Victor Cruz: Replacement ref’s mistake was “mind-boggling”


We noted during Friday night’s Giants-Jaguars preseason game that the replacement officials called holding on a Giants punt return by Jayron Hosley — and the ref called Hosley’s number when announcing the penalty. Obviously, a ball carrier can’t hold for himself, and Giants receiver Victor Cruz says that referee’s mistake was a prime example of why the NFL needs to come to an agreement with the regular officials.

That was probably the most mind-boggling one to me,” Cruz said of the holding call on Hosley, via the New York Times. “I’m a little concerned because we want to make sure we’re getting the best referees we can. I actually overheard one of the refs saying he only refereed glorified high school games, which I don’t even know what that means.”

I don’t know what “glorified high school games” means either, but it’s probably better than the Lingerie Football League, where another replacement ref previously worked. Cruz said that the players, who were locked out by the owners a year ago, can sympathize with the NFL Referees Association.

“We understand the situation that they’re in,” Cruz said. “We want the best ideal situation so they can get back on the field.”

Eventually, a deal will get done so they can get back on the field, but that deal needs to happen within the next couple weeks or else replacement refs will work some regular-season games before the regular officials come back. Cruz says he’s eager to see a deal get done so that the best officials can get back on the field.

“That will probably be the first time I’ll be happy to see a ref I saw from last year,” Cruz said. “I’m going to shake his hand and say, ‘Thank you for coming back.’”

If the replacement refs continue making mistakes like that ridiculous holding call, plenty of fans will join Cruz in welcoming the real refs back.

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  1. Very true, not like the NFL refs ever made a “mind-boggling” mistake, like getting the coin flip wrong… oh wait…

  2. To be fair, wasnt the call correct but the wrong player announced? Either way, hopefully the less terrible refs are back soon.

  3. Ok, I haven’t seen the play in question, but it seems the only bad part of the call was the number. Whoop-dee-freaking-do. I remember the “best officials” making a holding call on a guy who wasn’t even on the field. Same with a personal foul, and pass interference. All good calls, just got the number wrong. I haven’t seen much a difference with the scabs honestly. These stories about the wrong number is just making a whole heck of a lot about nothing…

  4. We had 16 games and not one was decided by a bad call, not one had a TD overturned by replay. Yes, there were all of a handful of ‘bad’ or otherwise calls…. seems pretty normal for me.

    I lived through Seahawks – Steelers. There were more bad calls in that game than the whole weekend.


  5. I’ve watched a few preseason games now and apart from them appearing less polished than their highly salaried counterparts it’s pretty much business as usual.

  6. txxxchief….This has zero to do with calling wrong jersey numbers. ANYONE who has ever played ANY sport at an advanced level or coached or refereed realizes that not only the athletic skill level increases, but also the speed. dramatically. Being constantly and consistently behind the game also slows the game down, dramatically. This will also compromise the nature of the game, dramatically. In turn transcending the nature of the game, dramatically.

    now go back to madden, sonny boy.

  7. I forget which game it was but The worst call goes to the ref that called a touchback when the ball was downed at the 5 yard line

  8. The real refs probably need the preseason more than the players do in terms of getting back into the speed of the game. These replacements are bad, so they need to take care of this fast.

  9. Bad calls by replacement refs happened
    Bad calls by the official refs too

    Weird calls by the replacement refs happened
    Weird calls by the official refs too

    I am not seeing what the major differences are in their mistakes that official refs haven’t messed up as well. Could it be that people have put these replacement refs under a microscope because of their credentials, or lack thereof, and have chosen to use these rather regular mistakes to discredit them and bolster the official refs leverage against the league? Eeeh…probably.

  10. Replacement refs will result in serious player injury and screwed up games. But heaven forbid to many of you that, I dunno, ppl aside from owners get paid more for what they do.

  11. You all are making a huge deal about a wrong number being said. I’ve seen this thousands of times watching nfl games. They always mess that up. As long as the call was right who cares who the penalty was called on.

  12. I don’t understand why people keep pointing that out as the most significant mistake made in that game.

    On the second to last play of the game, the Giants got flagged for an illegal forward pass. By rule, they should been assessed a 10 second clock run off, which would have ended the game. The refs were completely unaware of a rule every football fan in America knows, and they gave the Giants an extra play.

