Chargers need to move more than 6,300 tickets by Wednesday

Last week, the Chargers needed to move more than 3,000 tickets to lift the blackout for the preseason opener against the Packers.  This week, the Chargers have fewer than 48 hours to move more than twice as many tickets.

The team has announced that more than 6,300 tickets remain for Saturday’s preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys.  (So much for America’s Team.)

If the non-premium tickets aren’t sold by 6:00 p.m. PT on Wednesday, the blackout won’t be lifted, barring an extension.

The struggles to sell out the preseason games come at a time when the Chargers have opted not to reduce the minimum threshold for ticket sales for the regular season.  Teams may go as low as 85 percent; only the Dolphins, Bucs, and Raiders have taken advantage of the relaxed blackout rule.

44 responses to “Chargers need to move more than 6,300 tickets by Wednesday

  1. Florio, why is the Chargers not selling tickets the Cowboys fault??? It’s the Chargers home game.

  2. Quick, move another team to CA & then blackout the biggest TV audience in the US.

    Busiess planning 101, never screw up a good thing.

  3. I find it funny that teams are shunned for not selling out preseason games. I think they should be commended for having fans who actually have lives.

  4. As a San Diegan, I have found it to become increasingly difficult to support the Chargers as the organization is run by complete imbeciles who are not dedicated to winning. Nepotism and AJ “Lord of No Rings” Smith have destroyed this franchise. Why would I want to pay 100+ dollars a ticket to support a worst front office in sports, when I could go to the beach and relax in the perfect san diego sunshine for free?

    I couldnt care less if the Chargers move to LA. If/When they move, then the Spanos can take their act out of this town. I still cant believe they want us taxpayers to pay for a brand-new stadium that HE would own. Hes clearly delusional.

  5. The NFL teams still haven’t figured out that a. Selling out to Direct TV has killed the stadium experience and b. prices are too outrageous for fans
    Just talked to a Bears fan today and his PSL tickets cost him $90/game for the pre-season as well as $90 for each home game! $90 for a pre-season game? nfw! Not worth $45

  6. This is because pre-season sucks! It is an extended try out yet the fans are asked to pay a premium! Do people not understand basic economics here?

  7. Love all the haters saying that the Chargers are moving to L.A. I could provide you with all the facts to disupute that, but I’ll let the haters hate. It’s the only thing they know how to do.

    As for this game, kinda surprised that the Cowboy fans haven’t bought up more tickets. Last preseason game they played here they sure did. But considering what Jerry Jones charges just to be a “privileged” season ticket holder in his stadium, I guess Cowboy fans can’t afford to travel to a road game any longer.

    If that unsold number drops below 5000, the local station here will buy the remaining seats as they will make it all back and then some in advertising.

  8. As a Bills season ticket holder, I sympathize with the Chargers fans. Who in their right mind would want to purchase preseason tickets? I know I have to purchase them as a season ticket holder in Buffalo, but I donate mine to the Children’s Hospital like I said in an earlier article. Who in their right mind would want to pay full price for a glorified scrimmage?

    The Bills next home game which is their last preseason game is “Kids Day” against Pittsburgh. I’m sitting in lower level seats. Who would pay $80.25 per ticket to watch a preseason game? Sure, the kids are only $15, but to take your kid to a preseason game, if you’re not a season ticket holder, will cost you $95.25, not including parking and snacks for your child.

    Small market teams will not sell out of their preseason games simply because nobody wants to pay full price for MAYBE 2-3 drives for the 1st team. It’s ridiculous. This blackout crap needs to end.

  9. Go ahead….black out all of the games and include the regular season…..just see how many fans will come running back to the stadium to buy tickets ! I could never understand how blacking out a game can have a positive affect on a teams popularity and as a result grow their fan market-base .I think I have the answer……it WONT !

  10. Why would anyone pay full price at the box office when they can buy them on from season ticket holders for much less and get a better seat locations?

  11. There’s plenty of people with plenty of money in San Diego. When their is a product worth the cost, those seats will be filled.

    Welcome to San Diego, the beach is 25 minutes from the stadium and costs EXACTLY NOTHING

    When you have local competition like that with back to back no playoff seasons with the same bumbling GM and Coach making no changes, you get diehard fans like me…….

    willing to find and online feed all because the full price cost of a ticket isnt enough for 25$ for parking….FOR WHAT?! 25?! FOR WHAT?!

