Gentlemen’s agreements among coaches are forbidden in the preseason

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Lost in the claim by Jets coach Rex Ryan that Bengals coach Marvin Lewis called on Friday morning to ask Ryan not to use the Wildcat in their mutual preseason opener is that such arrangements are prohibited.

As we explained last year, no agreements or arrangements may be made before preseason games regarding issues like personnel and strategy.

That said, it happens.  And the league rarely does anything about it.

In this specific case, it’s unclear whether Lewis actually made the call or whether Ryan was just embellishing to advance the New York narrative that no one wants to face the Wildcat.

Regardless, the rules don’t allow it.  And if the NFL isn’t going to enforce the rule, then the NFL should get rid of the rule.

28 responses to “Gentlemen’s agreements among coaches are forbidden in the preseason

  1. Rex is always looking for excuses, and the media keeps on letting him use excuses. Fact is preseason or not the mighty Jets were manhandled by the Bengals for 4 quarters. Who……Dey.

  2. We the NFL fans demand a 2013 First Round Pick and a Full Season Suspension of Rex Ryan… Oh… wait, Goodell used to work for the Jets?

    Nothing to see here folks. They should put the league office in LA, as long as there is no team there it can act as neutral territory.

  3. Well, the NFL will probably shoot of a few “warning shots,” to these teams, but if they continue to do this I wouldn’t be surprised if coaches or some players become suspended a game or maybe the entire preseason.

  4. Well of course.

    If they could make agreements like that, the preseason would be pointless to people who have to pay regular season prices.

    And the quality of the product is paramount.

  5. Rex is trying to trade a broken wagon. The Wildcat has its purposes, but it isn’t even hard to stop for pro players. The line work is the same, the backs do the same thing too. All that matters is the LBs get after the ballcarrier/QB. Its elemetal football. It only works if you outwork your opponent. It doesn’t “fool” anyone. A reverse is more trouble.

  6. There should be 1 gentleman’s agreement set in stone during the preseason….

    If your inside 2:00 and you score a touchdown to potentially tie the game, you must go for 2 so we don’t see overtime with a bunch of 5th string players.

  7. If it is a rule, then its a dumb rule especially during the first 2 preseason games. Given the new CBA teams have less practice and hitting time to evaluate players. It makes it more critical than ever that coaches are allowed to create the best environment for doing just that. Playing against gimmick offenses that you are unlikely to see during the year makes no sense.

    Do you realize that these first exhibition games where probably the first time this off season that players were allowed to tackle the ball to the ground? Hard to evaluate talent when you only get to see them tackle live 4 times before the season starts. It also doesn’t make for skilled tacklers.

    Equally dumb is forcing season ticket holders to pay full price for these pumped up scrimmages.

  8. Hmm, wouldn’t an agreement between two oposing coaches made before the game affect the INTEGRITY OF THE GAME? Do they also make agreements with the officials? Hey, I’ll invite you to my home poker game if you give my guys a little slack on the holding calls.

  9. “or whether Ryan was just embellishing to advance the New York narrative that no one wants to face the Wildcat.”

    Or he could have been, you know, making a joke.

  10. I love that Marvin has kept his nose out of Rex’s drama club. Rex is nothing more than that middle child who does anything they can for attention, whether it be positive or negative.

    Ps- wildcat is a gimmick. Hasn’t worked in a long time sure as hell won’t now. There’s a reason soprano is your coordinator and not still a HC.

  11. in order to have a gentleman’s agreement, you must first have a gentleman, not a loudmouth circus bear.

  12. When Haslett was HC of the Saints , he made some comment about talking to BB about something strategy related before they played in the preseason. BB’s response was, “I haven’t talked to Haslett in years/ since the Combine” or something close. It was awesome.

  13. The Jets bought Tebow because he blew up their season last year and Rexy is still suffering from post-traumatic stress as a result. Plus he steals the headlines away from the Giants, which is the only thing the Jets can do better (clearly it’s not winning Super Bowls).

    I can’t wait to see the look on Rexy’s face when opposing D’s figure out the Wildcat (which he couldn’t), after which they’ll finally run this puke out of town and I can return to being a Jets fan.

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