Johnson told police his wife head-butted him

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Initial reports regarding the Chad Johnson arrest suggested that Johnson told police his head inadvertently struck the head of his wife during an argument in their car.

The official police report, obtained by TMZ, indicates that Johnson actually told police his wife applied the head butt to him.

The arresting officer, Christopher Epps, explained in the report that Johnson’s wife, the former Evelyn Lozada, told Epps that she “returned home . . . from shopping and began taking the items she purchased into the house.  While taking out the groceries, [she] located a Wal-Greens [sic] receipt in the vehicle’s trunk with a charge for a box of condoms.”

The report then states that Johnson and his wife sat inside the car, parked directly in front of their house.  “They began talking about the sales receipt and their marriage,” Epps wrote.  “As they were talking Johnson became upset and without [Evelyn’s] permission grabbed her and head butted her on the forehead causing a laceration.  Johnson began screaming and [she] attempted to calm Johnson down.  He began screaming, ‘I don’t give a f–k!  I don’t give a f–k about my career!’  [She] then fled on foot to a neighbor’s house to get away from Johnson.”

Epps also wrote that the laceration on Johnson’s wife’s forehead is “approximately” three inches long.  At a local hospital, her injury was photographed, and she provided a tape-recorded statement.

Johnson confirmed to Epps that they were arguing about the sales receipt.  But Johnson claimed his wife initiated physical contact with him.

Johnson has been released on bail, and he has been ordered to stay away from his wife.  The Dolphins have not permanently ordered him to stay away from the team facility.


60 responses to “Johnson told police his wife head-butted him

  1. SO WHAT! He is still in the middle of trouble AND has fading skills. Cut him and move on, while at same time sending message to rest of team.

  2. Nope. Once a turd always a turd. First the press conference fbombs now this. You can’t let someone be themselves like Philbin said when who they are suck. He’s gotta go or Philbin has no credibility.

  3. A former basketball wife head-butting her NFL husband, hmm I don’t ever see a scenario where that would happen.

  4. To my knowledge the man has never had an incident like this. That by itself isn’t a reason to believe him but he certainly doesn’t have a pattern of reckless behaviour off of the field.

  5. Evelyn Lozada is a gold-digging, jock-sniffing tramp. That doesn’t mean she deserves to be slapped around, but it does mean that you should be less inclined to believe her story before all the evidence comes out.

  6. To my knowledge I don’t believe he’s ever been in trouble off the field and dropping f bombs don’t mean you also beat your wife, Mike Sherman is the one who said, we will let Chad, be Chad. Because he’s Chad Johnson, Chad Ochocinco.

  7. There’s never an excuse to beat a woman. Didn’t he get popped for a domestic violence charge while he was in college? Not excusing his actions but too bad he didn’t see any episodes of Basketball Wives, he would’ve known the drama this girl attracts.

  8. I don’t believe that a woman (especially a pretty woman) would head butt a man. A woman may throw something at a man or claw at him but I just can’t see her throwing her head intentionally at him to hurt him. With that said I am sure this comes down to a he said she said contest with no witnesses therefore impossible to tell what happened.

  9. Got arrested in college for altercation with his gf.. Still, he doesn’t get benefit of doubt from anyone and that’s his fault. Adios cj

  10. I don’t believe him and I don’t believe her. What probably happened is she was sticking her face inches from his, repeatedly screaming and taunting him like most girls pissed off do and Johnson being a dumb ass slammed his head into hers. She was in the wrong for getting in his face and he is a pure punk striking a woman with any part of his body. Someone needs to head butt his a-s a few times, see if he likes it. Never hit a woman, regardless how much she gets in your face, hits you or pisses you off! I wonder if Chad would allow a man to strike his mother? Probably not. My Mother taught me and my Brother to walk away or hit a wall, never hit a woman. A real man never raises his hand to a female. Grow up Chad Johnson.

  11. Fact is no one knows what happened. It’s pointless getting on chad for anything other than infidelity. Plus a head butt? That just sounds fishy if that’s how he was glnna assault his wife. It’s much more plausible if they got into a heated argument and bumped heads. But I’ll let the legal process play out before I pass any judgement. Plus, I wouldn’t believe anyone from Badketball wives about a damn thang

  12. I can imagine to emotional people arguing in a confined space like a car. Talking with their hands, heads bobbing without intentionally wanting to head butt, stuff happened.

    This stuff is too funny.

