So what’s next for Chad Johnson?

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Fired twice in barely two months after 11 seasons in the NFL, receiver Chad Johnson is once again available.

It’s easy to conclude that his career is over, given that his release by the Dolphins came after he was accused of head-butting his wife.  But in an offseason that has seen Randy Moss, Braylon Edwards, Antonio Bryant, and Terrell Owens get new opportunities after being presumably out of the game, it could be foolish to assume that Johnson won’t get a shot at redemption.

The problem is that Johnson hasn’t shown much on the football field in recent years.  In 2010, his final season in Cincinnati, Owens outplayed the man known at the time as Ochocinco.  In 2011, his only season in New England, Chad was lost and confused.

Johnson’s arrest — the first of his career — came a night after he looked not much different than he did last year in his debut with the Dolphins, dropping the only pass thrown his way.

With Seahawks coach Pete Carroll rounding up has-beens like he’s directing the next Stallone-driven ensemble cast, it would make plenty of sense for Seattle to reunite Batman and Robin.

But the real question is whether Robin can still play.  Lost in the fact that he has been arrested and cut only a day apart is the very strong possibility that, from a football standpoint, it’s over.

It’s also possible that, in the heat of the moment on Saturday night, Johnson decided — consciously or otherwise — to go out in a blaze of glory rather than in the indignity of the Labor Day weekend roster purge.  It doesn’t make it right, but it makes it a lot more dramatic than fading away.

42 responses to “So what’s next for Chad Johnson?

  1. Pack will sign him to replace Jennings who is concussed…………they are getting that desperate.

  2. The Miami Dolphins have taken appropriate action by terminating Chad Johnson’s contract. Simply put, Miami doesn’t need the distraction caused by Chad’s arrest, nor his annoying antics. If Chad can’t get his act together and focus solely on entertaining fans with outstanding performances on the football field, then perhaps he should consider retiring from the NFL and turning to a different—and arguably more suitable—stage, like reality television.

  3. If this is being blown out of proportion and he is found not guilty, I wish Chad the best of luck. If he did abuse his wife, Chad has lost a fan and I have no sympathy.

  4. How about suggestions about possible destinatinations for Chad like Dallas where both Dez Bryant and Miles Austin have hamstring issues or Jacksonville, who cut Lee Evans today. Why write derogatory articles everyday about the same wide receiver you need to stay relevant? It has gotten old and lame like your Tim Tebow Jets coverage. I thought you did well on the Dan Patrick show last week but I guess a leppard does not change his stripes, especially once he gets back to West Virginia. Print that.

  5. So there were 15 pre-season games this weekend, theoretically 180 players per contest. Incoming rookies, returning vets, free agents with new teams. Literally thousand of possible stories and what do we get?

    Six stories on Chad Johnson. The guy barely played last year, he was a non-story this year but he’s like crack to this site. You guys just can’t report on football if some one is screwing up. Drop everything and chase that ambulance!

  6. Probably nothing. His NFL career is over. He can’t get into Canada with a spousal abuse conviction. TV won’t touch him now. This may very well be the last time you ever hear of him.

  7. There is some irony here: Chad being one who buys boxes of condoms may have lost out on his current contract (low by NFL standards) — but those condoms he made a practice of acquiring probably kept him from going down the Travis Henry, T.O., Antonio Cromartie one-way rocket-ride to poverty.

  8. Chad, you can come play flag football with my buddys and i… Oh wait nevermind, we found an 8th grader better than you to play with us. Have fun not getting into the H.O.F like most Bengals! Ha!

  9. “noeffinway” you are so ridiculous! I saw u before on here makin claims about a 1-4 start plus that the Pack are on the downward?? Hahaha awwww did we beat you and now you are sore on your bottom hole? Get outta the gutter loser

  10. Chad allegedly head-butted his wife to “go out in a blaze of glory rather than in the indignity of the Labor Day”???

    There’s no glory when you’re cut WAY before Labor Day!!! Just go ask AQ Shipley and Cornelius Ingram!!! Cut by Philly last year despite good draft tape!!!

  11. Why is chad in a bengals jersey? Last I checked he played for the dolphins. Just another Florio jab at the orange and black.

  12. Pack will sign him to replace Jennings who is concussed…………they are getting that desperate.

    Just repeat your screen name to yourself and you have the chances of that happening.

  13. Man, football sucks now. All these people coming into the league, players returning from injury, teams playing better, teams playing worse, it’s been a Monday night game away from a whole first week of preseason and all we get are Tebow: the second string somewhat clutch late at games but can run not throw stories…only because you shove them down our throats or we get Chad “Ocho-stinko” Johnson: who was at one time one of the best receivers whose antics were only kinda funny not so stand up make a career out of it funny…

    Can we get some active journalism about 32 football teams and not 600 stories about two people? Is that too much to ask for?

  14. If only this was scripted and chad somehow got him back. Then Chad would be like “adding some fkng story in the Nfl”
    I think this will happen….

  15. Good riddance.
    Everything he ever did was to get attention and women.
    I never was one to laugh at the jock that tried to crack jokes.
    He was a decent receiver in his day but he never won anything.
    We’ll hear the same broke ass tune from him that we heard from T.O. Just give him some idle time to blow through that money.

  16. The Dolphins haven’t done allot of things right lately but they hit this one out of the park by letting this turd go.

    Hats off to them.

  17. I wish this guy would just focus on football. Chad! Your act has worn thin!

    Just play ball, man, and stop thinking your so damn cute!

  18. I dont have any sympathy for this stuff. You dont lay a hand on a woman, period. On top of that, this guy has diminished to the point of being useless. There is just no way anyone should want to sign him its not worth it

  19. I think we should all keep the criticisms to football, we don’t really know what happened on that driveway, so lets not crucify anyone. Sure there are reports, but no one knows what really happened. I hope Chad can get through this quickly and at least get another season or two with a playoff team to make a run at a ring.

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