Seahawks’ Zach Miller suffers his fourth concussion

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Seahawks tight end Zach Miller left Saturday night’s preseason game against the Titans with a concussion — the fourth concussion of his NFL career.

Seattle coach Pete Carroll said after the game that Miller’s concussion didn’t appear to be severe. But for a player with Miller’s history, it has to be worrisome.

A 2007 second-round draft pick of the Raiders, Miller suffered two concussions in 2009 with Oakland, then suffered another concussion last year, his first season in Seattle. Miller has spoken about the importance of making smart decisions when it comes to concussions, and that includes taking as much time to recover as necessary after being diagnosed.

There’s no word on how long Miller will miss with this injury. Miller is the Seahawks’ starter at tight end, and while he’s out Kellen Winslow will move into the first-string offense.

11 responses to “Seahawks’ Zach Miller suffers his fourth concussion

  1. Dude was gonna have a beast year in the Al Saunders offense. He was Campbell’s crutch and the offense was literally tailored to his suits. Out of nowhere he signs a ridiculous contract with Seattle and then threw potshots at the city of Oakland and the East Bay as a whole.

    So I guess you could say that when Tavaris would miss a wide open Zach Miller in perfect homage to Jamarcus, I wasn’t feeling too sorry for Zach. You don’t betray the Raiders. Not a good career move.

  2. I do feel bad for Miller. He’s a solid tight end. But yes, the Raiders do appear wise for letting him go. There comes a point when enough is enough. Four concussions, “severe” or not, is too many to chance. Nobody wants to see Miller getting hurt again and again. He’s made some money, and is a sharp guy, acting as Oakland’s labor representative. I think he needs to walk away while he still can, as though as it is.

  3. At least they are documenting the concussions, because now he has evidence that will support his future lawsuit claims.

  4. You could have stayed and been a superhero in the offense Knapp has installed, Zach. Instead, you took the money and ran with Gallery to Seattle? What did it get you last year?

    Fact is Brandon Myers is pretty underrated. He’ll do a fine job. Follow Gallery’s lead and ride off into the sunset while you still can. You can watch Raiders make the play offs from your couch.

  5. Zach Miller was on the verge of becoming the next great pass-catching tight end.

    I was miffed when he decided to leave Oakland and went up to Seattle. Several stories came out, but Bay Area News Group reported Miller wasn’t even offered a contract by the Raiders and decided to reunite with Tom Cable up in Seattle.

    Then the Seahawks turn Miller into nothing more than an extra lineman as a blocking tight end. He caught 60 balls for 685 yards and 5 TDs in his final year as a Raider and in his first year as a Seahawk Miller’s statline reads 25, 233, 0.

    And this latest concussion could be the nail in the coffin to Miller’s NFL career.

  6. @humboldt420

    Miller’s stats in Oakland were more a result of poor QB’s then his outstanding ability. The fact that the TE was usually the only receiver that the teams quarterbacks could consistently find and accurately hit is truly the reason he had the production he did.

    Seattle not using him more as a receiver was definitely a gaffe by Seattle but to call Miller the next great pass catching TE is a stretch. His 5 TD’s in 2010 were the most of his career having caught 3 and 1 in the previous years.

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