Philbin says arrangement with Johnson “just wasn’t going to work”

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Dolphins coach Joe Philbin has addressed the not-so-surprising decision to part ways with receiver Chad Johnson in Monday remarks to the media.

Via Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, Philbin said, “I didn’t think the fit was going to be beneficial to either party. . . . It just wasn’t going to work.”

Philbin, per Volin, talked about Johnson after saying that the first-year coach didn’t plan to talk about Johnson.

And while we were told that Johnson was on a “one-strike” policy in Miami, Philbin seemed to suggest there was more to the story.  “It was not an easy [decision],” Philbin said.  “And not one that was made based on one single incident.”

In the interests of completeness (and of propping up our report), we wouldn’t expect Philbin to expressly hinge the decision on Johnson’s Saturday night arrest.  Even though the standard player contract contemplates termination when s player “has engaged in personal conduct reasonably judged by Club to adversely affect or reflect on Club,” hinging the decision on Johnson’s arrest opens the door for a $925,000 grievance from the NFLPA, which would argue that it wasn’t reasonable for the Dolphins to fire Chad for allegedly head-butting his wife when he claims that she allegedly head-butted him — and when he has no history of off-field violence.

The arrest surely was the one thing that persuaded the Dolphins to move on now, regardless of whether Johnson engaged in other activities that would have prompted the team to fire him later.

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  1. Good for the Dolphins, Its about time to crack down on these players. It is an extreme privilege to play in the NFL. All the showboating, dancing and crap needs to stop. Do your job and play and there is no problem, Just like all of us small people have to do.

  2. They could have canned him after that press conference but they didn’t. Just after he was signed, he told the commissioner that he was going to rack up some fines this year. He also said he was going to get arrested. He also has not played well enough for an aging receiver with a history of being a headache (although not via lawbreaking) to take a roster spot from a young guy with potential. Like the coach said, it wasn’t just about this one incident. Johnson is an immature clown and has the personality to influence young players. That is not what the Dolphins want to deal with. They gave him a shot and he blew it. I completely agree with cutting him. It’s time for the rest of the team to accept it and move forward with the sole goal of playing well enough to win games.

  3. What is this world coming to when a guy can’t go buy condoms and not use them with his wife without the fear of getting a head-butt from the wife.

  4. They sign Chad Johnson and then make a deal to be on “Hard Knocks” , a reality TV show about the rigors of NFL Training camp. Most importantly, A REALITY TV SHOW. And they expected Chad to restrain himself with all those Cameras rolling. If that was the case, He was put in a position to fail miserably. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chad thought he was playing a role in the melodrama of Hard Knocks with his behavior. Chad has never met a camera he didn’t like. Attention seeking behavior is his m.o.

  5. Oh……and there’s the fact that Johnson just isn’t very good anymore and certainly not worth the trouble. He’s an annoying waste of time.

    For a rebuilding team to keep a lousy 34 year old drama queen with diminished skills over one of their younger, hungry receivers would be ridiculous.

    Another brilliant signing by Jeff “The Genius” Ireland……

  6. In the Texas Department Of Criminal Justice, an arrest will get us fired too. Doesn’t matter if we are innocent or guilty.

    Welcome to my world of being more careful than everyone else.

    Making nearly a million a year would make it more tolerable.

  7. Apparently Philbin is a better coach than I thought. Got the impression he was in way over his head after watching the first Hard Knocks. Kind of felt as though he didn’t have control of the team. It would seem he’s got everyones attention now.

  8. they should have released him for dropping the 3rd down pass that went right through his hands against tampa. That’s reason enough.

  9. Ocho didn’t stand a chance. I mean lets think about it. Chad had 2 subpar years if you include the year before he played with the Pats. Steve Smith had some subpar years, 1 of 2 to be exact, while the Panthers didn’t have anyone to throw the ball to him and his antics on the field stopped as well, other than the fights within the team. I don’t think its farfetched for Chad to have a good year if he could get a team to buy in AGAIN. Thats the issue here.

