Terrance Knighton apologizes for questioning Chad Johnson’s wife

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Jaguars defensive tackle Terrance Knighton has offered up an apology today, a day after he criticized Chad Johnson’s wife, Evelyn Lozada, for telling the police that Johnson head-butted her.

Following the news that the Dolphins had released Johnson as a result of his arrest for domestic violence, Knighton went on Twitter and suggested that Lozada was wrong to go to the police because a domestic violence arrest can damage an NFL player’s career.

Knighton took a lot of criticism on Twitter for that, and at first he fired back at his critics, saying that they were twisting his words, and adding that he would block them from following him on Twitter. But today, Knighton reconsidered and offered an apology.

Knighton was wrong to criticize Lozada, and right to apologize. The idea that a woman can only call the police on her husband if his abusive actions have reached the level where they’re life threatening is absurd, as is the idea that a woman who has just been battered by her husband needs to think about how his career might be affected before going to the police. A man who harms his wife deserves to suffer the consequences.

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  1. The only thing she should have considered was whether or not she was telling the truth.

    I think that’s what Knighton meant…

  2. Seriously not trying to be a jerk here, and if Chad is guilty, that is reprehensible…….but did I miss the part where he was actually found guilty?

    Michael David Smith: No one said anything about whether Chad is guilty. The issue is that Knighton said a woman shouldn’t report domestic violence to the police. He’s wrong about that.

  3. I’ve never heard of Terrance Knighton before I read this article brother. Mission accomplished for him I guess.

  4. Knighton was wrong to criticize Lozada, and right to apologize
    ____________________________________ So you are saying with 100% confidence that Chad was the aggressor and you know it?

    If it turns out she’s lying Chad’s not gonna get his job back.

    I think the Dolphins, and you, are being a bit hasty.

    Michael David Smith: Read the post. Nowhere did I say whether Chad is innocent or guilty. I said Knighton is a fool for saying that a woman shouldn’t report domestic violence to the police.

  5. Twitter should have an option. One that idiots can sign up and use for $49.95 per month.

    An option that will not release any tweet for 24 hours. (A 24 hour cooling down period) then the user has to approve the tweet 24 hours later after giving it careful thought.

    Every agent in the NFL will pay the $49.95 for their player I am sure.

  6. WOW! I feel sorry for anyone who gave a thumbs down to my prior post…or perhaps I should say I feel sorry for any women in their lives, and any impressionable young men who have such poor role models to follow.

  7. there is no place in the world for abusing women… that being said there are definitely some women out there who will say and do anything to stir a man’s anger. i mean that will not stop until they have succeeded at landing your butt in jail.. I’m talking anything from trying to get you fired to talking about your mama to destroying anything you hold close to your heart… while you still can’t touch them i can see how something as trivial as a head butt can be blown out of porportion and land you in jail…Heaven have no reason why love to hate turn and hell have no fury like a woman scorned

  8. The unpopular truth is that in American law being female nets you a benefit-of-the-doubt that you’re not afforded if you’re male. Guess it makes up for the glass ceiling.

  9. I am going to go out on a limb here, but this needs to be said. I am in no way defending any man that beats on a woman. That is wrong. Just like its wrong for a woman to beat on a man. It is wrong to provoke, agitate, assault or be an aggressor. The law states the police are supposed to determine the aggressor, not just show uo and assume it is the bigger and stronger man as the aggressor. The term domestic violence has taken on a life of its own. Its now a crusade, where truth and facts aren’t being sought out. I do not kbowz if Chad head butter this woman. I do however use my brain and past experience in life to know what is being said doesn’t add up. She found a receipt for condoms in his car and she calmly discussed it? And He got hostile? That sounds like she is superwoman. Look at each persons track record. Chad is a good player with no criminal past. A clown yes, but not known for this. She’s an opportunist. Always looking for instant stardom; but lacking any real talent to be anything. Now he’s fired. Not proven guilty. What does ahead stand to gain out of this? Being accused of anything isn’t the same as actually doing it or being found guilty of it.

  10. I’m with mswravens. Did 28 people really give the thumbs down to their statement that no one should ever hit a woman? What about that deserves a thumbs down?
    I’m afraid for humanity sometimes.

  11. Not for defamation. He would have to be found not guilty. There would have to be evidence that Evelyn lied. I am not a lawyer but then maybe he could sue her, but the cost of that compared to what he would get would probably make it not worth the hassle…plus that would be like asking to get a wine bottle smashed over his head when he least expects it.

  12. No matter what we think of Chad Johnson, it is safe to say this was a poor decision by Knighton. As far as this case goes… I think people should wait to make a decision on the situation until all the facts come out, just as Philbin should have done. Too me, the situation could have gone multiple ways, but it doesn’t matter in our society unless there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary that Chad is male and his wife is female, which could explain his arrest. I strongly believe in the phrase, “you don’t want none, don’t start none.” To suggest otherwise is the height of sexism and has about as much place in today’s society as racism. Ultimately, the situation, allegedly, occured after she found a reciept for condomns (I would guess, that they don’t use), so is it safe to assume the aggressor in that argument is automatically Chad? From there on, a head butt could have occurred in any-number of ways. I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong, just saying, we should wait for the end results.