    Not significant in a pre-season game, but imagine if that had been an important regular season game and the Giants had scored on that extra play and won the game?

  13. He needs to quiet down and get ready for the sweep, sweep RGIII and the Redskins are abbout to hand the mediocre Giants, again brother.

  14. The Refs in that game also called facemask on the Jags two or three times. I think one may have remotely been correct. They called facemask on grabbing the back of the jersey. It was mind boggling. Victor is right. Bad calls all the way around.

  15. while we can all forgive the wrong jersey #, the call at the end of the game was unforgivable. refs didnt know there was to be a 10 second run off on a illegal forward pass. they even reviewed it and still let them play on. field commentators were telling them the rules and they stilled ignored them.

  16. As bad as replacement workers are, I must say that weren’t all of you here not but a year ago, complaining about “regular” referees and their bogus calls and poor game management?

    Just saying……

  17. Its not just this call about the wrong jersey number.. Throughout the Preseason week 1, their have been multiple bad calls, wrong calls on wrong players, etc. Some people will say “it’s still preseason” and “regular refs make bad calls too..” yeah, that’s true but the number of bad/wrong calls in just one week is ridiculous. Pay the refs, get the best on the field.. I’d rather a few bad calls throughout a whole season then multiple bad calls week after week throughout the league.

  18. These players and coaches have good reason to support the locked out officials and dog the replacements every chance they get whether the reason is real or imagined. When the real officials get back they’ll remember who supported them. Just human nature…………

  19. realitypolice says:
    Aug 12, 2012 8:31 PM

    Not significant in a pre-season game, but imagine if that had been an important regular season game and the Giants had scored on that extra play and won the game?


    I’ve seen regular refs get the down wrong. Heck, last year the refs spotted the ball 5 years in the 49ers favor on the game winning drive. They’ve called TDs on balls that never even touched the goalline.

    I’m not saying the replacement refs have been great in week 1 of the preseason but the regular refs have been just as bad in the regular season and playoffs.

  20. You’re crazy if you don’t think these refs will affect the outcomes of games. They’re awful.

  21. In the browns lions game the refs called offensive holding on a receiver that caught a ball. It was a bad call and if anything it should have been called offensive pass interference. Either way holding was definitely called incorrectly.

  22. my guess is that these refs are as good as the ones in the early superbowl era, or better. no one questions those rings, with the possible exception of the 76 raiders. it’ll be fine

  23. Honestly, I don’t see Ginger giving in to the refs demands. It’s unfortunate, but the game is going to grow in popularity regardless. If they’re going to be paying the refs less and still gain viewers, then a few (or a lot) of blown calls won’t make a difference IMO.

  24. On NFL radio it was stated that the games have actually been faster with the replacement refs, since they are more inclined to concentrate on major rules infractions while not making a show of it (like Ed Guns Hoculi). As fans the refs should be running the game without inserting themselves into the game. It’s sad that we can tell which crew Bill Levy is on, who Mr Hoculi is going to flex at while blowing a fumble call etc. The refs should let the game proceed, enforce the rules and if they do a good job we won’t know who the hell they are.

  25. Has anyone heard an Ed Hocculi call? “There was no penalty on the play, the lineman was simply overpowered…” Regular refs make the same nonsense calls every Sunday. When Mike P was the head of officiating, he made every excuse in the world why this call or that call was right….I didn’t believe him then, and I don’t now.

    I don’t blame this batch of refs…in fact, they are doing the best they can under the circumstances. I blame the NFL for being penny-wise and pound-foolish when it comes to supposedly putting the best product on the field.

  26. Up until that game, the replacement refs seemed no worse than the usual suspects. However, the Giants/Jags game was probably the worst refereed game I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been watching football for a long long time. There were at least two uncalled flagrant PIs, several phantom facemasks, and a phantom fair catch interference, as well as the end-of-game screw up. With so many bad calls that game, why point out what was probably the most insignificant?

  27. ill give these refs a break cause it was first real game action but whats worrisome is that i expected that they would miss calls cause the game was too fast for them. And they have.

    Whats really embarrassing is that they don’t even know the rules. At all.

    Even worse, people are forgetting that they blew a play dead before it started cause one of the refs left a flag on the field about 30 yards back from the previous play.

    That’s right..a play was stopped cause they forgot to pick up their laundry. It was scary bad. These are just the ones i remember.