  10. It wasn’t based off one single incident but he only screwed up once? Kenny Britt has been arrested 8 times. Vick killed dogs, he’s a starting qb. Stallworth kills someone and gets a job. If Chad head butt his wife, that’s not cool, but come on now, I don’t think he should have got cut because his chick is crazy.

  11. I can understand Miami cutting him. You can’t have anything dealing with domestic abuse hovering over the organization. But I do believe all the facts should come out because Chad is just not known for this type of a situation.

  12. Not justifying that it was ok for him to do this but after watching that basketball wives show for a few years, I can see why someone would want to headbutt her. I always wished it would be one of the other girls on the show that would do it

  13. My first response to Chad’s arrest was “what a scumbag”. Then people started telling me what a gem his wife is. That got me to thinking. Chad is from South Florida right? So he signs in Miami, then maybe starts getting calls from girls he knows down there and buys some condoms for the inevitable. Wife finds the receipt and figures her golden parachute is in jeopardy. What better way to get back at him then to have him hit with a domestic charge, hence the head butt. Just a theory but after following this guys career for a decade he has never done anything off the field to lead to the thought that he’s a wife beater. Just a thought…

  14. Jesse James didn’t have a history of bank robbing, either ……. until he, you know, robbed a bank.

  15. I just watched the first Hard Knocks episode and I’m not sure where all the Philbin pessimism is coming from. Dude is a pretty good communicator and seems like he should be a good fit as new captain of the ship down there. I thought the way he awkwardly dropped in on the QB meeting to give them the depth chart was classic! I dig the dude so far.

  16. Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson, used to be high reward on the field and now he is high risk off of it. I want to see what he is like when desperation, maturity and reality hit him like they had Moss and Owens, but comparing apples to a grape, Owens and Moss are football junkies, they both run 4.5 and stay in tremendous shape for their age and Ocho is a media junkie. The only reasons he dominated the AFC North and went All-Pro was because of Carson Palmer’s arm and the bad corners of the AFC North, excluding, Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu. If he had any true talent, he would be able to get away with this and still stay on the field. Lastly his stint in New England should be talked about again, he had the opportunity and didnt run with it. Tom Brady is an equal opportunity passer, look what he did in 07 with Moss, Welker, Gaffney, Stallworth, Watson and even Kyle Brady. In 2011, he had Welker, Aaron Hernandez, Rob Gronkowski, Matthew Slater? and Taylor Price and Ocho couldnt start opposite Wes Welker? Yeah its his on fault

  17. I really wanted this to work… always liked Chad and thought he was harmless overall. But in my gut I knew it wouldn’t. So… on we go. Just hope some receivers step up, that’s by far our weakest link now.

    I like Philbin, like what I’m seeing of Tannehill so far. For the first time in a long, long time I feel like we can start digging out of this hole we’ve been in for good. But, for now, we’re still at the bottom…

  18. I applaud the Dolphins for stepping up and taking care of business when business is due. Finally a team that refuses to take crap from one of its misbehaving players. Right on Miami!

  19. Why must you always doubt everyone’s motive and see something sinister in every pronouncement that comes from a coach’s mouth? They aren’t always lying.

    Anyone who watched Hard Knocks knows there is no reason to doubt Philbin’s assertion that it was more than one thing. He was CLEARLY agitated by Johnson’s behavior before he was arrested. There were two separate incidents- the profane press conference, and CJ walking into a coach’s meeting uninvited- that clearly made Philbin unhappy.

    So you COULD say that the arrest was, in fact, strike three. But there is certainly no reason whatsoever, based on the facts on video tape, that the arrest was not the sole thing bugging Coach Philbin about Chad Johnson.

  20. I don’t always agree with Stephen A. Smith, but he said something important today. He said one of the reasons Chad had this coming is because of who he chose to marry.

