Luck’s preseason debut: Three touchdowns in four possessions


We’re nearing the end of the first round of 2012 preseason games. And it’s probably safe to say that, so far, no NFL quarterback has made as strong of a first impression as Colts rookie Andrew Luck.

Playing 24 snaps in Sunday’s exhibition opener against the Rams, Luck completed 10-of-16 passes for 188 yards and two touchdowns. At least three of his six incompletions were dropped by receivers. Luck was incredibly sharp, making stick throws outside the numbers and displaying composure in the pocket. He threw the football accurately, made quick decisions, and flashed his underrated athleticism on a nine-yard scramble.

Opening the game with a 63-yard touchdown on a shovel screen to running back Donald Brown, Luck wound up engineering four offensive possessions. The Colts scored touchdowns on three of them, the second on a 23-yard dart to Austin Collie in the right corner of the end zone and the third on a goal-line carry by running back Delone Carter.

This is the preseason. The Colts were playing the Rams. It doesn’t really mean anything.

But Luck looked awesome. And every bit worth the No. 1 pick in the draft.

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  1. Posted this on another article, but I’ll say it again:

    Where are all the Redskins fans who thought Luck wasn’t anywhere near as good as RGIII?

  2. Until he plays against full force 1st string players. It’s like the press is setting him up to fail now, lol.

  3. Fun game to watch for Colts fans. Tired of hearing we’re ranked 32nd. No prime time games this year other than the default thursday nighter, should be a fun year.

  4. Hopefully, we’re in for one of the great Rookie-of-the-Year competitions between Luck and RGIII.

  5. Even Blind Squarrels find a nut now and again. He’s not any thing special and when it’s all said and done, RGIII will win Lombardi trophies and be inducted into Canton brother.

  6. It’s preseason and against the Rams so I won’t get carried away but all I want to know is what HulkHoganSays thinks about Luck’s first performance brother. Probably only hear crickets from him brother.

  7. I know the nay sayers will say it’s only the pre-season (despite proclaiming RG III and Russell Wilson Hall of Famers) based on the same sample size, but he looked very impressive, very in command.

    What was more impressive than the way he commanded the offense was that he knew when to throw the ball away, recognized pressure when it came, and made the players around him look better, which is always the mark of a great QB.

    As far as the Colts, the first thing that jumped out was that they have decided to surround this QB with a lot of athleticism as opposed to the last regime that hung the whole franchise on Manning to make a lot of athletically mediocre players look better.

    Their defense looked shockingly physical (granted it was the Rams they were playing so not hard to do), but the Colts weren’t too far behind them in the talent situation obviously from their respective records last year. I was impressed.

  8. Posted this on another article, but I’ll say it again:

    Where are all the Redskins fans who thought Luck wasn’t anywhere near as good as RGIII?

    hahahahahaha, Are you seriously comparing the first preseason game……against the rams!!!!!! hahahahahah you are an idoit. But yeah ok lets do that, umm lets leave out the fact that 63 yards were on a shovel pass, luck played longer and threw the ball more, and as i pointed out eariler against the RAMS!!!! Im rooting for the guy buy you should be banned from ever talking about football again.

  9. Anyone who thinks either has proven hes great in a preseason game is a moron…period. All of the folks talking about how great one is and how much of a bust another is, when neither has ever played a meaningful snap is probably one of those idiots that equates everything football with what they see in Madden.

  10. yelix says:
    Aug 12, 2012 3:02 PM
    Posted this on another article, but I’ll say it again:

    Where are all the Redskins fans who thought Luck wasn’t anywhere near as good as RGIII?

    One preason game,,,easy Idiot!!!!

  11. No Redskins fans said Luck wasn’t going to be as good as RGIII idiot. In fact a Colts fan said “I don’t think Luck will be as good.” after RGIII’s preseason game. Luck was very impressive and colts fans should be psyched.

  12. It’s preseason, and it’s the Rams. Curtis Painter looked good this week too. That should tell you something.

  13. I think many of you are misinterpreting what yelix is saying. We ALL know that one preseason game tells us nothing. However, if you go back and read the posts skins fans made after RGIII’s first preseason game, you will see the more “subdued” ones had the skins making the playoffs based on that one preseason showing alone. Yelix is mocking skins fans stupidity and ignorance, NOT proclaiming Luck Canton bound.

