Dolphins cut Chad Johnson

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Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Receiver Chad Johnson’s stint with the Dolphins has ended.  A league source tells PFT that the Dolphins have decided to cut the veteran wideout.

The news was first reported by Jay Glazer of

It didn’t happen because of poor performance (although based on Johnson’s performance in the preseason opener it may have, eventually).  It happened because Johnson was arrested on Saturday night for head-butting the woman he married nearly a month ago.

The move comes not long after coach Joe Philbin said he hadn’t spoken to Johnson but planned to, sooner rather that later.  Per the source, Philbin and Johnson met before Johnson was cut.

It’s unknown whether and to what extent any portion of the meeting was captured by the Hard Knocks cameras and microphones.

At least we now know conclusively the answer to the two question marks on the back of that Hall of Fame blazer Johnson once wore on Monday Night Football.  With Chad likely out of chances in the NFL, he’ll make it to Canton in 20whenhellfreezesover.

102 responses to “Dolphins cut Chad Johnson

  1. Someone I wasn’t going to draft in fantasy, I now won’t be able to draft in fantasy. Oh well.

    More time for FIFA.

  2. Yes, it is uncharacteristic of his public persona. The issue is pretty simple though. Regardless of who initiated the headbutt, his behavior of late is uncharacteristic of what the Dolphins have publicly stated they expect from people within their organization. Most of the guys that have been in trouble over the last few years are gone already and Chad is simply the latest. I like the idea of having high character guys on the team rather than a bunch of undisciplined miscreants. It should have been fairly easy to cut 85 since he was on the bubble anyway. The real test will come if/when a potential star like Wake or Tannehill do something are involved in a situation like this. If so, I would hope the team at least fines them or suspends them if they can’t justify cutting them. This situation should send a clear message to the team: coach Philbin means what he says. I sure hope they collectively get it.

  3. Kind of sad to see a goofball, fun loving, player that interacted with the fan base turn out this way in the end. Don’t want to convict the guy before he’s had his day, but still…no place for that kind of thing.

  4. Devin Hester has a better chance at the Hall of Fame. And pretty much all he does now is return kicks.

  5. Allthough his antics were funny if his off field drama wasnt there he could have been a great reciever…sad really

  6. Knee-jerk reaction much? As far as I know, Johnson has always kept his nose clean off the field. Pretty crappy thing to do to him without having a conviction, if it really was about his arrest.

  7. Let’s her his side of story. You know women do lie, Chad has never had any off the field problems before, so why the big rush to judgement.

  8. This guy will go down in history as one of the most overrated players in the history of any sport . Instead of concentrating on winning football games , he was more concerned about padding his stats and doing his little sideline antics . Now we find out that he likes to beat his wife by head butting her in the head . Way to go Chad or Ochocinco or whatever your name is , youre a class act all the way .

  9. It’s not like he was the missing piece to their puzzle. Probably wouldn’t have made the 53 man roster anyway.
    Smart move to get rid of the distraction and concentrate on football….

  10. I’m sad to see Chad go but do they keep him and take all of the bad publicity or do they cut him, give his roster spot to a younger upcoming player like Roberto Wallace, and make it a message for everyone else on the team to not get caught up in situations like that. I think the Dolphins brass made the right decision.

  11. When you brag you will be arrested before the season starts, you’re lucky you weren’t cut immediately. However, I hear in Dallas, WRs that abuse women are all the rage right now. He might still have a chance

  12. I say New England totally wasnt his fault as he wasnt able totally be himself, personality wise, but he should have learned from the Patriot way and matured in some ways. He needs to talk to T.O. about maturing and getting married doesnt neccesarily mature you, how he handled whatever situation happened with Evelyn and said condoms, bad, and bad PR, even worse Joe Philbin and many coaches around the league dont have time for this foolishness, either shape up or ship out.

  13. @lifetimeskinsfan739

    Chad Johnson isn’t that good anymore that’s why he was cut. If his first name was Calvin or Andre then he would still be on the team.

  14. Talk about Hard Knocks. He posted bond after 1 day and he’s released without anything being proven? That’s a shame.

    Hopefully he finds another job.

