Jim Harbaugh scares rowdy fan with only a stare


Football coaches often send strong messages with their words.  On Sunday, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh sent a powerful message by saying nothing at all.

As Cam Inman of BayAreaNewsGroup.com explains it, a “shaggy fan” wearing shorts and shoes ran onto the field at Candlestick Park as the team finished practice on Sunday.  The “shaggy fan” approached Harbaugh.

And the “shaggy fan” stopped in his tracks after making eye contact with Harbaugh.  Eventually, the “shaggy fan” ran away from Harbaugh, into the comforting arms of police officers.

“He called me ‘Coach,’ ‘Coach-something,'” Harbaugh said. “I didn’t say anything. I’m glad he was clothed, glad he wasn’t naked.”

“Him and Harbaugh kind of had a moment,” Joe Staley added. “They locked eyes, and Harbaugh made him withdraw with his Chuck Norris eyes.”

Hell, even Chuck Norris would run away from Harbaugh.

34 responses to “Jim Harbaugh scares rowdy fan with only a stare

  1. Then Harbaugh stamped his feet, threw his hat on the ground … and pouted over the officiating. In other words … same old same old.

  2. In before all the Chuck Norris jokes… And the admonishments to Florio about no one being able to beat Norris.

  3. Schwartz didn’t run from Harbaugh.. I think the former QB would have taken a beat down if Schwartz would have got a hold of him.

  4. the story was funny until the last statement…thats where the line was crossed…NO ONE scares Chuck Norris….Chuck Norris has a grizzly bear carpet in his room. The bear isn’t dead its just to scared to move…i don’t see harbaugh pulling that off

  5. Chuck norris would not run from harbaugh. Chuck norris does not run. That’s why it was called “walker: texas ranger.”

    Also, chuck norris has 2 speeds. Walk and kill.

  6. Apparently said fan was holding up a sign that read: Giants 20, 49ers 17.

    Then the fan gave little crybaby Jim the one finger salute. Up yours Jim. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  7. That Chuck Norris line was just thrown in to get comments, way to pander MF.
    Everyone know when the boogey man goes to bed at night he checks in the closet for Chuck Norris.


    The problem with shaving Chucks beard is that all you find underneath is another fist!

  8. harbaugh will never be tom landry!! frankly im sick of his cranky pouty faces. the guy makes me want to smash my tv whenever i see him scowling… please make him go away forever!!!! we get it jimmy ….you a real hard ass

  9. Harbaugh is Landry? You can’t be serious. Those pouting, whiny sideline tantrums are an embarrassment to the league.
    The only person in the history of San Fran who would even merit a second look from Chuck is Det. Harry Callahan; and he is long been retired.

  10. Harbaugh went on to say that that fan has the best hands hes seen, and could see him as the teams 6th #1 WR.

  11. “Schwartz didn’t run from Harbaugh.. I think the former QB would have taken a beat down if Schwartz would have got a hold of him.”


    Do you have any clue about either men’s backround? Obviously not by this sadly misinformed comment.

    Swartz is a little man with Napoleon complex. Like a barking little dog you shoo away.

    If Harbaugh ever were to seriously engage Swartz he’d make mince meat out of him.

  12. Chuck Norris blows bubbles with beef jerky. When Chuck Norris jumps into a lake he doesn’t get wet the lake gets Chuck Norris’d. Chuck Norris would laugh at that weak stare then round house him in the face.

  13. If you think Jim Harbaugh is a whiny, scowly little biyatch on the sideline, his big brother John is even worse. Much worse.

  14. Ha Ha Harbaugh was getting ready to shake his hand and swear at him, and then run away like he did to Schwartz.

  15. Chuck Norris got his ass beat by Bruce Lee and should be lucky he turned into a meme. But to add on, when Chuck Norris has nightmares they are about Jim Harbaugh.

    Second, why would Pete Carroll jump onto the field at fan fest?

  16. Chuck Norris once uppercut a horse…that horse is now known as the giraffe. and yeah, the hard ass routine has got to go…enough already. i much rather prefer coughlin’s dazed and confused looks, or the vacant look that most raiders coaches have

  17. I’d love it if the niners luck started to run normal to bad, and if they stop playing in a patsie division, and the media would stop regaling Harbaugh.

    Meaning they go 7-9 like they are entirely capable of and you guys can go pound salt, or whoever the next overrated-dejour is.

  18. Comparing JH to a wimp like Chuck Stunt Man Norris is asinine! Ares, Hades or even Jesus would be better examples.

    Dislike or Like this if you find this to be 100% true. Thanks.

  19. Chuck Norris has never had a heart attack, his heart isn’t dumb enough to attack him.

    Chuck Norris tears can cure cancer, sadly Chuck Norris has never cried

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