  28. I admit I didn’t think the replacements would be much different, but they better get up to speed quick or the games could definitely be compromised. Lions Browns game, while a meaningless preseason contest, WAS decided by officiating negligence. Blatant facemask against Cleveland not called on 3rd down killed a drive. Obvious false start that would basically have ended Browns drive not called.

  29. League employees, run to the site and try to change the perception of the replacement refs. They suck suck suck! So funny how this site is so anti referees. Why? Why not have the desire to have the best in the world referee the best athletes in the world? So obvious what is going on on this site. Go ahead league staff, hit the thumbs down button. Seems that more non league employees are starting to voice their displeasure with you selfish position. Share some of those billions for goodness sake.

  30. According to Cruz, the worse part of having replacement refs was they got the call right, but said the wrong number. Sounds like the refs are doing an outstanding job. Apparently the league could have settled with the refs and it would only cost each team an additional $100,000 per team over a 5 year period.

  31. Is he pleading to bring back those same wonderful officials who were so at the top of the game that they were granted Super Bowl duties, and found it perfectly logical to call holding on Matt Hasselbeck while he was making a tackle?

  32. Why isn’t anyone talking about the horrible call in the bills and redskins game where a touchback was called evn though the player wasn’t anywhere near being in the end zone on the punt. This call is far worse than calling the wrong number on a holding penalty. This official should have been fired on the spot.

  33. Amusing that someone is still whining about the Steelers’ 21-10 win over the Seahawks in Super Bowl 40.
    Instead of complaining about the officating, Seahawks fans ought to be thankful the Steelers had Ben Roethlisberger at QB that day. I’d say Seattle got off easy.

  34. I think the replacement Ref’s should wear their stripes horizontally until the real ref’s take over then no one will be confused!!

  35. You people all need to get some lives, and fast.

    Preseason games with replacement refs.

    Are you even aware of what’s happening in international news today?

    Fandom, enthusiasm is one thing. You armchair experts not seeing that you’re only now keeping track of these mistakes and bleating about some ‘major issue’ that doesn’t occur every week with regular refs are a hoot.

  36. Please. The regular referees aren’t all that. It seems like once a week one of them is affecting the outcome of a game.

    I have no agenda at all, but the officiating in the NFL has always been questionable. The only time I am happy is when they put the whistles away and let them play.

  37. Funniest replacement ref moment I’ve seen so far: mix-up on the Seattle cheerleaders thinking it was a TV timeout when it wasn’t, and the officiating crew not stepping in to stop them in time so everyone was just standing around watching them do their routine.

    To which Titans radio play-by-play man Mike Keith says, “There was nothing in the seminar about what to do when the cheerleaders storm the field.”

  38. WOW, who’d have thought that a whole crew of replacement officials would make mistakes on during their first week on the job.

    To me the bigger problem is that when we see these mistakes we can say the the “real” real officials make the same ones. To me that says that the “real” officials aren’t good enough and need replacing.

    I find it interesting that the quality of officiating seems to have gone downhill right around the time replay was added. It’s like they couldn’t care less about getting it right because the coach can challenge if they think it’s wrong, problem is the refs won’t admit mistakes half the time and the other half the mistakes can’t be challenged.

  39. As we get closer to the season opener,this types of
    gripes will increase.Basically its one union sticking
    up for the other and that other should be getting
    real nervous about now.

  40. There are a lot of complaints about the replacement referees and the calls that they have gotten wrong and the fact that serious injury may result because of them. First of all, instant replay has been introduced to the game because of the weekly “missed” calls by the regular officials. Also, you will never regulate injuries out of the game! It is a violent, collision sport and by the time a flag is thrown or the whistle is blown the injury has occurred! Some of you act as if necks haven’t been broken or knees have been busted before. Use common sense people!

  41. There are a lot of complaints about the replacement referees and the calls that they have gotten wrong and the fact that serious injury may result because of them. First of all, instant replay has been introduced to the game because of the weekly “missed” calls by the regular officials. Also, you will never regulate injuries out of the game! It is a violent, collision sport and by the time a flag is thrown or the whistle is blown the injury has occurred! Some of you act as if necks haven’t been broken or knees have been busted before. Use common sense people! It is a difficult task for anyone doing it.

  42. I still say they can not be worse then the crew that gave GB extra chances to win in the playoffs

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