  15. A new day in Dolphinville!

    They’ve finally decided that they’re not going to entertain idiots who bring nothing but trouble, both on the field and off.

    Next stop for Chad?
    He’s perfect for the Raiders!

  16. THIS JUST IN: Terrell Owens and Randy Moss just destroyed any drug store receipts they found in theirs cars and houses.

  17. I think it was a knee jerk reaction all in the name of making a statement. I think this is the end of Ochocinco in the NFL.

  18. blackandbluedivision says: Aug 12, 2012 8:32 PM

    Innocent until proven…Wait what?!

    Fortunately for Miami, the rule of “innocent until proven guilty” was not included in the current CBA. They’re not the judicial system, but rather an employer, free to make personnel moves at their discretion.

  19. How long before we hear he owes money to everyone and their yellow dog, just like The OT for the Ravens, Sapp, TO, Vince and Plax? On the upside, he will be able to spend more QUALITY time with his blushing bride!

  20. Choosing a wife is like drafting a QB, you never really know how they will turn out, well this may be an exception.

  21. Chad will get picked up by a team.
    Miami is self destructive cause Chad was the best WR on that team an one of the best players they had. 2/14 cause they gave away the team.

  22. Can’t say he wasn’t warned. The guy was a distraction plain and simple. You think he would have walked up in one of BB’s Patriots coaching meetings? NO. He got to Miami and instead of staying quite, being humble, he announced to all the world in his introductory press conference that he was going to be a headache. Good riddance.


  23. He wouldn’t have done anything in Miami anyways Chad couldn’t even produce with Tom Brady throwing so I highly doubt that Tannehill Moore or Garrard would have done much better with him.

    I think Chad Johnson had a good career but it was more of a dissapointment than a success behind all the antics and all the drama this was a guy who the Bengals players and fans didn’t like and when he left he didn’t bow out gracefully that’s for sure. Then with the Patriots he couldn’t learn the playbook say whatever you want but it to me that shows a lack of commitment to your craft and when he left New England he blamed them for his terrible season.

    This guy was never as good as Terrell Owens or Randy Moss or Marvin Harrison or any of the great Wide Receivers of his era. There will never be a bust in canton for this guy.

  24. Anyone suggesting that Chad should have been given a free pass are simply wrong on this one. He’s just not very good any more which makes him expendable (not that a players talent should determine something like this — it’s just the way it is), his act got old a few years ago, and regardless of whether he gets prosecuted or not — this isn’t the ideal situation for a new head coach. Chad getting released is absolutely the correct move.

  25. at least evelyn’s going to get what she wanted, more money from another athlete. i bet she planted the receipt in his car, caused the fight, and now plans on divorcing him and taking half. gold digging!

  26. Chad has been playful,profane, funny and foolish. Now he is out in Miami for being stupid as well.

  27. Wow, Chad slipped up and dropped condom receipt which cost him a job…should’ve done a tiger woods and did it raw..Good luck Chad finding work

  28. It doesnt matter who initiated anything, he headbutted his wife end of story. He was lucky to even have a job and was on thin ice from the beginning. I dont blame the fins one bit. Even if it was totally his wifes fault and he is found not guilty the situation be an ongoing off field distraction something the fins dont need right now.

  29. Art Monk – 12,000 yards 68 TD’s (Hall of Famer)
    Lynn Swann – 5,462 yards 51 TD’s (Hall of Famer)
    Hines Ward – 11,000 yards 78 TD’s (Future HOF’er)
    Jimmy Smith – 12,000 yards 69 TD’s (Future HOF’er)
    Michael Irvin – 12,000 yards 65 TD’s (Hall of Famer)

    Chad Johnson – 11,000 yards 67 TD’s
    He deserves to be a HOF’er. Get serious.

  30. I think this is a positive move for the organization. As a Jets fan, I generally don’t praise Miami, but what they did is important and righteous.

    A man should never put his hands on a woman under any circumstance. Hopefully this situation will show players that they are to be held accountable for their violent and dangerous behavior.

