Justin Tuck responds to “sore losers” disrespecting Giants


Giants defensive end Justin Tuck is tired of hearing suggestions that the Giants only won the Super Bowl because other teams beat themselves.

We’ve recently heard Packers linebacker Clay Matthews and 49ers safety Donte Whitner on that topic and both men felt that their team’s playoff losses had little to do with anything the Giants were able to do on the field. Tuck said Monday that he’s heard that privately from other players around the league as well and he had some choice words for those around the league who agree with that assessment.

“There’s some sore losers in the world, ain’t it?” Tuck said, via Tom Rock of Newsday. “It doesn’t bother me much. Last time I checked we won the Super Bowl and that’s what everybody strives to get to every year. I’m not the type of guy to make excuses about a loss or a win. Regardless. The better team won. You played better that day, thats why it’s a game. That’s why we have the slogan: Talk is cheap, play the game. It don’t really matter what we say, it’s about what we do on the football field.”

While the Giants have been pretty good at using such talk as motivation in the past, Tuck admitted that he worries some players will let the talk cause them to start thinking that they might have been lucky to win the Super Bowl. The Giants did get some bounces that went their way last year, but so did every other team that made it to the postseason. They took full advantage of those opportunities, something they share with just about every other championship team in the history of football and something that none of the teams playing against them were able to do.

The attempts to replay those games through words just drives home that neither the Packers nor the 49ers were able to put the breaks that went their way to good enough use last season. And all that does is make the Giants look better by comparison.

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  1. Unlike Super Bowl XLII I have no bitterness about last year. A Patriots defense full of nobodies played their hearts out against a great Giants team. Anyone still crying about it is mourning spilled milk.

  2. “…just drives home that neither the Packers nor the 49ers were able to put the breaks that went their way to good enough use…”

    Or, in the case of at least the 49ers, the Giants got more breaks.

  3. If you win the Superbowl, you won it. Everything else is loss. I’m not a Giants “Fan” per sey, but I’m a fan of winning.

    And anyone that whips Brady.

    Seriously, girls. Stop hating on the Giants. Do something about it when you put on the cleats.

  4. The Patriots gave the Giants a better game than either SF or GB but we haven’t hear them whining. Even Giselle postgame griping was about her husband’s WR’s…none of this “the better team lost” malarkey we’re getting from Matthews and Whitner.
    Just need to shut up and move on. It’s a new season.

  5. if only my redskins had played the giants twelve more times last year we’d be the superbowl champions…

  6. “And all that does is make the Giants look better by comparison.”

    Not better, luckier.

    Fair play to the Giants, they won it all, but you can understand why some people might begrudge giving them full praise. They weren’t a dominant team throughout the season and caught some major breaks in their final two games.

    But, as I said, fair play to them, they still had to make their own plays, which they did when needed.

  7. Perfect picture to illustrate that Gabbert is willing stand in the pocket and deliver the ball. Kind of looks like a roughing call to me with hands to the face.

    Hopefully we’ll see a positive article about #11 one of these days.

  8. He’s right. The better team won that day. The pack would beat the Giants 7 times out of 1o, but that was one of the three. That’s why they play the game.

  9. Nor the Falcons.

    neither the Packers nor the 49ers were able to put the breaks that went their way to good enough use last season.

  10. Don’t forget that fake injuries were an “oppurtunity” the Giants took advantage of. No playoffs without said oppurtunity.

  11. I think Whitner and Matthews said something completely different, but whatever, it’s fine if you want to lump them both into the sore loser camp for content and comments.

    I think most reasonable Giants fans would agree that the 9ers actually coughed it up. That doesn’t mean the Giants didn’t deserve the win, that’s just football. That’s just how it goes down sometimes. Everyone’s accepted it, but it still sucks to lose that way…

    We get to start it all over again and forget about last year so congrats to the Giants on their championship but I look forward to this year now.

  12. as a Giants fan I could careless what the Packers or 49ers think. you could say the Packers got lucky on their run to the Super Bowl against the Eagles and Falcons. If I remember correctly Eagles WRs were dropping sure touchdowns in that game and the Falcons defensive backs just had an off day. So you could say both the Eagles and Falcons beat themselves that year.

    The Giants went into LAMBO and beat the breaks off the Packers. Thor (Mattews) did nothing in that game neither did the rest of the Packers defense which sucked all of last year. Not for two bad calls that game would have been a 30 point blow out. In San Fran, had the Giants not blown two pass coverages against Vernon Davis the 49ers don’t score. But 49er fans can say without two muffed punts the Giants dont win.

    If, ifs and buts were candy and nuts we would all have a merry christmas.

  13. the giants are the biggest fluke champion in the history of football. sometimes its better to be lucky then good.

  14. By luck you mean a 17-point destruction of Green Bay in hallowed Lambeau, the fact that they were outnumbered on the field by Packers and zebras notwithstanding?

