Raiders first-team offense rusty on Monday night


We thought that was a nice way of putting it.

The Oakland Raiders left quarterback Carson Palmer in for ten snaps during Monday night’s preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys. Palmer played three possessions. They ended in an interception and two punts.

Palmer didn’t get much help from his teammates — slot receiver Jacoby Ford had two brutal drops — but the veteran quarterback did throw a pick into double coverage when trying to hit Ford deep. Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh read Palmer’s eyes all the way. As Ross Tucker of Sirius XM NFL Radio noted, Palmer was also sacked on a play that saw the Raiders try to block DeMarcus Ware with tight end Richard Gordon.

And that’s a mismatch.

Running back Darren McFadden was the lone bright spot on Oakland’s first-team offense. He only played the first possession, but rushed twice for 20 yards and gained 18 yards on a catch after lining up at slot receiver.

While the Raiders boast impressive skill-position talent, they are perhaps the thinnest team in football. So despite the slow start, rookie coach Dennis Allen was smart to pull his starters early.

They’ll hope to do a bit better the next time out.

58 responses to “Raiders first-team offense rusty on Monday night

  1. I think you meant to write, “The Raiders first-team offense looks like it has for the last 10 years.”

  2. Raiders look far from being ready on all sides of the ball. Gonna be a long year but hey at least Oakland can watch on TV due to the relaxed blackout rules.

  3. Women’s football vs. nat’l Juggling Championships or this fugly game…..hmmmm…….

  4. Hulk the Bay Area is home to one awful football team. The Niners will be representing the NFC in the Superbowl. And NO I’m not a niner fan.

  5. Wheres the positives for the Raider D and the criticism of the cowboys? McFadden had more yards in 1 play than Romo had in 11. When the 1st string was on the field Oakland looked better.


    They looked no where near as good and precise as the Chiefs did.

    The broncos even looked better.

    As usual Raider fans… just go on about how fast your receivers are and…. there ie always next year


  7. Love how some of you like to spin things. Palmer looks fine. The receivers (Ford in particular) simply need to catch the ball. The pick was actually a catchable ball. If Ford is looking back, then he can make that catch instead of having it go through his hands. The running game will be money, and the first team D was very good.

    This is a team very capable of winning the division. Oh yeah, Silva, the depth is a lot better than you think.

  8. Its the 1st PRE SEASON game. Its ugly. Just like the Colts arent gonna win the Super Bowl based on 1st PRESEASON game. Relax everyone!

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!

  9. Any raiders fan are delusional if they think Carson Palmer is a good QB I bet he throws at least 24 Int’s this yr but I will admit McFadden looked good but that’s all they got. It will be another disappointing season for raiders fans who actually think they have a shot at a division title. Smh…

  10. carson palmer is such a joke. with such garbage at qb, why not give pauly shore or jack black a shot at qb.

  11. It’s first week of the preseason! Brees, Brady, Rodgers, and Newton haven’t been exactly lighting it up either. Rodgers was 2/8, 16 yards vs. SD and Brees 1/4, 4 yards vs. NE in a couple series of play, but is that a real indication of what type of QB’s they are and what their teams are going to do this season? Everyone’s going to look rusty if they only have a certain amount of snaps to work.

  12. He actually gained a yard on that play where ware got to him, so no sack.

    BUT still it was the worst trade ever.

  13. I don’t know why everyone is bagging on Palmer on the interception… Yes it was double coverage, but the ball went right through Ford’s hands! You gotta catch that to help your QB out. Worst game I have ever seen Ford play.

  14. Palmer is a bit rusty. By week three those interceptions will be pick-sixes. Oh yeaaaaaaah.

  15. lol, its PRESEASON… idiots are always good for a laugh when i come here….its preseason, the bad teams always look good, the good teams not so much….the Eagles, Steelers, Patriots didn’t look great on offense either, you think thats gonna last into the regular season?? LOL, idiots….plus Oakland learning a new offense

  16. Raiders aren’t going anywhere with washed up Palmer helming the effort.

    Also, Hue Jackson/Al Saunders to Gregg Knapp is a major downgrade. Watch your young talented offensive players’d development stop.

    I wonder who the next HC will be?

  17. Idiots!!!!! Preseason or regular season, the Raiders look exactly the same every year. They are a joke!!!!. AFC better watch out for KC. They looked more complete tan any team on week one in the pre season

  18. Pryor is looking pretty athletic though. Team should find some packages to use his talents rather than just hold a clipboard for the entire 60 min.

    Let Leinart hold that clipboard for 60 minutes though. He looks terrible as usual.

  19. lmoneyfresh,

    No, they actually had a good one, a very good one the past two years, especially before McFadden along with Campbell got hurt and the dumb trade for Palmer followed.

    Of course, the new GM decided that was a good enough reason to fire the head coach and hire someone who changed the entire system. That always works out great.

  20. Gotta love the Raider haters coming out of the woodwork. They are afraid that the Raiders and finally back on track and will be a force this year and for years to come.

    McFadden looked rock solid in the little he played. Palmer was fine… Jacoby Ford had a few drops.

    The first team defense actually looked pretty solid.