    I think it was on the Herd this morning that I also heard a woman running down the violence record of Evelyn Lozada (Mrs. Chad Johnson). This woman (never caught her name) thinks that this was all a set up by Evelyn as she already is a star of a reality show called Basketball Wives. While Chad has no history of violence Evelyn has become violent in front of rolling cameras many times.

    She also pointed out that the 3″ cut on Evelyn’s head is the same length as the average heel on a woman’s shoe. She posits that Evelyn argued with him over the receipt (although she’s stated publicly that she knows he fools around), head butted him, ran from the car and then inflicted the injury on herself before she reached the “neighbor’s house”.

    That would sound extremely far fetched if it wasn’t so in line with what a piece of you know what she’s shown herself to be in the last 4 seasons of Basketball Wives.

    I still don’t blame the Dolphins for dumping him. He obviously doesn’t get it. I thought maybe he would have been humbled by last season, but he’s come out running his mouth worse than ever. Like often happens though, it looks like he got away with many things only to be brought down by the company that he kept.

  21. @knucklebucket says: Aug 13, 2012 12:30 PM

    So he signs in Miami, then maybe starts getting calls from girls he knows down there and buys some condoms for the inevitable.

    I’m not going to crucify him for what he did, but calling his apparent infidelity after one month of marriage “inevitable” is going a little too far. Why enter into a legal contract with a woman if you know you’re not ready to settle down, especially if you’re rich and stand to lose half your **** if you get caught?

    And who keeps receipts for condoms? Was he going to toss a used defective one on the counter at Walgreens and demand a refund? Philbin probably kicked him off the team for being an idiot.

  22. He should have been cut right after he showed up his coaches by barging in on their meeting with the cameras rolling. That had to be the most agonizingly awkward Hard Knocks clip ever (just beating out Antonio Cromartie naming his kids). It was as if he thought the reaction would be, “Oh, great the veteran player wants to sit in on the coaches meeting to learn more. What a great veteran leader.” When in reality he could not pull it off and looked absurd trying.

  23. At some point you have to excuse some behavior if you want to win games. The Dolphins now have Brian Hartline and Devone Bess as their WR’s…yikes.

  24. Philbin should shut up about this and move on. Less he talks about it the more his players will respect him and believe that he is ‘the man’ in Miami.

    Until now it seemed like the owner and GM were running the show. Maybe the players will pay attention to the Head Coach.

    There’s no downside to cutting guys. This is going to be a bad team.

  25. Fellow Fins fans- Are you really surprised this happened?
    Now we can use that 925k to give in to our holder- hell we gave 4 million to a punter
    Man looking forward to this year…. Jesus. I live 15 minutes from the stadium and I cannot bring myself to spend the money to watch this crap.
    I believe we have a good base and “fingers crossed” a future Qb.
    A good coach? Let’s see if he can score points with this team and how he handles the last two minutes of each half!
    I have hope, that’s all we have boys and girls.

    And karlos dansby, a leader huh? Way to support ur new coach u a hole. Prediction- he will be cut next year.
    I pray we just at smart football and the players preform with pride.

  26. The same fans that criticized the Fins for signing Chad Johnson are the same ones criticizing them for letting him go.

    I’m a die hard football fan, and that doesn’t make an expert, however, I think the Fins made the right decision on this one. Chad is a veteran and its not good business to keep in the roster if misses game, due to jail time or suspension by the league.

    He would be using a roster spot for a prospect.

  27. @madpunter88 I agree that move made no sense. Like he thought he was on par with the coaches.
    I get the impression Philbin is a no-nonsense kind of guy and Chad stating he was going to be the old Chad probably sealed his doom anyway.
    Plus, if you keep forgetting your routes, you can’t be openly tweeting and playing video games when you should be studying.

  28. This gave the Dolphins a good reason to do what Philbin had already decided. Philbin didn’t want a loud-mouthed, below average dimwit around his young QB’s. It’s as simple as that.

