Pettine confirms that Jets want Wildcat to dilute prep time

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The Jets would like to have a franchise quarterback.  They don’t have one.  One way to make him look more like a franchise quarterback is to give the opposing defense less time to prepare to face him.

And that’s one of the big reasons why the Jets embraced Tebowmania, with the alternative T-bone offense that now requires opposing defenses to get ready for two different attacks.

It’s an extreme extension of the common tactic of keeping the status of an injured starting quarterback close to the vest.  If the upcoming foe doesn’t know who’ll be playing, the defense has to prepare for both guys.

When both guys are as different as Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, it’s even harder to prepare.

“We’re in the ‘whatever-it-takes’ business,” defensive coordinator Mike Pettine recently told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “We’re not looking for style points.  People might say, ‘Well, you’re not running a NFL-style offense.’  Yeah, so what?  We’re moving the ball, we’re scoring, we’re creating problems on defense. Because that’s what it does.  It forces you to take extra time to prepare and you can’t get that time back.”

Pettine knows from experience.  He told Mehta that, when the Jets prepared to face Tebow’s Broncos in 2011, the Jets spent so much time getting ready to defend Tebow’s read-option that there wasn’t enough time to practice defending the two-minute drill.

“I’d rather face him in practice than a game,” Pettine said.

Opposing defenses apparently will be facing Tebow in games, a lot.  “We’ll be all over the map with it,” Pettine said. “We’re only limited by our own creativity.  Whether it’s just Mark, it’s both or it’s just Tebow out there, there’s different ways to do it and a lot of different ways to dress it up.”

The point is a valid one.  What makes it a little humorous is the fact that the Jets seem to be working overtime to ensure that opposing defenses will be working overtime to prepare for the base offense under Sanchez and the Wildcat under Tebow.

To really make the Wildcat work, shouldn’t the Jets be saying as little about it as possible?

20 responses to “Pettine confirms that Jets want Wildcat to dilute prep time

  1. It doesn’t matter if both are completely different types of quarterback. The bottom line is that both are terrible. So defenses will be preparing for 2 sad QB’s instead of 1 really good QB.

  2. While defenses have more to prepare for, the Jets offense continues to struggle because they are splitting time with two QBs. The sword cuts both ways.

  3. I don’t see defensive coordinators shaking in their boots about either of these two. The only prep time being diluted will be that of the Jets, getting these two stumblebums ready to play. Jets win, maybe three this year.

  4. Pettine knows from experience. He told Mehta that, when the Jets prepared to face Tebow’s Broncos in 2011, the Jets spent so much time getting ready to defend Tebow’s read-option that there wasn’t enough time to practice defending the two-minute drill.
    If I remember correctly, the Jets flew to Denver to play on a Thursday after playing the previous Sunday. So sure they had something extra to prepare for, but it was a short week anyway.

  5. This would be great, IF, the Jets weren’t playing in the AFC East, and all of their divisional opponents hadn’t played/prepared for Tebow in the past. Those opponents spanked Tebows offense three times, and he squeaked out a win in the other.

    Nothing like going back to some old game tape to help with preparation now, is there?

  6. ….And the Jets are going to spend 100% of their time preparing to get smooshed by the Patriots…. and the Bills for that matter.

    Are they really even serious with all this crap? it is going nowhere in the AFC East.

  7. failed logic….

    The defense does NOT have to prepare for sanchize.
    So it goes from just showing up last year to preparing for Tebow this year.

  8. Correct me if I am wrong but I clearly remember Rex Ryan referring to the Wildcat as a high school gimmick offense ?

  9. Neither a Jets fan nor a Jets hater here, but all this yapping about how hard it is to prepare for/defend the Wildcat has me rooting for it to be an epic fail.

    Just because I’m so sick of them talking about it already. Sheesh.

  10. Sure, while it will take more time for defenses to prepare for both the standard offense and “Wildcat” offense; it also means the standard Jet offense has less time to prepare. There’s a trade off, both good and bad for the Jets.

  11. I know Pettine was probably responding to a direct question from a beat writer when he said this, but when the defensive coordinator starts spending too much energy pumping Tebow’s tires you get a sense that Tebow’s presence is more of a sales pitch than a winning football strategy.

  12. Wait….You’re saying teams actually prepare to play the Jets?

    I thought most opponents just took the week off and showed up 30 minutes before kickoff.

  13. Defenses have to prepare for two offenses (traditional helmed by Sanchez, Wildcat run by Tebow).

    By contrast, the Jets have to PRACTICE two offenses, and rotate QBs in-and-out.

    Tebow seemed like a guy who took 2-3 quarters to get into rhythm when he was the every-snap QB in Denver.

    I wonder how he’ll do with 5-15 snaps a game.

    Likewise, if he’s being used in goal line and short-yardage situations, I wonder what the effect will be on Sanchez, who will be stuck with long-yardage (obvious passing) situations.

  14. To really make the Wildcat work, shouldn’t the Jets be saying as little about it as possible?

    They keep talking about it cuz thats what the media keeps asking and all they care about, I see it in every presser Rex has. Even the good Jets beat writers are corrupted by Timmy’s fame, its sad. I don’t think they’re letting the (wild) cat out of the bag by saying this though. This was the first and pretty much the only thing they said about wildcat since they got him in March.

  15. Someone finally said it out loud, thank god. No franchise QB. Brady and Stafford showed how you handle Tebow: score lots of points.

  16. The Jets are idiots. While they may think the dopey wildcat gives opposing def coordinators nightmares because they have to prepare for it. Have they thought what it does to their own offensive prep for the non wildcat players? So now they’re putting in two new offenses? It never ends with the Jets. 6-10 at best.

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