inconsistent with his weight. Muhammad Wilkerson is also a decent player so that’s just out of the last 3 years or so that I can remember so I’d have to say your wrong

  4. Ton of talent has come out of Temple. Joe Klecko, Al Singleton, Todd Bowles, Kevin Ross, Paul Palmer, T. Knight, Dan Klecko, Mo Wilkerson and the list goes on.

    Don’t disrespect the Owls…

  5. This kid being picked in round two was and is the reason why Andy Reid VP of football operations, should be fired

  6. Don’t disparage a young man, because the Eagles overreached yet again. While it is frustrating that he hasn’t lived up to the potential Andy said he had, he is the player that the rest of the league thought he would be. Be mad at the organization, and the overpaid players who can’t tackle.

  7. Jarrett actually was competent at tackling at TU. Hit hard, wrapped up, very fundamental. Lack of offseason in year one had a lot of rookies playing catch-up. You’ll hear a lot of guys discuss that when you have a lot to regurgitate as far as schemes, technique, different adjustments and variations to the other team, its hard to play full speed.

    That being said, Jarrett also has a full workload because instead of learning one safety position as most teams have set strong safeties and free safeties, the Eagles interchange their safeties. So, Jaiquawn is essentially learning two positions. And thats on top of probably two-four special teams assignments.

    Thats really where he has to cease his struggles. Special teams is where the rest of the 53 live or die.

  8. Guys, when I say “who has ever done anything in the NFL”, I don’t mean players that just made it to the NFL.

    I mean players who were impact players.

    You’re kidding me with this list of players right?

    I’ll give you the Klecko’s, but even they weren’t dominant, difference makers.

    “Ton of talent has come out of Temple”…..


  9. Temple’s obviously not a football factory – the school is much more known for its basketball program – but they’ve churned out many good players and coaches. In just recent years, they’ve had Terrance Knighton and Muhammad Wilkerson, and this year they had Bernard Pierce who should translate into a good NFL player. Jarrett was a very good college player who probably shouldn’t have been a 2nd round pick. With that said, if his special teams game was tighter, we wouldn’t be considering the idea of him getting cut a year after being drafted so high. If he can’t play, they’ll cut their losses and that will be that. Hopefully he picks it up because he’s a good dude above and beyond football.

  10. jj cant even learn his own position. ive never seen so many blown coverages. he was a heavy hitter in college but he seriously lacks the athletic ability to play in the NFL

  11. Oh boy, now it’s Temple debate. Temple fans are worse than Steelers fans in some ways. As for JJ, he’s not good and hasn’t been since being drafted. Allen is decent and should continue improving. Atogwe is better than decent, and Coleman is serviceable. All three are better than JJ. Sorry dude…you’re outie.

  12. BTW, I’m not disrespecting Temple as a school,

    Their football program is on the come up, but if I’m an NFL GM or player personel guy or whatever, I’m not drafting an undersized safety from the MAC Conference with my 2nd round pick.

    Maybe the SEC, Big 10,12 or whatever, but not the MAC. Hell no.

    This guy made his living against the Little Sisters of the Poor

  13. You guys know this has nothing to do with the school he came from right?

    That arguement of “I would never draft a guy from _____” is the dumbest thing ever. If you were a GM with that mindset you would miss loads of talent.

    Imagine if the Steelers said we would never take a QB from the MAC, or a backup RB from North Carolina. Or maybe the Eagles never would draft a LB from Stephen F Austin University, well guess what you have no Trotter.

    That logic makes no sense. If you want to say the player is not good enough that is fine, but the college debate makes no sense as the NFL is full of players that became stars from non-football schools.

  14. Uh you do know the Mac is a underrated conference right? Jason Babin was from the MAC. Greg Jennings. Ben Rothlisberger Micheal Turner chad Pennington Byron Leftwich Asante Samuel just to name a few. As a Lion fan I have hopes for Tahir Whitehead drafted in the 5 round this year from Temple. Not star hopes but he seems to be a player

  15. You will find good players in just about any conference, but Jaiquawn Jarrett is, sadly, not one of them. Waste of a pick.

  16. It’s not about Temple and it’s not about the MAC. It’s about Jaiquawn Jarrett not being good enough to play at this level. He’s never shown anything that I’m aware of. Even Coleman had some big plays in his rookie year (two fumble recoveries for TDs in a preseason game, for one thing).

  17. Jarret’s angles and tackling definitely need work but I’m pretty sure he’s going to be able to stick around for at least one more year if for no other reason his second rounder status.

    Whether he pans out or not it has nothing to do with Temple’s football program it would be on the Eagles and Jarret themselves.

    If the Eagles had just picked Earl Thomas instead of Brandon Graham like 90% of Eagles fans wanted they wouldn’t be in this situation now though.

  18. Its funny how everyone now is saying drafting him in round 2 was a reach bc as i recall the analyst covering the draft hyped this kid up nd were saying he had first round grade. I think we all can be draft analyst …..alls you have to do is pretend you never said half the stuff you did. You give a guy first round grade and when he bust out the Nfl just criticize the people who took him.bc whos going to remember 2years before when u were saying this kid is a steal in round 2…reminds me alot of john lynch ..hard hitting safety,good against the run,makes wrs think twice about going over the middle.

  19. The way he tackles made me think he would be a valuable asset this year, with a year under his belt. However, in all honesty he looks like another 2nd round bust.

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