Chris Williams back in the mix at left tackle for Bears


Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice says he wasn’t sending a message to left tackle J’Marcus Webb by playing him into the fourth quarter of the team’s first preseason game.

It’s hard to believe that his latest gambit also isn’t a message, though. Tice announced Monday that Chris Williams will see time with the first team at left tackle when the Bears face the Redskins on Saturday. Williams looked like the odd man out on the Bears line earlier in training camp, but Tice wants to see how he does against Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo in a clear sign that Webb hasn’t won any job yet.

“It’s very important, if you’re going to be real about the situation, that both guys get an opportunity to go against 98,” Tice said, via Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune. “I think that is very important for us in our evaluation process.”

Williams was drafted 14th overall in the 2008 draft with the intention that he would become the team’s longterm left tackle. He didn’t play well there, though, and also struggled on the right side before kicking inside to guard. He moved back outside this season and now seems to have a shot at winding up back where everything started because Webb hasn’t proven he can handle the job.

Tice said he has trouble sleeping at night when his team can’t protect the quarterback. We imagine there have been some sleepless nights at Casa Tice recently.

13 responses to “Chris Williams back in the mix at left tackle for Bears

  1. What about James Brown, did you try him at left tackle, try something because it’s pretty obvious that Webb is not the guy and that makes getting Brandon Marshall a waste.

  2. Tice said he has trouble sleeping at night when his team can’t protect the quarterback.

    If you caught any of the o-line play in the game against Denver you should be very concerned ! Marshmallows ! Tice will be up most of the season and he will not be counting sheep !

  3. Too bad they didn’t address that position in the draft. Looks like Webb or Williams is going to have a lot of help on the left side so Cutler can survive the season. Hopefully Tice can come up with something to alleviate the problem.

  4. Crazy! The Achilles heal of the Bears the last two seasons is STILL the Achilles heal.

  5. I’m hoping Chris Williams puts it together, he seemed like he was doing that last season at guard. Webb has all the physical abilities, but let’s remember he was a 7th rounder for a reason, he reminds me wayyyy too much of Gomer Pyle, which makes him basically retarded. Shoot, let’s try out James Brown he seems like he can be an upgrade. If not, we might have to cut Spaeth and play both Webb and CW at LT together, two lazy sacks of jelly are better than one lazy sack of jelly I suppose.

  6. Mediocre veteran off linemen are almost always than rookie off linemen
    Webb will probably progress from bad to mediocre this season
    Drafting an O-Lineman wouldn’t have done much good for this season

  7. Thing is, back at the end of 2009 when Williams came back from an injury, he played LT pretty darn well for the rest of the season going so far as to dominate Jared Allen. He looked like he was finally going to fulfill his promise.

    And then Mike Martz was hired. So far, only a HoF-worthy LT has been able to keep the QB protected in his offense, and even then “protected” meant 30-40 sacks a year instead of 50-60.

    Martz ruined Williams as he almost ruined Cutler.

  8. Tice you have to protect Cutler…. If Cutler can stand up an have time the Bears offense is scarry good. Plus the defense will get alot of rest the Bears will go far.. SUPER .. FAR

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