  14. Luck can be better than RGIII, but the truth is Lucks team SUCKS and Luck will be burnt out before he gets a chance to do anything…Enjoy the preseason…lol

  15. No surprise to us here in the Bay Area. We knew hed go #1 and knew he was NFL ready. They will have a nice team once theyre able to build around him.

  16. All you people are saying relax, it’s one preseason game. But if Luck hadn’t played well, you same people would be saying “Yep, I knew Luck was overrated this whole time.”

  17. But if that was Manning back there, everybody would be saying HE’S BACK AND BETTER THEN EVER,
    Yes it is preseason, but after last years season, I will take Luck, you can not compare RGIII and Luck with just one game,
    Both of these QBs are good QB,it will take more then 1game too see if they become, great QBs,
    Colts fans and Skins fan would have loved to have either one of them,
    1 yd pass for 63 yards, that’s the stats, live with it !

  18. I’m at the game. Flat crowd until his TD. And the second was outstanding. Consider the competition. The Rams look awful.

  19. People who didn’t watch him will say “it’s just preseason” or “It’s against the Rams.” even if you take out the shovel pass, the kid looked great. Moved around in the pocket, spread the ball around. The big takeaway isn’t his stats, but that he didn’t look like a rookie. Indy has hope. Let us be excited.

  20. Yep, it’s true that Andrew Luck might have some discouraging games too against different kinds of defenses.
    But …. it is good news to see that his first game went well. Colt fans deserve some very positive news to celebrate about. So, have at it Indiana and celebrate the uniformly good news about Mr. Luck. May the Lord keep him healthy.

  21. I don’t care if it’s the preseason and the Rams, any time a rookie quarterback steps on an NFL field and performs that well it’s impressive, and exciting. This is coming from a Raiders fan. I guarantee you that Carson Palmer won’t look that good on Monday.

  22. There isn’t a person with a job in the NFL that would gamble their career on RGIII over Andrew Luck. Let’s not kid anyone. Of course this is just the pre-season, but if I were a Colts fan I’d like the team’s chances to be good real quick with Luck.

  23. He looked great against the second-worst team in the NFL in a pre-season game.

    That’s all you can really say.

  24. I don’t get the comparisons between Luck and Griffin.. Luck will be around 15 years or so, probably win a Super Bowl or 2. Griffin will be out of the league within 4 years. And.. I AM NOT a Colts fan.. just stating the obvious facts.

  25. The Colts Front office and coaching staff must be relieved to see Luck take to the game so smoothly. Most said he was completely NFL ready, they were right. If the new GM does anything as close to what the old GM did building the team around their Quarterback, then we will see Indianapolis representing their division in the playoffs quite frequently.

  26. redskins fans are morons, as usual. luck cost the colts the first pick in the draft. that’s all. rg3 cost Washington the second pick in the draft + a high 2nd round pick + 2013 1st round pick + 2014 1st pick.

    give me luck and all my first round picks 100% of the time. plus, rg3, is skinny and won’t last in the NFL.

  27. What’s funny is all you same fans that were praising RG3 for his performance are the same ones on here saying its only preseason for Andrew Luck. Seriously? Why hate on the guy? Preseason or not its his 1st NFL game and he looked in control and made great passes. 3 of his incompletions were dropped passes. He made more difficult passes than RG3 did as well. I’m not hating on RG3 either but just sayin. As Redskin fans why worry about a player on another fan and just be happy with your own QB. Or are you just hating because you are genuinely concerned that Luck is better and you need to make yourself feel better by hating?

  28. Luck did look good, but for the RG3 comparisons the Bills did have better defense than the Rams. They are both good, period.

  29. I dont think too many skins fans are putting down luck by any means, i for one think both will be great. However all skins fans are tired if seeing one particular colts fan who comments 50 times per skins article about RGleaf

  30. Why is it Luck vs. RG? Just like people still talking about Suh vs. McCoy, it makes no sense. Let it go people. Both teams drafted a promising player, both teams and fanbases are clearly happy with their pick. Good for both of them. Let the chips fall where they may over the next decade. When it’s all said and done, we can look back.