    I guess also that all the turnovers that San Francisco had all year were flukes as well. Because surely you can never give credit to the defense for putting the ball on the ground AND recovering it.

    Yup, San Fransicso was a fluke #2 seed.

  15. Packers and 49ers are both terrible

    Packers – no defense
    49ers- no offense

    49ers (at home mind you) were 1 for 13 on 3rd down and ended the game with 5 straight 3 and outs on offense but think they deserved to win……comical

    Giants world champs baby!

  16. Good news for all the G-men haters! Last year they were handed the toughest schedule and they won the Lombardi even with all the injuries they sustained. This year the schedule gets even worse!

    One thing though, what if they win it again even after having the toughest schedule?

    Go Giants!

    That being said, seriously, GB fans should not be talking junk about a team they BARELY beat in the regular season (3 points).

  17. I’m sorry 49ers fans, but what part of that NFC championship game did you guys feel like you were better. Both defenses were dominant but it’s not even close at qb. It always comes down to which team blinks first between the final four teams. As far as the giants not being dominant during the regular season, well, were the packers dominant in 2010? Gmen all day ssaaaaahhhhhhnnnn!!! Dont beat yourselves this year packers.

  18. Patriots fan here.

    I’d be embarrassed if any of ‘my’ team came out with the crap that Matthews and Whitner have been spouting.

    All credit to Coughlin and his men, when the playoffs roll around they pop that magic elixir and play their best games of season.

    In the SB Eli/Manningham made the play Brady/Welker couldn’t – best team won.

    Bring on XLVII

  19. As a 9ers fan I have to say… he’s right. I can understand that Donte and Clay and others believe they beat themselves with mistakes, but that can be said about everyone.
    The Giants won fair and square and earned their ring.
    The Giants and the 9ers were very equal, if they played 10 times they would each win about 5. Just happens that the Giants played a slightly better that game, and when a game goes to OT, that little bit better is the difference between winning and losing.

  20. To Clay Mathews all I can say is, “If wishes were horses all beggars would ride!”

    Get over it and get ready for the regular season. The Giant kicked your butts and if you don’t believe it look at the film.

  21. If the packers defense was half as good as it was in 2010 the packers would have never been beaten end of story that offense would destroy any defense including the giants and 49ers

  22. The Giants got some breaks, but EVERY team that wins the Super Bowl gets breaks. Luck, or chance, or whatever you want to call it is a bigger factor in who wins the Super Bowl than most people want to admit. Suck it up and give the Giants their props.

  23. G-men throttled the Pack on their own field and dominated the Falcons. The 49ers could have had 10 more possessions and would never have scored; even without K.Williams fumble it was only a matter of time. They were the better team against the Pats as well.

  24. The post author explained it well: The Giants may have received a few gifts during the postseason of their opponents making mistakes, but the Giants were the better team because they capitalized on those mistakes. Just because you sore losers (I’m looking at you, Clay and Donte) watched the Superbowl not from the sideline but from the comfort of your own home, doesn’t mean you have to hate on the winners. What were the Giants supposed to do, stop the play and say, “Oh sorry, you made a mistake. Would you like a do-over?”

    The Giants are gracious winners… too bad everyone forgets you’re also supposed to be a gracious loser.

  25. They can never use it as an excuse, but when there were reports leading up to the game that Joe Philbin’s kid was missing, and later found dead, everyone in Wisconsin did a collective “uh-oh.” With Philbin gone and McCarthy and Clements stretching themselves thin (figuratively) covering for him during the week, everything on the offensive side of the ball seemed discombobulated (the hail mary aside, the defense wasn’t that bad in the game).

    Rodgers hadn’t played in 3 weeks, Jennings hadn’t played in an even longer amount of time, and Clifton didn’t play half the season. All three were out of sorts during that game. A team that had four offensive fumbles all season had four in that one game. Rodgers missed throws that he doesn’t miss. To say stuff like the death of Philbin’s kid doesn’t affect you ignores that these guys are human and spend more time with their teammates and coaches than they do their own family. Though it will never show up in the box score, and players will never say it or they risk being labeled a sore loser, something was off that game, and it was not the same 15-1 Packers team from the rest of the year. To the Giants credit, they took what was given to them and won the game handily. It’s football, and the best team doesn’t always win.

    With that being said, the Packers won in the regular season in ’07, but the Giants won in the playoffs. In 2010, the Packers eliminated the Giants from the playoffs by beating them in week 16. The Packers won in New Jersey last season, and lost in the playoffs. This could turn into a decent rivalry over the next few years, and that’s a good thing.

