Report: Reid not happy with LaMonte’s comments


Agent Bob LaMonte thinks that coach Andy Reid has indefinite employment with the Eagles.  Coach Andy Reid thinks otherwise.

Reuben Frank of reports that Reid is “unhappy” with LaMonte’s Saturday remarks that owner Jeffrey Lurie has said Reid will be the team’s head coach for as long as Lurie owns the franchise.

[Reid] doesn’t feel that way,” an unnamed team official who is “very close” to Reid told Frank.  “He believes he should be accountable, just like everybody else.  He feels like he has to earn it every year, every day, every practice.”

LaMonte is paid to speak for and on behalf of Reid.  In our view, then, it’s not enough for an intermediary to leak to a reporter Reid’s position on the matter.  The agent said something on the record, and if Reid disagrees with what the agent said, then Reid needs to say so himself, on the record.

Or Reid needs to take the one action that would speak louder than any words he could utter.

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  1. While Reid should make that attitude public, I think he really has earned his keep. The Eagles haven’t won it all, but they’ve been very competitive through a lot of roster talent cycles and Reid has proven himself as a more than capable talent evaluator. Once he’s done coaching he’s going to make the Eagles or another team’s front office very good.

  2. As long as the Teflon Walrus is at the helm in Philly, the team will only flirt with the championship. Stubborn with his ststem and the worst clock manager in the league. And before any cranky Eagles fans click on dislike, remind yourselves how long it’s been since you called for his head.

  3. I like Andy. He is not perfect but gives it his all. He does enough right to have us very close to the championship and hopefully the Eagles will close the deal in the near future. Go Eagles!

  4. He’s got indefinite underachievement to go with his indefinite employment. No worries Andy, you’re doing just fine 🙂

  5. The agent said something on the record, and if Reid disagrees with what the agent said, then Reid needs to say so himself, on the record.

    So you’re saying Andy should take it to the media to disagree with his agent? If a player did this, it would be considered “throwing him under the bus”

  6. Reid is fiercely loyal. He would never fire his agent for some ill considered remarks. Lamonte will get a chewing out, though, and told to keep his boasting to himself.

  7. Reid is the best offensive minded Head Coach in the game. Ever since Holmgren retired I don’t think anyone else can even hope to lay claim to that title.

    The skill of QBs this guy has evalueated is insane, even going back to his college days at BYU. I know everyone loves to hate on him, but he is a darn good coach that at least 28 other teams would fire their current H.C. tomorrow for him.

  8. Andy will make sure Jeff Lurie knows he didn’t appreciate Lamonte’s comments. He will not publicly throw Lamonte under the bus.

    In addition to his long association with Mike Holmgren and Reid, Lamonte is too well placed; look at his client list in wikipedia. He represents a laundry list of head coaches, former head coaches, general managers, coordinators and other assistant coaches. He has most of the andy reid tree of coaches as well as many of the belichick proteges, and is in a position to place his clients in good positions.

    The level of disconnect between what i have seen of Lamonte’s career and these comments, especially coming on the heels of Garrett Reid’s funeral and a very unimpressive preseason game on Thursday is curious to say the least.

  9. Andy Reid & Laurie are joined at the hip.
    Andy has done more for Philadelphia then almost any sports figure in their history. I for one respect what he has done, but i can see through the figures and stats.

    He has winning percentage over .600,, that’s hall of fame worthy,, but when you break down those W’s & L’s, you get a better picture of Andy’s capabilities and short comings.

    Andy has beat up on sub 500 teams his entire career. It was easy when the Cowboys were trash, Redskins were irrelavant & Giants were winning 9-10 games and superbowls.
    On the flip side of those equations is Andy’s record against good coaches & ^.500 teams… he loses over 60% of those games…

    essentially andy is a coaching bully. His offenses have become one trick ponies & his defensive philosophies have always been trash. This has been evident since the Great Jim Johnson passed away.

    Andy reid is soft. he would be a great offensive Coordinator.. But the guy just doesn’t have the sand to be an elite HC..

    Laurie will keep Reid because he makes the man millions,,, that might not be exactly what the Eagles need, but it’s been a proven financial recipe.

    Unless Juan Castillo has an immediate coming of age, or Vick plays 16 games and sets some records, , Andy should be on the chopping block, just like everyone else.

    Now, i dont mean to sound heartless given the circumstances of Andy’s recent tragedy.. But these problems & shortcomings have been evident since Donovan “dirt pass” McNabb was around.

  10. No, actually Reid does not have to make any public statements about the situation at all, no matter how much any particular media member wants him to. The issue is silly, and everyone’s attention will soon move on to something else. Firing his agent would only demonstrate him to be petty and unforgiving. He’s got bigger issues on his plate than an agent running his mouth. He, sadly, has bigger issues than football too, but undoubtedly work is his best release right now. The only people it’s important for him to talk to is his family, Mr Luria, and the agent.

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