  31. cdrion21 says:

    hahahahahaha, Are you seriously comparing the first preseason game……against the rams!!!!!! hahahahahah you are an idoit.

    It’s spelled “idiot”…idiot.

  32. There is no comparasion. Colts fans are the ones who act like Luck is even in RGIII’s league in terms of talent. RGIII is better at EVERY facet of the game on the field and way more loved off it. A tremendous company like Adidas wouldn’t make just anyone the face of their football brand…they select who they think is the best investment based off of who will have the greater long term success. Colts fans are living a lie if they believe Luck can compare in any way, shape or form.

  33. Message to everyone to everyone in the world:

    We all know it’s preseason. We don’t need to see post after post after post reminding us.

    What do you think they should do? Just shut down the site until the season starts and then start talking about football?

    Or maybe we could give our impressions and opinions about what we are seeing on the field with the understanding that YES, this is the pre season.

    And the using Colt Brennan’s line to Luck’s as if it proves something: I’m pretty sure Brennan didn’t start that game.

  34. I think it’s funny how people already know how much better RG3 or Luck will be. I’m pretty sure you’re not the experts.

  35. Albeit, yes pre-season…yes its the Rams…That was pretty impressive…He knew that the limelight was on him and he delivered….

    Now the argument of who’s better RG3 or Luck ,IMO goes to the analysts who stated that Luck was more Pro-ready than RG3. So Luck has a good head start but the ? Is can RG3 close the gap and how fast.

    Don’t PANIC REDSKINS NATION. This ain’t no sprint its a marathon. And we know what RG3 is capable of…Shhhhhhhhh!

  36. LMAO skins fans aint the least bit concerned about Luck and the colts. we got our own problems in our own division to worry about. We’re focused on the right things and that doesnt include Indy. We’ll see yall in week three in which yall will see our QB play substantial time. In the meanwhile, stay in yall lane!

  37. dont compare lucks performance to rg3’s because it was clear that both teams had two different gameplans. Indy’s gameplan was to showcase Luck this early; whereas, Redskins gameplan was to give rg3 decent amount of reps against another defensive team and sit him down to keep him healthy. So the comparisons mean nothing NOW! I mean to brag about this guys athleticism– PUH-LEEEZEEE!!! Yall havent even began to see Rg3’s athleticism and what he’s capable of. but again, no comparisons needed because two teams with two TOTAL DIFFERENT gameplans. *drops Mic*

  38. “they select who they think”

    Keyword here is they select who they THINK not who they know.. they may think RGIII but many also think its Luck.. only time will tell. Adidas has made mistakes before.

  39. Guys don’t forget both RGIII and luck were up against nilla downed defenses. Despite that I like what I’ve seen out of both so far and will make the 3rd pre-season game one to watch. Both will get significant time during that game. As a Skins fan and by my observations at training camp the Skins D is much improved and will be a good Test for luck.

  40. Looking good against the Rams in a pre-season game doesn’t necessarily make you the next Johnny U…

  41. Fine, they KNOW.

    Just like I, Tony Dungy, Brett Favre, Warren Moon, Mike Shanahan and everyone else with football knowledge KNOWS that Robert Griffin is the better QB brother.

  42. However, if you go back and read the posts skins fans made after RGIII’s first preseason game, you will see the more “subdued” ones had the skins making the playoffs based on that one preseason showing alone
    Just counted: Redskins fans calling for playoffs, based on the Robert Griffin article: zero. Colts fans calling for the playoffs in this article: one (This is what happens when they make me come into work on a Sunday). To be fair, the general idiocy of hulkhogan kind of gives the Washington fan base a permanent +1 in this department, so let’s call it a tie.

    Either way, both of these quarterbacks should be great, and there’s no reason that Luck and Griffin should have anything but a friendly rivalry. Magic and Bird still consider each other extremely close friends. Indy fans and Boston fans never got at each other’s throats over the Manning/Brady rivalry the same way that peytonsneck and hulkhogan have single-handedly turned Indianapolis and Washington against each other before either quarterback has even taken a regular season snap.