    Suck it, sincerely a San Diego Charger fan who wont miss a minute of the game

  12. I love the NFL, but there’s no way on Earth I’m paying those outrageous prices for tickets. The NFL is on the verge of a “price correction”. Fans will be showing up less and less, and there’s nothing that can be done except to lower prices. It’s called “supply and demand”.

  13. Pre-season football is basically garbage. How do they expect ppl to shell out decent cash for it. Pre season is way too long! 4 useless games,,,make it 2 pre season and 18 regular season games.

  14. I saw a preseason ticket for a Chargers/Green Bay game that had a 98.00 face value…

    I about choked I was laughing so hard..

    Seriously, after driving to the stadium, parking, a case of beer and a bottle of Capt. Morgan on ice in the cooler, a few 9.00 beers at the stadium, and 98.00 tickets.

    Basically a small fortune for evaluating talent….

    They should be happy they are selling advertisement space on local TV….

    (I left out all the goodies)

  15. San Diego doesn’t want the Chargers. Los Angeles doesn’t want the Chargers. Goodell, do what you have to do and retract this franchise and award LA and expansion franchise.

  16. I went to the Cowboys/Chargers preseason game last year and it was 80% full of Cowboy fans if I had to guess. It’ll probably be 90% this Saturday.

    This is anything but the Cowboys fault. Charger fans are as fair weather as it gets….and who can blame them while AJ “Lord of No Rings” Smith is running the show.

    San Diegans I talk to couldn’t care less if they became the Guam Chargers next year.

  17. @sdchargers25

    you call yourself a charger fan? wow dude. aj smith ruined this franchise? how about hes the one who took us from the cellar?

    i wont stand for the bolts to move to LA, but u should just burn your jersey man thats ridiculous

  18. Like I’ve always said, this is a cultural issue. You won’t see this happen in in a city like NYC, Baltimore, Boston or in towns like Pittsburg or Washington D.C. These real football towns don’t have issues selling out.

    West Coast sports will always pale in comparison to East Coast sports.

  19. Preseason football is such a bad product. I have to buy the 2 preseason games with my PSLs/Season tickets for full price every year like everybody else. I just look at it as an additional cost to season tickets. I’ll go to the games because I support the Panthers through thick and thin, but many season ticket holders here in the Carolina dive from Raleigh, Wilmington, etc. who wants to drive 2-3 hours for a product like preseason football? I don’t blame people for turning their noses up at it. It just 4 weeks of praying that no starters get seriously injured.

  20. I don’t buy season tickets simply because the team FORCES you to buy the preseason games. I don’t like someone pissing down my leg and telling me it’s raining.

  21. Why is this board always lit up with “move the team to LA”? This is the only place I hear that mentioned. There is no good deal in place to coax a team to move to LA and there never will be. That is where NFL teams go to die so they can get a deal to move somewhere else. They just won’t support an NFL team out there. What few true fans there are there are dreaming.

  22. Who cares if a preseason game in Southern California isn’t sold out. There is too much other stuff to do here than pay full price for a practice game. Plus, it’s the crappy Cowboys! Other than it being Football, I can’t think of a reason to attend for the $100’s it will cost.
    Only idiots think that LA couldn’t support a team or two here now. Before we had crappy stadiums and crazy owners! No city could have survived those two crazy owners and their demands.

  23. It is amusing to me how any little story that refers to the Cowboys even in passing. Someone fines a way to make it their fault and to say that they are not America’s Team. Like it or not Cowboys move the meter. Just look at the ratings each year. Cowboys ALWAYS draw better numbers than any other franchise. Whether they are watiching hoping they lose or they are fans of the Cowboys, it does not matter peeople watch. Therefore, they will always be America’s Team. It is evidenet by how much some idots talk about them saying they are not relevant. Here is an idea… Stop talking about them and they won’t be relevant.

    The fact that the Chargers can’t get people to come see them play a practice game is not the Cowoboys fault. It’s the NFL’s fault for making people pay full price for 1/4 of the product. If they were playing anyone else they ticket sales would be even worse.

  24. The black out will be lifted an the game will go on as scheduled the Cowboys will save the day again but San Deigo needs to lower the prices on tickets an run other promotions inside the staidium to bring the fans back. an autograft helmet from RIVERS.. Season tickets.. a few players Jerseys.. Lunch with a Coach. Thats how you bring the fans back to the staidium. Send a few fans home with photo’s of them self with players an cheerleaders. Im a fan of football an I would come back

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