  13. i dont believe chad touched this women, i have seen the show she is on and she is the most violent and sadistic women i have ever seen, she sucks big time, if he did hit her tho she had it coming

  14. Ouch really poor timing considering on Hard Knocks he said he was going to get arrested this weekend PLUS the nfl has been running those commercials with Obama / Bidden / Eli / Beckham talking about “one is too many ” in regards to hitting women.

    I imagine that even if the dolphins don’t bring the hammer down, the NFL will due to that commercial campaign.

  15. Only 5 posts so far either blaming the wife or talking trash about her. That’s pretty good for the pro-athlete, anti-female crowd usually drawn to these stories.

    And by the way, as another poster points out, this is NOT his first incident of violence against women. So please at least try to have your facts straight.

  16. “and without [Evelyn’s] permission grabbed her and head butted her” Lesson learned… always ask permission before head butting.

  17. I’ve always said that behind the clown act, there is a darker side to this guy since that report of him taking a swing at Hue Jackson or Marvin Lewis at halftime of the Bengals playoff loss to the Steelers surfaced.

    He just seems like one of those guys who’s a whole different way when you turn the cameras off.

  18. The stupidity that’s going on in this thread…

    I love the people saying “he doesn’t have a history of domestic violence.”

    And she does?

  19. Wow…..Mrs Chad butted the ‘ocho’…….

    Last person to ‘tattoo’ Chad was Brian Russell.

    Evelyn must have been catching up on some old Browns secondary highlights………

  20. Too bad the HardKnocks cameras weren’t rolling when this went down.

    Would’ve loved to have seen #85 comically explain why there was a receipt for a box of condoms in his trunk… AND we would’ve had proof, one way or another, as to who headbutted who.

    I blame HBO for all of this.

  21. rtr2003 says: Aug 12, 2012 5:18 PM

    I bet Marvin Lewis believes her.


    This is kind of what I was thinking. Hue Jackson and Marvin are according to Chad like father figures. And he hit one and swung at the other. It’s been reported that he had some kind of incident involving domestic violence in college. Something is weird about the whole situation. The other day Marvin Lewis had a press conference, he was asked if he had seen Chad’s profanity laced comments during a press conference. He said he hadn’t, but then added that Chad was acting obviously. THe reported said, “Acting?”. Lewis said Johnson doesn’t curse, if he was using the bad of language he must have been acting. I would say that his new married life hasn’t been going so well. He seems to be losing control a little bit. That said, I still don’t think things went exactly as she said. Doesn’t make sense.

  22. Never seen anything of “Basketball Wifes” but this is part of the Wikipedia entry:

    “Over the course of the series, Lozada has engaged in feuds with many of the other cast members (Tami, Royce and Kenya) that often turned physical. ”

    Ocho might be a little jerk and a clown. But there is a reason for the fact that he never ever got in off-field trouble before. He’s a good guy. I am far more inclined to believe him than her. Just based on their track record…

  23. realitypolice says:
    Aug 12, 2012 5:15 PM
    Only 5 posts so far either blaming the wife or talking trash about her. That’s pretty good for the pro-athlete, anti-female crowd usually drawn to these stories.

    And by the way, as another poster points out, this is NOT his first incident of violence against women. So please at least try to have your facts straight.


    Anti Female? You must be one of those extreme democrats. Or you are just a person who believes women can do no wrong etc. Truth is other females will give the benefit of the doubt to the male first more often than not. Both sexes can be sadistic, and scheming get off your moral high horse before someone sweeps the legs from under it.

  24. Why would he say, “I don’t give a $%&^ about my career, during an argument about him being unfaithful? Also I’m thinking a head but by a man his size would probably do worse than put a 3 inch cut. I’m thinking knock her out, possibly a concussion. Unless the head butt was accidental and part of a struggle. But if he grabbed her head and rared back and let loose. Just seems she would be injured worse. I’m envisioning a situation like this…he grabs here, and pulls here in close, is yelling, etc, etc. She head butts him to get away from him. Or he grabs here, etc, etc, etc, then she struggles to get out of his grasp and he head butts her in the process without meaning to. Either way though something was happening. And Chad does have a history of having inflated emotions, taking things too far in general, and even a couple reported instance where he has had domestic and workplace violence before.

  25. For those of you who doubt she may have done it what are you basing that one?

    Chad has lots to loss and she has plenty to gain in this case.

    He now has to stay away from her and I am sure she is living in the family home so now he has to get a room to sleep in.