    The point is that the Colts and Redskins have no historic rivalry, and are more similar than different right now: two bad teams putting the future of their franchises on the shoulders of two of the best quarterback prospects we have seen in a long time, hoping to return to their glory days. There’s no reason to try to drum up some kind of bitter Indianapolis/DC feud out of nothing. When bad teams get better, the whole NFL improves, and it’s in everyone’s best interest to hope for the success of both Luck and Griffin.

    In summary let’s all take a step back, let the DMV enjoy Robert Griffin, let the Midwest enjoy Andrew Luck and let peytonsneck and hulkhogan realize that they’re wasting their lives on trivial idiocy.

  43. History will show Luck to be much better than RG3. In fact in a few years it will be a joke that he didnt win the hiesmen and RG3 did.

    The media want to make RG3 the second coming by week 8 they will be singing a different tune in DC you just wait.

    Luck is the real deal and I am no Colts fan.

  44. To steal a quote…”uh, like settle down Beavis”. Both are are going to be good. For those saying “these are the same people who said…”. No they are not. You didn’t actually track who said what. Why can’t we all just get along.

  45. I’m not sure that Luck is the real deal. Sample size is small. I think he will be great. But damn, I mean, the first play was a a 63 yard “pass”. The Rams suck. The first preseason game, and the overreaction of the the barely literate NFL fanbase is just confirmation of my mental superiority.

  46. What I find most amusing is how the mediots are over reacting to Luck’s and Griffin’s 1st PRESEASON game. So far BOTH appear to be the real deal but neither has faced a real challenge yet. To “yelix”

    What you failed to realize is the the Redskins and Redskins fans would have been happy with either Luck or Griffin which is why they moved up to the 2nd spot in the draft….win\win situation! It’s the Colts fans who were anti Griffin and down playing Griffin’s abilities.

    What i find most sad is how Irsay tweeting like a high school girl just seconds after Luck threw his 1st TD.

  47. yelix says: Aug 12, 2012 3:02 PM

    Where are all the Redskins fans who thought Luck wasn’t anywhere near as good as RGIII?
    Actually, what this Redskins fan said last April was that someone in St. Louis was going to lose his job in a year or so because both Bob and Andy were going to be better than Sam Bradford, and the Rams made no effort to upgrade to either Bob or Andy. (Sounds like Toy Story 4.)

    You heard it here first.

  48. hulkhogansays says: Aug 12, 2012 7:31 PM

    Fine, they KNOW.

    Just like I, Tony Dungy, Brett Favre, Warren Moon, Mike Shanahan and everyone else with football knowledge KNOWS that Robert Griffin is the better QB brother.

    Wow, it’s a shock you and your football “knowledge” haven’t been hired as the Colts’ GM after they chose such a clearly inferior QB.

  49. Well…Polian tried to tell that Clueless owner of yours, but the tweeting meathead wasn’t hearing it, so he fired Polian. RGIII is better, by far. Case closed brother.

  50. Hey all you Haters, chew on this a little:
    It wasn’t just Andrews first NFL PASS that was a TD, it was also his first PLAY.
    Ya, it’s preseason vs the Rams, but chew on it anyway!!!

  51. As a Seahawk fan I can tell you not to get too exited. I remember “the next Joe Montana” in Rick Mirer.

    Mirer was awsome his first game, his first yeat, and then …

    Way too early is my point.

  52. I just looked up Rick Mirer stats and he is only second to Payton Manning in successful rookie QB seasons. That is my point.

    Maybe you have the next Payton Manning, or maybe you have the next Rick Mirer….?

  53. Luck looked good, first preseason game, im not gona take the hulk bait, i wish rg3 luck too, but i dont care its the rams but he made some good throws n some were dropped but good throws, remember the rams have nfl players along with every other team

  54. Luck’s pass to Collie was the sharpest throw I’ve seen by any QB this week. That coupled with all the other poised throws he made shows he’s the real deal.

    Indy fans are by far the most spoiled in the league, especially when you do the football interest/success ratio (oh condolences on that crappy 2011 btw).

    It may be 13 years from now, but there is a whopping curse headed your way if there is any justice in the football universe.