  31. The “let Chad be Chad” rhetoric was a load of garbage to start with because Hue Jackson was the source, Florio!

    I’m sorry to sound demeaning, but I’m 1000% accurate because why listen to someone that is returning to Cincinnati as an assistant for the first time since January 2007???

    A lot has happened from that time to Jackson’s comment!!!! You think he knows what has happened everyday when he’s away at 3 different teams: Atlanta, Baltimore, and Oakland????

    To trust that was stupid and shame on those who bought his schtick, campaign, the possibility of a comeback, and the belief that his self-inflicting stupidity was a good thing!!!!

    It’s sad to see Chad in this state, but it’s even worse to see that people kissed his rear this much for so long!!!

    The only thing not sad is a possible dramatic theme and tone to the next episode of “Hard Knocks”. People wanted good TV because the Jets raised the stakes for the show. It seems like the ratings will skyrocket.

  32. While I agree Chad made all the mistakes in this case, I am not a believer in men never putting hands on A woman under any circumstances. I believe in golden rule…..Treat ppl how U wanna be treated. Key word Ppl. Women out here killing men, Steve Mcnair comes to mind and I speaking just for me, put my life in the highest regard and I will defend my life against any possible threats to my life whether its a man, woman, or animal. So all that under any circumstances, yeah right. Everybody keep ur hands/head to yourself. Then there wont be any misunderstandings.

  33. Wow ….. I’m stunned that the Dolphins actually pulled the trigger on this.

    That said, huge kudos to them for doing it.

    It was the right thing to do. Johnson had to appreciate that they were his last shot, and the onus was on him to conduct himself the right way, on an off the field.

    The Dolphins owe no apology to him, or any of their fans.

  34. Aug 12, 2012 9:49 PM

    I think this is a positive move for the organization. As a Jets fan, I generally don’t praise Miami, but what they did is important and righteous.

    A man should never put his hands on a woman under any circumstance. Hopefully this situation will show players that they are to be held accountable for their violent and dangerous behavior.

    as a Bills fan i want to cringe when i hear a jets fan talk and laugh at the misery of Miami, unfortunately….. i agree with you 250% in this case and I am so glad Miami did this. Its time for the teams to take the league back from the knuckleheads. The question i have is this: Now that CJ is a has been, how long til she seeks out Cromartie?

  35. Chad Johnson on the Dolphins was a marriage that was just not built to last.

    Just like his other marriage!

  36. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as “due process” when it comes to high-stakes athletics. Not for the Saints, not for Penn State, and not now for Johnson…
    In any event, the Dolphins would not have released Johnson if he could still play.

  37. the thing is philibin knew he would probably get suspended..and decided someone who might not produce should not take up a roster spot. just give it to another promising player…smaart but chad is still the man on hard knocks

  38. His arrest surprised the crap out of me. Despite all the fines he’s had for violating league conduct, he’s never had the reputation to cause trouble.

    I have to wonder if he really was telling the truth in that his wife head-butted him. If not, then I’m really disappointed. It’s not like Chad to do something like that.

  39. 32 teams int he NFL, with a minimum of 4 roster spots for receivers – that’s (at minimum) 128 wide receiver jobs.

    Is Chad Johnson – even at this stage of his career – among the top 128 receivers in the world? Probably yes (and he would likely have been in Miami’s top 4). So will he play again in the NFL? Probably yes.

    Next time Chad, when the checker asks if you want the receipt? The answer is ‘no’.

  40. Can we now dump the “he’s an ok guy, he’s just misunderstood” crap? He’s an idiot. Just took a minute longer to prove it than others. Next up, Mr. Owens?

  41. I bet the fins won’t cut Tannehill if he gets locked up for anything let alone a BS charge like this u all seen Chads wife on her reality show so u know how aggressive she is an confrontational she is just say the truth that’s they was going to cut him anyway! ………cowards!!!! That’s why nobody wants to play for the fins anymore especially if your a blk player man f@@k the fins they need new management bad n fast they have no class what so ever!

  42. Someone send Chad some ‘Pepto-Bismol’ quick.

    Carson Palmer is giving Dennis Allen the ‘heads-up’ on Chad right now…….

    Chad will be a Raider before week one; its nailed-on; remember where you heard it first folks…….