  26. I don’t really have a dog in this fight, the giants were clearly the better team week 17 last year, and I have no problem admitting that. I was mostly just impressed with bigbluenation’s destruction of the spelling of LAMBEAU, in caps no less

  27. What is with all this quibbling? Seriously? Every year , one could argue the better team lost?
    As a Viking fan, my 1998 Vikings were the most productive offense in the history of the game @ that point! They went 15-1 and the 1 loss came from the pathetic Tampa Bay team. They lost in the NFCCG to the Atlanta Falcons because of a missed field goal. A kick that was the only kick missed that year by Gary Anderson, (otherwise perfect season)……. The Falcons went on to lose in the Bowl!
    2009, with Brett Favre leading in my opinion the most dominant team in the league , Vikings, “beat” themselves??? By turning the ball over 6X & then commiting a 12 men in the huddle penalty knocking them out of field goal range, that would have assured them a trip to the Bowl??? Yes indeed , both scenarios , you could argue that the Vikings “beat” themselves, but…………
    You know what? They didn’t, they choked, just like the Packers & Niners did!!! Both teams, you could argue, we’re superior teams in almost every notable category, but….. They did NOT rise to the occasion in that game, so they lost!
    This is totally annoying, listening to these guys! Giants are the Champions, until a new team prices otherwise!

  28. Packers have 9 differnet excuses for why they got pummeled at home but yet never mention if they didn’t get the benefit of the 3 of the worst calls all post-season, the score would have been 49-6

    Please, Packers were the worst 15-1 team the NFL has ever seen. In 2 games against the Giants the ridiculously soft defense gave up 35 and 37 points and they still think they’re better……….hilarious!!

  29. The Giants aren’t going to make it to the playoff this season forget about the past…everyone’s looking forward to this season now.

  30. Giants “beat themselves” with blown coverage for two of the THREE completions that hack QB had all game. Otherwise you wouldn’t have even scored JACK.

    The refs gave the Patriots 10 points, and we left at least 10 on the field. The Pack “could” have lost by 30.

    We can all play that game.

  31. Victor Cruz ate Carlos Rogers up in the first half. Chase Whatever his name is LB, stuck his hand out and found Anthony Dixon’s feet to stop the 4th and 1 run. Kyle Williams fumbled twice turning a ten point advantage into loss. Forward progress call negated a fumble. You need luck, good bounces, bad calls, and one player not doing his job to beat an opponent you previously lost to. If all that happens, you live on and the opponent loses. Months later, all people remember is the score. Those with long memories suffer the facts of the reality that no one, especially the benefactors, want to accept. It was the Niners game to lose. Carlos knows it more than any fan. He played the game and lost the one on one challenge to Cruz in the first half. Kyle was the difference in an otherwise great contest.

  32. kidpresentable says: Aug 13, 2012 3:43 PM

    They can never use it as an excuse, but when there were reports leading up to the game that Joe Philbin’s kid was missing, and later found dead, everyone in Wisconsin did a collective “uh-oh.”

    Glad to hear that that was all Packers fans cared about, given the severity of the situation. “Uh oh, now the Pack is not going to be able to focus on the game.”

    How humane. I hope (and assume) that you do NOT speak for the majority of Packers fans.

  33. 49ers love to take the easy way out and blame that back-up punt returner for the loss.

    Fact is the defense choked when it failed to bail Williams out on a 3rd and 15 at the 17 yard line. If they hold there the Giants have to settle for 3. A team worthy of a championship would get a stop there especially and make Giants kick a FG.

    Please niner fans, it was 3rd and 15!!

    Mr. clutch Eli Manning hits Manningham for a TD.

    Where was the big, bad 49er defense when it was needed the most??? And they couldnt get a stop in OT either

  34. Considering the lowly Skins swept the Giants by double digits in both games I don’t think they are sore losers.

  35. The Niners are whiners … and the Pack lacks the sack …

    But the 5-11 Redskins need to shut up.

    Congrats on having it go your way against the Giants … but seriously, 5-11 … c’mon. Just zip it till you win something. Constantly barking about your 2 victories makes you look like fools. 5-11 … c’mon.

  36. The Giants were in every game last year except both skins games and Saints during regular season. They were inside the 20 with a chance for the go ahead score in San Fran and Seatle. Rogers had a come from behind score to barely beat them on a fingernail catch. If they got all the breaks they could have easily been 13-3 or 12-4. They were a good team prior to the playoffs & had the toughest schedule, everyone forgets the details.

  37. It wasn’t that the worse team won their respective conference championships. It was simply sad to watch both teams back into the Superbowl. Both games were determined by mistakes, not plays, being made in the final minutes.

  38. Everyone of us who’ve ever competed in anything probably has a list of sporting events of many disciplines – where you feel like you beat yourself and/or caught some bad breaks.

    But it’s not too cool to be vocal about it afterwards. Think those thoughts in the shower, while brushing your teeth, driving to work in the morning, whatever. Tell your wife/fiance/girlfriend if you need an outlet.

    But ya just don’t voice it on a major scale — it demeans your opponent but it also kind of diminishes you too.

    I’m a Steeler fan – and I was mortified when Kordell Stewart stated words to the effect, “The best team didn’t win” back in the ’90’s after a tough loss. It’s understandable to be emotional about a hard lost, but c’mon man — stay classy.

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