  55. RGIII was picked for Adidas because he’s in Washington, not Indianapolis with no televised games and not a whole lot of national attention. Man you are ignorant. Side note: way to early to tell who will be good or better, it’s pointless. Why not just hope their both good for the future of the league and our viewing experience huh? Coming from a giants fan, there is nothing wrong with competition from all teams in the division, makes things more interesting when the Skins aren’t in the toilet

  56. First off, I’m not a Colts fan or have any Stanford ties, I’m coming at this strictly as a football fan.

    Nobody is crowning Luck off of one preseason game against the Rams. The fact is the kid was so impressive at Stanford that the whole “Suck for Luck” thing got started before he entered his final college season. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: best prospect since John Elway.

    Anyone who watched him play today simply saw a confirmation of what they expected Luck to be. Extraordinarily smart player. Super accurate passer. Very good arm and very good athleticism from the QB position.

    I would not be shocked if the kid is a top-10 NFL QB or better from Day 1.

  57. Y cant we just wish both Luck and Griffin the best. Both will prob b top caliber QB’s. Im a colts fan and was very happy with todays performance. I hope both qbs have good long careers for the sake of the nfl. Luck looked great, and i heard griffin did good as well.

  58. Looks like Bruce Arians finally found himself a quarterback. Arians has gone on record as saying that Luck is the most astute QB he’s ever coached.
    Ouch, Big Ben.
    That had to hurt.
    Maybe Roethlisberger will make Arians eat his words next Sunday with another dazzling 16-play drive that ends on yet another field goal…

  59. Another thing about Luck. The same effect sometimes happens with a backup QB off the bench – they are great. Its not until NFL teams start to prep for the player that you can really tell if Luck has enough skills to change his approach.

    Luck might be very good at one or two things, but if a defense focuses on that, can he adjust? Rick Mirer went through an entire rookie year doing well – until teams fiqured out he couldn’t throw to his left – at all.

  60. dexterismyhero says: Aug 13, 2012 2:44 PM

    Quit comparing Andrew Luck to Rick Mirer please!!!!!!!!!

    I hate to arrogantly showcase my reading comprehension skills, but no one compared Andrew Luck to Rick Mirer. Someone merely used Mirer as an example of why it takes a couple years to truly grade NFL quarterbacks, and how a QB’s first showing, especially a preseason showing, does not make or break his career. A similar example that, for whatever reason, is not discussed very often is Mark Sanchez’ 2009 campaign.

    Up through about week 6 of the 2009 season, everyone was talking about Sanchez was the next great NFL quarterback, and the Detroit front office was moronic for taking Matt Stafford. The hype around Sanchez continued as he brought the Jets to the AFC title game, but since then the words hype and Sanchez have not been seen within a paragraph of each other.

    In summary, read things more carefully, and reserve judgment on rookie quarterbacks until a couple years from now.

  61. Yes it was preseason and yes it was the Rams but also that was Chris Long chasing him and he still made the plays!! Playoffs next year!!

  62. RG3 is not on Luck’s level. Never has been. He’s a good player, but he didn’t impress me nearly as much in his debut. I just don’t see it. Where is his body of work? He did a very typical rookie thing with the ball and threw mostly to one receiver. Pierre Garcon. Luck threw to 9 different players, ran the hurry-up offense, showed an amazing touch on the ball. He also took a few hits and didn’t get fazed. RG3 is all hype and I can’t believe so many people have faith in him.

  63. jprcox says:Aug 12, 2012 9:59 PMI just looked up Rick Mirer stats and he is only second to Payton Manning in successful rookie QB seasons. That is my point.

    Well you should “‘re-look up” those stats!!! Lol In case you missed it, there was a young man last season that without OTA’s shredded all of the all time rookie stats! His name is CAMERON NEWTON!!!! P. Manning is no longer the name synonymous with with setting the bar for Rookie achievement. I’m just sayin…..

  64. How can anyone make a determination as to how great he is when he was playing against a team using a very vanilla defense?Must of been a slow media day.

  65. Try this on for size.The Rams blew out Indy last year in preseason in their first game and look at their record last year.Having said that,Let’s wait until game one then we can start the crowning.There’s a old saying.Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.

  66. I wouldn’t annoint Luck as the next coming of Peyton Manning just yet. At least wait until he’s done it for a whole season against NFL competition that is actually trying to win the game.

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