  29. Can anyone please explain what Jeff Ireland is doing? I agree with getting rid of Masrshall & Johnson, however, with quality free agent receivers available in the off season & a deep draft class, he doesn’t acquire anyone!Vincent Jackson or Malcolm Floyd would be a major upgrade over Brian Hartline! This clown needs to go, I feel sorry for Philbin.

  30. Dungy, Madden, Walsh, Shula, Bellicheck, would never have tolerated this behavior why should Philbin. Love the message that this sends to the young guys!!! Bmarsh would have never survived with this coaching staff and Vontae Davis is finding out what hard work and dedication really is. Philbin continue to LEAD your young ball-club. You have to have your players respect and a bit of fear in order to lead them properly.

  31. @hockeyfootball98 “I would hate to be dolphins fan right now, absolutely nothing to look forward to besides the #1 overall pick next year”

    Browns fans disagree… Cleveland will have the #1 pick next year.

  32. I was impressed after watching the first episode of “Hard Knocks”. Not with CJ, he was being the typical loud mouth moron he has always been. Hard Knocks demonstrated that CJ found his match – his wife was probably so upset that the camera wasn’t on her as often as it was on him that she was looking for a reason to break up his party. She may be the only person alive that is as annoying as he is. After his terrible 3rd down drop that was thrown perfectly to him the other night he didn’t get his number called again. The arrest made the Dolphin decision easy. CJ is a great athelete but has nothing going on upstairs. Fortunately he using condoms!

  33. Well I happen to think it was a stupid move, there seems to be plenty of distractions coming from Miami before Chad Johnson arrived, and they’ll be there still now he’s gone. I think Chad needs a very specific roll as a WR to be successful. People say he had an unsuccessful season in 2010. But he managed to rack up 67 catches for 830 yds in 14 games while absorbing constant double and triple teams. T.O. put up almost 100 yards in 14 games, but he benefited from being single covered for the first time in his life. The Bengals always used CHad to attract coverage. Because any DC will tell you, if he’s lined up on the weak side of the play and left in isolation with one CB, it’s going to be a long day. If you do what Bellichick did, and give him tight routes in tight spaces, and negate his speed, then he’s not good enough to be in the NFL. Philbin was having a west coast offense instituted, and that again, being a horizontal offense isn’t a good match for Chad. Teams that run offenses that he could still succeed in would be vertical offenses like, Seatlle, maybe Minnesota, Broncos, Giants, Jaguars (somewhat) and the Rams. I really believe Pete Carroll could sign him up in Seattle. But i believe T.O. has learned some lessons the hard way, and is probably a little more humble now than the last time he played in the NFL. Carroll may think bringing in Chad could threaten to derail T.O.’s progress. Beyond Seattle though I don’t think any teams I listed would be lining up to sign him. But someone will sign him, there will be injuries and things happen. Chad is already in football shape. But the one thing that could stop him from getting signed is his inability to quickly pick up the playbook.

  34. Chad got what he deserved.

    Lets be realistic here. Johnson is at the tail end of his career. His skills are apparently eroding with age. Isnt hard to get rid of a player that you are going to get 2nd year/4th round pick numbers out of.

    Johnson has put himself exactly where he is. It seems as though Chad fully believes he is an important piece of the puzzle wherever he plays. The Dolphins thought otherwise.

    I predicted Johnson would NOT secure a roster spot in Miami when Miami signed him earlier this year. I was right.

    Anyway… Good Luck, Chad. If football doesnt pan out for you, you can always beat your wife, loser.

  35. People are making too big a deal of this whole thing. The Dolphins tested the waters with a veteran they thought might help and didn’t want his distractions to hurt the team. He was told in front of the cameras that he either had to get with Philbin’s program or not. There didn’t seem to be any gray areas in between for Philbin and he made that clear by cutting him now. It still doesn’t make the initial signing stupid or idiotic or anything else, they signed him for 1 year at $925,000 so it doesn’t hurt them in anyway in the future or the rest of this season.

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