Joe Philbin hasn’t met with Chad Johnson yet, plans to do so soon


Chad Johnson has plenty of explaining to do.  He has yet to have to explain anything to his head coach.

But Chad soon will.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin opened his Sunday post-practice press conference by reading a statement regarding Johnson’s Saturday night arrest.

“Before we get started I want to just let you guys know, I have not spoken with Chad Johnson yet.  However, I do plan to meet with him in the relatively near future,” Philbin said.  “Today, I’ve been focused on the football team, the 89 other players that are here today in meetings and practice.  At this point, and until I speak with Chad directly, it would be premature for me to make any comments about the situation.  So, I’m gonna leave all comments in regard to Chad and [this] particular situation at that.”

Philbin later said that the meeting will happen sooner rather than later.

The first-year coach previously has said that nothing is off limits for the NFL Films cameras and microphones.  Thus, his eventual meeting with Johnson will make for must-see TV.

It’s unlikely, however, that it ever will be seen.

Johnson’s lawyers should insist that nothing he says to Philbin be recorded.  Even if it’s never aired, prosecutors can subpoena the audio and video in order to possibly use Johnson’s words against him later.

Johnson already has told police that his wife applied a head butt to him, not vice-versa.  If he says anything different to Philbin or anyone else, it can all be used against Johnson later, if his wife decides to continue to press charges.

Then again, it could just be a matter of time before Johnson and his wife hold an “everything is fine and we love each other and nobody’s pressing charges” press conference.  Until then, Chad needs to be careful about what he says.

The problem is that, with his job likely hinging on what he says and how he says it to Philbin, Johnson may have to soon choose between potentially incriminating himself and potentially getting himself terminated.

16 responses to “Joe Philbin hasn’t met with Chad Johnson yet, plans to do so soon

  1. While we’re waiting maybe coach Philbin could tell us what the football reasons were for signing on to Hard Knocks are once again.

  2. Also may be a good idea to shred any “receipts” and/or transcripts of the conversation.

  3. Local reporters in Miami say that the sentiment of the Dolphins is to cut Chad Johnson ASAP, but Coach Philbin wants to have a chance to talk to him first.

    It’s very unlikely he’s still on the roster on Tuesday.

  4. This is the world we live in. Headbutting your wife and giving her a 3 inch gash is not a legitimate reason for termination.

  5. “While we’re waiting maybe coach Philbin could tell us what the football reasons were for signing on to Hard Knocks are once again.”

    Maybe because it’s helpful to get players to push themselves and each other. All 90 of those players, especially CJ85, has an ego. No one wants to look bad on TV. /comeatmebro

  6. Everyone is so quick to judge Johnson! In all the years of Johnson & his animated personality, this is uncharacteristic of him. It wreaks of foul play, I for one will give him the benefit of the doubt!
    She is suspect!

  7. why teams continue to pay this joker is beyond ridiculous.dumder than dirt.would be a good fit with the Jets

  8. Wonder if Chad and his lovely bride would act out the incident again this time for the HBO Hard Knocks cameras? Great ratings for you two and maybe a reality show!!!

  9. Yes, it is uncharacteristic of his public persona. The issue is pretty simple though. Regardless of who initiated the headbutt, his behavior of late is uncharacteristic of what the Dolphins have publicly stated they expect from people within their organization. Most of the guys that have been in trouble over the last few years are gone already and Chad is simply next. I like the idea of having high character guys on the team rather than a bunch of undisciplined miscreants. It should be fairly easy to cut 85 since he is on the bubble anyway. The real test will come if/when a potential star like Wake or Tannehill do something are involved in a situation like this. If so, I would hope the team at least fines them or suspends them if they can’t justify cutting them. This situation should send a clear message to the team: either coach Philbin means what he says or he doesn’t. I sure hope he does.

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