  21. Look at it this way, McFadden had more yards on 3 plays than the entire Cowboys offense up until Romo started playing against back-ups.

    Remember Ford was playing #2 with Moore out. I almost assure you Moore would’ve came down with at least 2 of the 3 drops by Ford. Heck people forgot the catches Moore has made in double coverage last season? A bigger body WR would’ve probably made all 3 of those passes. Ford was having a really bad night, seems to lost his edge since his injuries.

  22. Well well well wasn’t it refreshing Raider fans, not to see a sea of yellow flags after any Raider positive play? I’m praying those refs never come back!

    Al Davis Forever!!!
    Just Win Baby!!!

  23. It’s just preseason, the 49ers looked like crap last preseason and had a great year. I though the D looked good. Either way I still miss Campbell, he was a class act.

  24. The offense looked like it looked before Hue Jackson arrived. Unstable and nonfunctional. I wonder who the OC was two years before Hue Jacson arrived….let me guess?????

    Al Davis had us on the right track offensively. Got rid of the Zone blocking and installed a power running game, and got rid of the dink and dunk a replaced with a high powered offense that pressured the defense and drafted the personnel to get it done..

    Now where back to square fricken one.

  25. hubrus jackson makes that horrible trade , then goes back to work for cincy! why doesen’t Goodell investigate that? as a raiders fan, might be best in the long run to go 2-14 and get a stud qb in the draft Barkley orJones would look mighty good in silver n black!

  26. Well, can’t blame this on Mr. Davis. He’s certainly not ‘calling the plays’ these days. Yeah, yeah, miss me with the but ‘those are his players’ nonsense. I hardly recognize the roster even from last year.

    This will take time but ya’ll continue to cover up the gulf of ineptitude in your own lives by laughing at the Raiders. I’m sure you can do so much better.

  27. Palmer had 3 perfect passes dropped, 2 by Ford and 1 by Criner. The INT was a slightly overthrown ball and Ford couldnt go up to get it. Streater looks great, DMac looks great and 1 st string D looked good and all this for the first preseason game in an entirely new system. Not bad.

  28. Pryor looked bad. Cant throw at all, everything in the dirt. Leinart looked really sharp until his last toss but he moved the 2 minute offense well and looked light years better than Boller.

  29. wow people here really believe pre season is real huh? So Pats and Saints must suck this year too, did u see that score 7 to 6!
    Its pre season! Raiders were our not calling real plays, the team is not actually trying either. The only people who try to play hard is the guys who are not even going to be on the team.

    By the way what u seen last night was Mcfadden not trying… Just imagin what you will get when he does
    Raiders will win the WEST by 3 games

  30. Love the Hate.
    Love the overreaction to a preseason game.

    We had ten players not dress, a handful more play very little or not at all. Our first team was in there for a blink, and then we played our second team vs their first, our third against their second, and our practice squad against their third.

    My favorite is the donkey fans talking. You still don’t have an offensive line, Peyton can’t fix that. Good luck dealing with Lamaar, Tommy and Matt…. oh yeah, and my buddy, Rich.

  31. 8/13/12 -But but but it’s just preason! Go Raiders!

    8/24/12 – But but but it’s just preseason, Go Black!

    9/9/12 – It was just the first game, Raiders will get better! Umm, go raiders?!

    9/16/12 – Damn Refs!!! Raiders Should have won!! Maybe next time!. Gooo Black and Silver!!

    9/23/12 – We was cheated!!!! Its early in the season, damn faiders….

    9/30/12 – What, we had a game today?

    Raiders suck, raiders fans suck, Oakland sucks..

    Deal with it.

  32. Wow … People are still in love with Jason Campbell and now Pryor lol … Bring back JaMarcus too.
    Raiders will be ok because they have a qb with a brain something they have been missing since Gannon.

  33. I agree that Carson Palmer didn’t look amazing or anything…but all you haters are being a little too optimistic, I think. He threw plenty of passes that should have been caught. As for the pick, I agree that ball was totally catchable if Ford was paying attention. It was right there. I actually was impressed. Realistically, I think we all know it was preseason game number one…including Palmer. That ball doesn’t get thrown in a real game. He was testing his arm…and I thought it looked good. We have the regular season to determine if his decision making is any better. The D looked better and if DMac is healthy…he is….well…DMac aka the best RB in the league. He led the league in rushing before he went down last year and I fully expect him to do the same again this year. If we can complete some passes now and then to keep defenses honest, we will be just fine. Hate on Chefs and Donkeys…but if you think you have this division in the bag….good luck with that. You are really kidding yourself if your the Chiefs…seriously. I love how you all laugh at the Raiders like they are a huge joke….yet none of you beat us last year…at all….soooooo….who’s the joke? Ask yourself that. You all had the same record and we had a QB fresh off the couch and our star runningback gone for 9 weeks. I’m not going to predict we stomp you all again….but I’m not going to be as presumptuous as the rest of you and think we are out of the equation. That’s just stupid….and wishful thinking on your part. You know it….and we know it. Raider Nation mofos. See you on Sunday….we’ll do our talking on the gridiron. Peace.

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