Cowboys starting offense not ready for prime time yet


The Dallas Cowboys’ first-team offense played 11 snaps in Monday night’s prime-time preseason opener against the Oakland Raiders. And much like their counterparts, the Cowboys’ offensive starters didn’t look ready for prime time.

Quarterback Tony Romo was without wide receiver Miles Austin (hamstring), and only had Dez Bryant (hamstring) for a snap or three. Bryant caught a 24-yard pass down the right sideline on Dallas’ second play from scrimmage, but exited shortly thereafter. Romo can be forgiven for his 3-of-6 for 30-yard game.

But the Cowboys’ run blocking was a major issue. Top tailback DeMarco Murray and change-of-pace guy Felix Jones found no room to run against Oakland’s front four. Murray was buried at the line of scrimmage on both of his carries, amounting to no positive yardage. Jones gained four yards on two rushing attempts and threw in a dropped pass for good measure.

Romo’s other two completions went to tight end Jason Witten, one for a gain of eight and the other for a loss of two. Romo’s remaining three pass attempts were intended for undrafted rookie receiver Cole Beasley, Jones (aforementioned drop), and Witten (sailed high).

The Cowboys will go back to the drawing board in practice this coming week.

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  1. Lol the Raiders are “rusty”, but the Cowboys are just “Not ready for primetime” Go figure. Even tho Raiders actually looked better.

  2. To sports writers Romo can always “be forgiven”. He’s become their statistical hero. But tonight’s Cowboys are showing NOTHING on offense including the QB position. I’d hate to hear the thoughts going on in Jones’s head right now because you KNOW he wanted to come out and show something.

  3. Confirmed : The Redskins are going 6-0 in our division this season brother. Dallas had trouble vs Grossman/Gaffney…can’t imagine how RGIII/Garcon will sweep ’em brother.

  4. The Raiders looked slightly better and you can so tell the bias here. Raiders rusty and Cowboys not ready for prime time? Give me a break PFT!!!

  5. I assume Nate Livings was starting for the Cowboys? Even with Wharton out for the year there is no way I’d have wanted to see him back with my Bengals.


  6. I know this is pre-season but this is the worst game I have ever seen.. Cowboys have a lot of work to do…

  7. The girls will finish 4-12 this year. No interior line help, no safety help, and their line backs are pedestrian. Pass rush is still only ware. If I was a cowgirl I would ask Jerry why he continues to pick the players.


  8. Too bad they didnt start on the 3 after the INT in the 1st qtr b/c dude was down by contact. They coulda used the work.
    Plus these 2 teams (DAL, OAK) were the most penalized last year… one attribute that is severly overlooked is the ability to concentrate. Fumbled snaps, offsides, running into the kicker, dropping passes, etc. etc… the little things.
    And thats why certain teams arent really Super Bowl contenders.

  9. I agree with the opinion on Garrett, he is not a very good coach at all, never has been, and his lack of good decision making cost them at least 3 games last year. That being said, the season starts in 3 weeks, they better find some answers on the O-Line quick (regardless of current injuries), as well as a #3 WR. The way it stands now, Romo will not make it through the season.

  10. Loving the Cowboys regular season schedule this year. Brutal. They could easily end up fourth in their division.

  11. Who cares? It’s the preseason every offense is working on getting ready for “prime time”. Rodgers, Brady, and Brees didn’t exactly set the world on fire either.

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Cowboys’ starting offense hasn’t been ready for prime time since 1996 …

  13. That team is so laughable right now, from their joke of QB right down to their mother-beating WR. I mean seriously, how can Dez Bryant even show his face in that locker room. I’m surprised he’s not on PUP with “multiple bruises from teammates fists”

  14. Eh. Tom Landry rarely won a preseason game yet had 20 straight winning seasons. But no, I don’t think Garrett will have 20 straight winning seasons. Just making a point.

  15. LMAO! Idiots!
    Starters out on oline- Livings and Costa.

    Starting at “center” 2nd year “guard” Arkin.

    Arkin, who Never played center before last week!

    Also out- starters Miles Austin, Claiborne, and Jenkins!

    So 5 Starters out and we are Still handling the Raiders at their house!

    That is how good we are! Our second stringers are beating their first stringers!

  16. Not sure what game you all were watching, the Cowboy’s offense looked to be in mid-season form to me.

  17. WHAT?!?!?!?! A story about an NFC East team, and no comment from “hulkhogansays”? Is this a sign of the Apocalypse?

  18. Problem for the Cowboys is their awful offensive line.

    Romo being hit as he finished his 5 step drops, Murray getting stuffed at the line of scrimmage, etc.

    At some point, having big name WRs and RBs and TEs means nothing if your offensive line is so crummy that plays don’t have time to develop.

