Jags could be the ultimate Chad Johnson barometer

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With receiver Chad Johnson back on the market and with his former offensive coordinator in Cincinnati now running the offense in Jacksonville and with said offensive coordinator of the opinion that the passing game in his current location stinks, the Jaguars become the team to watch as the “Child Please” tour bus rolls, again.

Bob Bratkowski, who spent 10 seasons with Johnson in Cincinnati, made no apparent effort to bring Johnson to Jacksonville the last time he was available, which possibly told us all we needed to know about his prospects as a player at this point in his career.  With the Jags dumping veteran receiver Lee Evans on Sunday, a case could be made that Chad could contribute, given that he knows the offense.

If, on the other hand, the Jags again show no interest, we once again have all we need to know.

Then again, there’s always the Seahawks.

30 responses to “Jags could be the ultimate Chad Johnson barometer

  1. Where would a 34 year old, over the hill wide receiver fit in Jacksonville? They have five, if not six, young ascending players that they couldn’t be more happy with. Blackmon, Robinson, Thomas, Shorts, Elliott and/or Robiskie.

  2. The Jags are not going to sign Chad, they already drafted Justin Blackmon and signed Laurent Robinson. Cecil Shorts and Thomas will be the third and fourth receiver.

  3. The Jags dumping Lee Evans means they either like what they have, think Lee Evans is done (this is pretty much what Mularkey implied), or both. They could still sign Johnson but cutting Lee Evans shouldn’t have any impact on that decision. The problem for Johnson is Gene Smith prefers his players to be squeaky clean, something Johnson is not. Bratkowski doesn’t make personnel decisions so his presence probably isn’t enough. I’d bet the Jags stay away.

  4. The picture of Bratkowski is the reaction most of us had after reading this headline.

    Johnson could be Bratkowski’s son-in-law and the Jaguars wouldn’t sign him.

  5. Wow. You somehow connect the Jaguars and OchoCinco because someone who once coached him is now working for the team.

    I am now convinced, beyond any doubt, that you guys come up with this crap just to see home many people you can tweak.

  6. Chad Johnson is a JOKE people he had a few good years at that crap team they have in Cincinnati up until he put the HOF blanket on during a game since that he hasnt done nothing at all. RETIRE Mr. Hall of Famer your done an over with. I was joking about the hall of famer comment but not joking about retiring.

  7. The Wide Receiver Formerly Known as Ochocinco stands a better chance of making the PFT Team as a writer (preferably Lead Editor)than as a WR for the Jags.

  8. This article is just more proof you people have no clue about the actual situation in Jacksonville. It’s also more prof about how you people take things out of context and twist them to fit your stories.

  9. Chad would be a perfect fit for the Seachickens and that juggernaut of a team of misfits that Petey is building out there in the great NW. Your starting offensive lineup: WR Rice from M*A*S*H, Chad Johnson from Bevis and “Butthead”, T.O. from Astrology “Cancer”, TJoke from the Comedy Club and a “Concussed TE”……….at least the hawks have a respectable defense .

  10. Just to let you know….the GM makes the personnel decisons, not the new OC. And if know anything about Gene Smith, Chad Johnson is the last person he would sign. Slow Monday, eh?

  11. since you have it in for johnson and are convinced he is done then I hope he gets another shot.you also said moss was done to untill somebody who actually knows the game like harbaugh thought other wise. hope he has a monster year to show yet again you are the internet hack you are.

  12. a case could be made that Chad could contribute, given that he knows the offense.
    Umm…..no, he doesn’t. He was always running the wrong routes and getting yelled at by Palmer. TJ used to tell him where to line up after they broke the huddle. He failed to learn the playbook in NE and now it would appear that he can no longer catch routine balls. The simple issue about his career is that his age has decreased his athleticism to the point that he is no longer able to overcome his lack of knowledge. He has never been known as a “student of the game”. Any team that chooses to give him another shot will be disappointed–almost as much as his fans will be disappointed if he doesn’t play another down.

  13. The Jags are bringing in Chad Johnson to mentor Blackmon on the field, but more importantly to be an off the field ‘life coach’. Reach for the gin bottle- head butt!

    But seriously, no way!

  14. Chad and Evelyn deserve each other. When a couple is so whacked out they are deemed too extreme even for a reality show they have serious problems.

  15. Is Chad Johnson better than Lee Evans? Cutting Lee Evans would only suggest Chad Johnson could make the roster if he were better than Evans, since Evans is clearly not good enough to make the roster.

  16. Won’t happen. I sent in a tweet towards the end of Coach Malarkey’s Monday radio show and the tweet read as follows: “Giving that Chad is now a free agent and Gene Smith likes married players, How about it?”
    The response to that twitter question began with chuckle and snickering, then Mike Malarkey said they were happy with the players on their roster. My question wasn’t meant to be taken with serious consideration anyway. Gene has made it known league wide he’s a high character guy and Chad is a me 1st player. Plus, later that night we learned that Mrs. Johnson had/will file for divorce so he just lost his only wild card to play.

  17. nickfromjax says: Aug 14, 2012 8:39 PM

    Is Chad Johnson better than Lee Evans? Cutting Lee Evans would only suggest Chad Johnson could make the roster if he were better than Evans, since Evans is clearly not good enough to make the roster.

    85 is better than Evans, Mike Thomas, Cecil Shorts, Kevin Elliot……….He definitely good enough to be their slot guy!

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