  43. Not a “single” one of us know who this guy is off the field. Just because he has not bee publicly exposed as a women beater or asshat does not mean this should “shock” any of us. Why are some of you so nieave when it comes to situations like this? I knew a pastor for 20 years that i would put my life on it that he was a honest to goodness preacher but later found out he was doing drugs and having affairs 20 years later.

    Sure most of the time the truth does come out but to put a positive image of someone you dont really know is just silly. You will only know a person’s true colors when you are close to that person through the good and bad times. None of you know Chad this well…for all we know he’s another John Wayne Gacy that just hasnt been got red handed yet. My mom told me one thing that i keep close to my heart…never trust ANYONE not even yourself because we are all sinners one way or another and we will always fail at one point.. the important thing is how far do we let ourselves go? Constraint and think before action is key, thats what my mommy told me.

  44. @ moses74 n anyone else out there have u ever been arrested for a BS domestic violence charge well I have and I beat the charge in court the chic I was involved with didn’t want me to leave her and scratched her own face I’m 250lbs she was bout 140lbs what do I look like scratching her or any woman that’s how crazy these ladys are out here now a days n they play the he hurt me game to the police n bam ur in jail a day or two n about $5000 out ur pocket in the end u read the Bible never trust a woman Adam n eve is my proof n yes I love women but I don’t trust them far as I could throw em

  45. tdbragg says:
    Aug 12, 2012 8:42 PM
    “…now we find out that he likes to beat his wife by head butting her in the head…

    And you would headbutt her somewhere OTHER than her head? Moron.

  46. Good job on the Dolphins part, standing by their words. Conviction or not, repeatedly getting in trouble is why they got rid of Brandon Marshall, I don’t blame them one bit. Most likely Johnson will be blackballed from being signed again this season, sucks for him. Maybe he’ll learn to walk away next time, only punks hit women. Figures too, I just started to actually like the guy, well…
    He killed that one.

  47. Chad had a right to expect more from this organization. After all it is “Miami,” and doesn’t Miami make exceptions for the errors of those that play football there? Or, is it just for those who play at the “U”? Head butting may explain why he could never learn the Pat’s playbook. Will he now change his first name to “Butthead”?

  48. If true, as Chad said during his first stint on Hardknocks with the Bengals, his level of pissificity was just too high.

    Chad ran that edge between likeability and arrogance. I think he is just a man scared of aging, slowing down, skills diminishing with an “act” backed up by departing talent.

    No one likes domestic violence and I hope Chad can redirect his mental skills into a productive future that we can continue to enjoy.

    We have enough “drones” in sports already.

  49. Another case of “Guilty until proven innocent”. Johnson said to the police that she head butted him, not the other way around. Who is lying here? Did he lie to the police and tell the truth to the coach?
    Need to hear more from her. But, I think they should give both of them lie detector tests to come to a conclusion. This is not the Chad many know. I am amazed he would head butt his wife. Now her, on the other hand, I would believe capable of head butting someone. She’s low class and very mean when it comes to dealing with issues with people. Too bad Chad couldn’t see past the pretty exterior BEFORE he married her.

  50. Head knocks?? No Chad, Its called HARD Knocks. And anyone that could not see that this couple was volatile, just by the few scenes in the first episode, must not be very observant.

  51. I used to respect the guy, he balanced performance with entertainment. Seems the last few years he forgot about the performance aspect. You run into the law, they might overlook it if you have some game. Chad, you have no game left. Time to start your illustrious fry slinging career.

  52. Chad was arrested for domestic violence when he was in college. That is probably why he loses in the “he said/she said” battle.

    That being said, I do believe that people should wait until all the facts are in and the investigation is done before judging the guy.

  53. Production no longer outweighs distraction, just that simple.
    Coach clearly said that it WASN’T just for the arrest, but as always, Florio knows better what’s in someone else’s mind than they do. He’s a mind-reader AND a genius AND an expert on all things, don’t you know…

  54. I guess Chad didn’t watch any Basketball Wives, or he is an absolute idiot for marrying Evelyn.

    I predict she’s going to get on the “it was an accident” bandwagon since no job = less gold to dig.

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