DeMarcus Ware: No one has blocked me like teammate Tyron Smith


Cowboys outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware says there’s only one offensive tackle in the league who can shut him down. Fortunately for the Cowboys, that happens in practice, not games.

Ware says Tyron Smith, the Cowboys’ 2011 first-round draft pick, has been making his life difficult in training camp, and has blocked him like no other NFL offensive lineman has.

“The crazy thing about Tyron is he’s the first guy that when you lock up with him, you can’t get off of him,” Ware said on KESN-FM, via the Dallas Morning News. “He’s the first guy to ever do that to me. That shows the strength he has and how quick he is on the inside. He’s a very good, young aggressive tackle. When you try to beat him inside, you can’t. He’s just that athletic. Cowboys fans don’t have anything to worry about. He’s getting the job done and working hard.”

Smith started all 16 games at right tackle last year and has moved to left tackle this year, and he won’t have to protect Tony Romo from many better pass rushers than Ware, who was second in the NFL with 19.5 sacks last season. Ware says Smith will make the transition to left tackle smoothly.

“When you think about a tackle that’s coming from the right side to the left side, it’s a different speed change, but the athleticism of Tyron and how he can latch on to you if you try to overpower him or when you go around the corner, he uses his hands really well,” Ware said. “Him being that left young tackle is what we need. We need him over there being aggressive. I beat him every once in a while, but he’s been doing his job.”

If Smith can do his job well against Ware, he can do it well against anyone in the NFL.

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  1. Are you talking about half-speed drills in practice? Let’s see how he handles defenders that are actually TRYING to get past him. I wanna see what he does against JPP, or Orakpo. Teammates don’t count.

  2. 7th Rounder Willie Young disagrees. Look it up on youtube to see Tyron Smith get tossed 3 feet from an inside power move.

  3. Im a Giants fan and I watched this guy eat Justin Tuck for breakfast last season. Im not saying he can do the same to JPP and I know Tuck was banged up last year, but Smith is a ManBearPig nonetheless.

  4. Then this is a heck of an endorsement for Lions DE Willie Young, who tossed Smith on his keester with a nasty punch and inside move to sack Romo and end that game last year? Sounds like it to me! 🙂

  5. Jpp absolutely did not beat him consistently. That was Doug free who was getting beat by jpp. Just another ignorant comment with no basis by an ignorant fan with no clue. I can’t wait till week one when all the giants fans shut up and jpp gets handled

  6. Fact: Trent Williams held Ware to 0 sacks last year.

    Fact: Teams besides the Cowboys have pretty good left tackles too.

    Fact: Cowboys wont win the Super Bowl.

  7. D. Ware is still a beast. Maybe he is losing a step, this season will tell that tale one way or the other. As a Cowboys fan, however, I definitely hope not. Regardless, Tyron played pretty darn well as a rookie from the RT spot last year. He will have his share of mistakes on the blind side this year, but Dallas should be pretty happy that — barring injury — they have found their franchise LT for probably the next decade. High praise from 94 should not be regarded lightly.

  8. If DeMarcus Ware played in Cleveland, or Seattle, or some other small market team, he’d be recognized as the very good player he is…..but because he plays for Dallas, he gets an awful lot more hype. I just don’t see him as this game-controlling dominant player they make him out to be…..maybe cuz I’m a hater, I dunno

  9. For all of you bringing up that Willie Young play realize that it was only Tyron’s second game at the NFL level. Of course he’s going to have some rookie mistakes, but Ware is just saying how much he has improved from Year 1 to Year 2. Your hate for the Cowboys is making some of you guys look stupid.

  10. Smith is a beast who’s only gonna get better. Only 21 years old, too. Btw, hilarious that somebody who calls himself deangelohall is commenting on anything Cowboys related. D-Hall got punked in both games against Dallas last year, and you know he’s terrified to face Dez again this year. Btw, Trent Williams is a puff of a joint away from the end of his career. Good luck w that!

  11. Y’all are crazy if you think Ware has lost a step!! 19.5 sacks last year. 100 In the last 7 years! He might only get 15 sacks this year, he might get 23! Still best pass rusher in the league.