  19. All of this hate after 11 snaps in the preseason. Has this offense ever finished lower than the top 10 since romo took over (and played more than 12 games in a season)

  20. “Romo can be forgiven for his 3-of-6 for 30-yard game.”

    Same old Cowpukes…. Same old excuses…. Same old apologies for Romo….

    Here’s to the same old result!!!!

    All flash – no cash!

    But hey you’re “the most talented” team in the NFL!!! LMAO

  21. gcsuk says:

    WHAT?!?!?!?! A story about an NFC East team, and no comment from “hulkhogansays”? Is this a sign of the Apocalypse?


    Hulk is crying in a corner after all that smack he talked about Andrew Luck who then went out and made his Bob Griffin look second rate brother.

  22. Wow sounds like everybody on here used to be Cowboys fans and then jumped off the bandwagon and are still bitter because they have had some bad years! It’s the preseason you idiots and I bet you don’t write on your own teams stories…. That’s right because you are really Cowboys fans!


    Hey you cant score you cant win = Fact!

    Raiders = 60 minutes of ZERO!

    That with Claiborne, Jenkins, ans Spencer not playing tonight! Ouch, 3 Starters out on defense and still got that booty spanked at their own house!

  24. Was I in a coma and is it already the regular season?

    I love that people are talking of firing a coach AFTER A PRESEASON GAME.

    It’s the preseason….they try stuff they don’t try in the regular season, they get a feel for what they’re capable of, etc….

    Anyone that takes ANY preseason game to heart is either 1) ignorant of the NFL, 2) Stupid, or 3) a dedicated hater of whatever team they’re bashing.

    On a side note, did anyone else giggle when the refs placed the ball outside the hashmarks and Romo had to correct them?

  25. One is a team that can’t get over the hump, and the other is a team constantly needing to re-start and/or reinvent themselves.

    Both are works in progress.

  26. As many good points are made here…aside from the crazy rumblings of hulkhogansays….

    Keep in mind it’s preseason. Anything can happen. And it usually does….

    That’s why we keep coming back

  27. What the heck was Ware seeing in this Offensive tackle? He couldn’t block a stationary bike. No one on that line blocked anybody. I guess we did see tonight how the hype continues. And don’t give me that preseason crap. They had just as much time in camp as everyone else.

  28. Last timer I checked, this was the first PREseason game. A game where you shake off the rust and see where you need to improve. It’s a marathon to January, not a sprint to September. If Dallas doesn’t get a center off the street, it’s going to be a long year.

  29. First preseason game of the year showed what everybody out there new… No offensive line. The you g DE’s looked good, Barry Church looked more active back there in the safety spot. Need a third WR yesterday.

    And it’s a preseason game.. Y’all need to calm down!

  30. makes you wonder what they’ve been doing at practice. Spent more $$$ on the Offensive line (and they brought in Callahan) and they looked WORSE than last years unit. I guess this is what happens when you consistently overlook drafting Offensive lineman year after year. Jerrah needs to do an Al Davis and let his less clueless (although still technically clueless) son take the reins.

  31. the cowbots are superbowl bound. trust me on this. there is a reason they call me thesmartestmanever and when i tell you the cowboys are going to the superbowl it’s because i saw jerry jones buying 53 tickets. ha!!!! anyone of you cowpusses think Andrew Luck outplayed RGIII it’s because you didn’t see the 65 yard touchdown was only a 9 yard pass the rest was all running. besides check the qb rating. RGIII 145.6 qb rating the highest qb rating the first week of the pre season

  32. question is if every team in the league played at least two qb’s this weekend and Robert Griffin 3 has a higher rating than all of them, how could you call him second rate brother? wouldn’t that make him BETTER than the rest? would you call a lamborghini second rate because your hyundai gets better gas mileage? cowboy fans are the funniest….

  33. “RGIII 145.6 qb rating the highest qb rating the first week of the pre season”…listen realize he attempted a whopping 6 passes right? Of those 6, only 1 pass traveled more than 10 yards pass the line of scrimmage.

    Let’s throw a party for him and celebrate. Woo HOO!!!! Where does he get to put his preseason week 1 MVP trophy?

  34. “Has this offense ever finished lower than the top 10 since romo took over (and played more than 12 games in a season)”

    They were the 15th scoring offense in the NFL last year…and Romo played in 16 games.

  35. Let’s face it, for the last several years, the NFC East has been: one great (but giving their fans a heart attack) team — Giants; one lousy “who-are-they-and-what-are-they-doing-now team” — Eagles; one “oh my god, they snatched defeat from victory again” bad team — Cowboys; and one team that would struggle in the NCAA Division 2 — Redskins.

    As long as Jones and Snyder are running things in Dallas and Washington, little will get better. And Lurie is not much better, but he at least has Reid.

    The GMen, and I’m loathe to say this, are the only thing the NFC East has going for it. And Coughlin, despite all the bad things that have been said about him over the years, seems to be a great coach.

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