    I would rather face the Giants front 4 then a pissed of women more so if that women thinks she has been cheated on.

    On a happy note its good to see chad is using protection

  26. rudy5618 says: Aug 12, 2012 4:11 PM

    I don’t believe that a woman (especially a pretty woman) would head butt a man. A woman may throw something at a man or claw at him but I just can’t see her throwing her head intentionally at him to hurt him.
    I think we can all come to the conclusion, that you obviously have never dated a pretty woman.

  27. “only 5 posts so far blaming the wife or talking trash about her…”
    Um, have you seen Ev on “Basketball Wives?” She’s been videotaped fighting. It’s not a stretch to believe she initiated contact. It’s not a stretch to believe she did it for her reality show career. Unfortunately we will never know the full truth. But Johnson’s own lack of popularity make it easy to assume he is the guilty party.

  28. Anyone who has ever seen The Real Housewives of the NBA (or whatever that stupid show is called) has seen Evelyn totally go crazy.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing was her fault.

  29. The law in the U.S. – you and all are Innocent until proven guilty in the court of law – what if this charge and case is dismissed then what ? ! — One year ago Miami Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall charged in domestic with his wife, was he released or cut ? No, he had a press conference that he has a personality disorder…and was allowed to stay on the team…and what was the outcome of that case?!! Anyone?! Marshall was eventually traded to the Bears…

  30. Those “commercials” the NFL is airing are more campaign ads than anything necessary. The US is safer now for women than it has ever been. The TV ads are part of Obama’s “the GOP hates women” meme.

    So don’t get too caught up in how much the NFL cares about this.

    Besides- an NFLer gets arrested for beating a woman every five or six weeks; it’s how their women manipulate them.

    There is no culture of violence against women in America. It’s a political device and a campaign slogan. Period.

    And I doubt Johnsohn would “head butt” her; that’s absurd. Who head butt’s anyone IRL??

  31. The problem is Chad Johnson’s production on the field isn’t worth the headaches. If his name was Calvin or Andre then he would be worth the drama. Chad, good luck getting a Head start on your pro wrestling career.

  32. This whole story is, no pun intended, fishy.

    1. Who leaves a receipt for condoms in the trunk of his car?
    2. They were at home, why go in the car to have a discussion?

    While it’s hard to believe that they made up this story for the attention, when it comes to two attention hounds… who knows?

    At any rate, Chad’s just not a good receiver anymore. The Dolphins should just dump him.

  33. Wait aren’t we supposed to vilify him, call for him to be cut, insult his team and ownership etc? Or is that just saved for Dez and the Cowboys?

  34. Yeah Right, his wife head butted him. Obviously Chad shouldn’t have been stupid enough to leave a condom receipt around where his wife could find it, shouldn’t have been fooling around. I bet Chad cares about his career now, now that it’s ended. I bet he cares about his marriage now too, because his wife is going to sue his pants off. What an inglorious ending to an inglorious jerk.

  35. A bit sad. Despite all the crazy issues, and I hate spoiled idiot athletes, I do enjoy Chad Johnson and kept hoping he would become productive again. I will never understand the need for so many blacks, athletes and otherwise, to breed all over the place. Just make babies like rabbits with whomever is the lay of the moment. Just genetic I suppose. I do know the truth of the saying hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – it is beyond all reason. They will do and say anything if they feel wronged, even if they are wrong, for months and years. Anything.

  36. Well, whomever started it, unless the woman is coming after you with a knife, or a gun or something extraordinary, a man should never put a hand on a female. That being said, evidently Johnson can read a receipt, and figure that out, unlike the Patriots’ playbook.

  37. The NFL has become a laughing stock of dysfunctional, criminal and immature types who JUST HAPPEN to make alot of money.

    Football is becoming subordinate to the police blotters each day.

    Eventually most fans will turn off and refuse to watch this garbage.

    The people who attend the games and pay $10 for a cold pretzel and $30 to park are stupid!!!

  38. It never ceases to amaze me how foolish men are. We are no longer living in an age of fragile frightened women. “A man should never put a hand on a female”? Really? You are a fool if you give a selfish, violent arrogant creature (as so many women are today) the right to attack you with impunity, because they will take advantage of you, and then blame you for their own violence, and rip off your money to boot, with the help of police, prosecutors and judges.
    Chad could very well be the victim here–I don’t know. I wasn’t there. Neither were any of you. But you all seem to think it’s his fault. Stupid feminized men.

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