  12. cowboy nation, perhaps this is the year you finally realize a few truths regarding your team…. Jason Garret sucked as a back up quarterback and is continuing that suckiness into head coaching.. Tony Romo has small hands and greasy fingers, nobody knows why they are always greasy they just are. Rob Ryan spent his childhood playing with dolls while Buddy was trying to teach him about defenses. Dez Bryant… nuff said but i will add that the letter “T” is the only thing missing from calling him a bust and apparently Jerry Jones must’ve found Michael Irvin’s old crack pipe and it was still hittin’ because he hasn’t made a smart decision since he cancelled his last face lift……. hail to the redskins

  13. I think I will take the best defensive lineman in the league’s word for it over the opinion of a bunch of overweight jags on a computer. Thanks for your valuable input, though.

  14. Lol that all these ignorant people are posting negative things about a guy who could break the single season and.all time sack records. Just plain ignorant people. Funny how all these non.cowboys fans are hating. Even with bob griffin the great hypr, skins fans.still have nothing better to do.

    I imagine most are as short and.obnoxious as their owner

    Fact- only the browns.have more.losing seasons than the skins sincr 2000

  15. Redskins fans how can you even begin to talk crap?
    Hey Doormats, bottom dwellers, win “something” then talk smack eh.

    Dware = Best and most fierced rusher in the game.
    Tony romo = top 8 qb in the NFL. Fact
    Dez Bryant = Halls & soon to be every ones worst night mare @wr.
    Miles Austin along with Romo and Witten = pro bowlers = Fact
    Smith, Demarco Murray, Lee, Carter, Carr, & Claiborne = future pro bowlers.

    Garrett = his First offseason, and training camp as a HC in this league.

    Ryan = First offseason and training camp installing a new defense.

    Cowboys are stacked with talent across the board!

    FACT redskins always below 500 and still running their pie holes.
    You draft a qb who IF your lucky will have a career like Michael Vicks (which isnt saying much).
    Odds favorite are he is nothing more then a
    Jamarcus Bustle Russel. And you give up 3
    first round picks to get it.
    Your coach has never won squat since Elway and even then he didnt win until he got a running game.
    “Rat quarter back killer shannahan”.

    Truth is * da*m right your scared, I can see it in your posts”!

    Ware comparing our big dog ROOKIE Smith going into only his second year and his FIRST training camp. And the sceeerrdy hatters come out to try and talk themselves into feeling better! LMAO!

  16. The Willie Young play is laughable. ONE PLAY. Where was Willie the rest of the game? He got the best of Smith on ONE PLAY… how many offensive snaps were there? Yes, Willie… you da MAN! smh

  17. I’m still mad at D hall for giving up a 4th down play to end the game. Too much mouth and money spent for a guy that gets burnt in critical situations.

  18. Romo sucks, take away Witten and he falls apart. See every playoff appearance for an example.
    Ware is scary but beatable.
    Dez Bryant is a punk who can’t pull his head out of his bottom.
    The Cowboys as an organization are one of the most over hyped things in professional sports. Keep talking about rings you got 20 years ago like your current players are actually wearing any.

    If you’re a cowboys fan, I feel bad you

  19. calling Romo the 8th best qb in the league is like calling pee wee herman witty.. it’s like calling Jane Lynch sexy it’s like calling kathy bates a milf. it’s right up there with asking michael vick to join peta

  20. It’s true. Smith lined up on the right to allow Kalil to play left. Smith’s a very good player and I’m sure he’s given Ware challenges, he also gets to play against him constantly so he should be pretty tuned in to what Ware likes to do, . From Ware’s perspective, Smith is probably the best Dallas lineman Ware has faced in years…so I’m sure Ware would have high praise for him.

    A couple things about Dallas, that helped Smith out last year. A)Dallas wasn’t doing a lot of deep drops, they were getting rid of it quickly(most likely to protect the young line and more importantly Romo). B)He played on the right side, typically against the lesser pass rusher, and often with a TE lined up next to him(not saying TE always blocked, but even having one next to you pushes the end out further making it an easier block).

    On the left side, he’ll have a TE on his side far less, he’ll be isolated more and he’ll go up agaisnt better pass rushers on a more frequent basis…starting with JPP. It will be fun, I cant’ wait.

  21. All you Cowboy haters are dumb! First off you never hear of Orakpo unless he’s on the geico commercial… Second JPP didn’t face Tyron, he beat Doug Free when he was on the left side.. Third Demarcus ware didn’t lose any step! He was the second leading in sacks last year and no one “handled” him… When you have a defense that has no other pass rushers, like the giants, then all the TE on the opposing team has to do is chip Ware to help the LT

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