  13. I’ll be the devils advocate here. Being that Chad was married to not just anyone but to a reality television star named Evelyn Lozada who is best know as the girl who often went into violent temper tantrums (throwing stuff etc) on the show “Basketball Wives” when she didn’t get her way I’m positive that Knighton isn’t the only one who had a “wait and see” attitude about this situation (many had a “what was he thinking” reaction to her marrying her in the first place). If Ike Turner was still alive and ended up in the hospital because his wife beat him wouldn’t the first thing you’d think be “She was probably just defending herself” because he obviously had a history of domestic violence toward his spouses.

    I’m not saying what he did was right (The right thing was to not marry a head case in the first place, ESPECIALLY a nationally known head case) I’m just saying that Knighton if he knew the girls tendencies before hand (as he and many other athletes that she’s attempted to attach herself to would) have perfectly valid reasons to question her honesty and aren’t wrong to do it.

  14. Didn’t Knighton consider that he was putting his own career at risk by tweeting something that so many people can disagree with? He hasn’t had a stellar offseason himself.

  15. I think we can all learn something from this. It doesnt matter who you are, if you see red flags in someone you are dating then you have to walk away. Sure, that person you are dating may be a lot of fun and sexy as hell. But in a split second, that same person can turn your world upside down and could irreparably damage your life or career. Even if you are that person that is calm, cool, and collected, a red flag will know how to back you into a corner and ruin you even if you do or say the right thing. There was too much video footage on this girl for Chad not to know exactly what could happen down the line.

  16. Adding to post above from, “mrfrostyj”, anyone that has seen this woman on Basketball Wives knows this is not cut and dry. This is touchy because any hint that Chad was justified, insinuates that a person supports this behavior. But, again, Basketball Wives shows that Lozada has a temper and maybe, just maybe, BOTH, threw blows and BOTH were at fault…with her calling the Police first. Remember Dion? He called the Police first and HIS Wife went to jail, too.

    Now, it’s too bad for both of them. To Evelyn and Chad, end it. You’re Toxic for each other.

  17. I agree that no man, or woman, should abuse another human being. Spousal abuse is terrible, but it appears like the commentary in the media, already “knows” that Johnson beat, head-butted, his “wife.” The fact is she is a loose cannon and most likely abused him. Where is equality in these situations?

  18. I’m surprised that a poster was shocked when he got a lot of thumbs down when he wrote that no man should ever hit a woman. I gave it a thumbs down because there are exceptions, of course. I’ve known a few guys who have lived in fear because their wives are very temperamental and much bigger than they are. They SHOULD hit back to defend themselves. They never report the abuse because it’s embarassing to be beat up by your wife. Female-on-male physical abuse is infrequent but it’s a fact, people. The point is: “Never” and “always” statements are often not completely true.

  19. Don’t call the cops on your family unless they’re beating down the door with a weapon. No good will ever come from getting the cops involved in a family dispute. Ever.

    If Chad purposely head-butted Ev, she should have left him. By calling the cops she stopped his source of income that would grant her alimony, got the reality show cancelled that she would have gotten paid for, and made the entire world take sides that include calling her a gold digger. Seriously, NO good.

    If Chad didn’t do it, or accidentally did it, or Ev did it… well, the cops shouldn’t have been called anyhow.

  20. He actually makes a valid point, not necessarily applicable to this couple since they presumably both have money, but for domestic violence in general. If you depend on your husband to bring home the bacon, you are cutting off your nose to spite your face if you call the police over a minor incident. If the woman isn’t prepared to leave, she might think twice. Money is one of the biggest causes of marital problems, and having your husband arrested obviously ain’t going to help his career. That said, if her physical well being is legitimately in danger, by all means she should call the police and get out of the relationship. But some of these domestic arrests seem to be based more out of spite/heat of the moment desire for vengeance than legitimate violence.

  21. MDS should actually go back and read the posts. Knighton didn’t say that women shouldn’t report domestic violence, he called into question whether THIS woman was in a domestic violence situation, and whether she knew that escalating an argument that SHE started would result in the loss of the family’s income…

  22. Any man who assumes Chad is the villain here is making it up as he goes along. Walk tall, Chad.
    For those who are too blind to notice, we are now living in a society where women, with the help of police, prosecutors and judges, are far more powerful than most of the men they deal with.
    Women married to prominent athletes–Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods included–routinely play them for fools, damage their reputations and careers, take most of their money, and are never subjected to the scrutiny and criticism the men face. Women do not have to account for their infidelities (which usually remain secret), or their violence (they are assumed innocent unless they broadcast their behavior on reality TV). I have no idea why so many of you want to live in a matriarchy.

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