Terrelle Pryor gets his first football action in a long time tonight


When the Raiders and Cowboys get together in Oakland on Monday night, quarterback Terrelle Pryor will step into the spotlight for the first time since the Sugar Bowl that capped the 2010 season.

The post-lockout, later-than-usual supplemental draft followed by a five-game non-suspension suspension resulted in Pryor making it onto the field for only one snap in 2011, which was negated by a penalty.

I can’t wait,” Pryor recently said, via Matt Kawahara of the Sacramento Bee.  “It’s been a long time for me to play football.  It’s what I was born to do.  God blessed me.  He gave me great talent, and I can finally use it again.  It’s been a long time.”

If nothing else, Pryor has matured.  He knows his role as (for now) the No. 3 man on the depth chart, and he’s focused on getting better.

“I’m fine with taking the third snaps right now,” Pryor said. “I’m perfecting what I need to perfect, and when [Carson Palmer is playing], I read his read like I’m in the practice with him.  It’s like I’m really taking 70 snaps, 80 snaps a practice.”

Though safety Mike Mitchell says the Pryor “runs like a deer,” he’s focused on using his feet to help him pass.

“If I’m on the run, I’d rather throw a touchdown than run for a touchdown,” Pryor said.  “If I have to run to get the first down, it depends on the situation.  I don’t mind doing that either.”

Though it will come mainly against defensive players who won’t have jobs in a month, it’ll be interesting to see what Pryor can do after more than 19 months away from live action.  For the new regime in Oakland, which didn’t draft him but not must figure out what to do with him, it’s more than interesting.

It’s imperative.

21 responses to “Terrelle Pryor gets his first football action in a long time tonight

  1. How this kid got suspended 5 games while Pete Carroll got nothing just isn’t right.

    Good luck, Terrelle.

  2. I’m sure he’s rusty as hell, but i’m excited to watch him all preseason. He could be the future. I think he’ll fit in Knapps offense well, he just needs to get in there and start doing it.

  3. 3rd stringers don’t get paid very well. When will he start selling team equipment so him and his “homies” can “roll” properly?
    Has he gotten any free tattoos of the shield yet?
    Any free cars from the team’s favorite car dealership?

  4. This kid is a joke. He tore down my buckeyes by being selfish and not being a good teammate. He needs to go play in Canada because there is no place for him in the NFL. Pluse he throws the ball like a loaf of bread he sucked at state an he will most definitely suck in the nfl

  5. I like the fact that Terrelle sought out Rich Gannon for help during the off season. So far he’s done and said all the things necessary to remain on the right path. Here’s to hoping he has a good game tonight.

  6. I’m angry at the guy, not as angry as I was with Tressel, but I am excited to see what he can do. I went to the sugarbowl (that never happened) and when he took off, it was Vick’ish (I mean old school Vick). I hope he can succeed as a Quarterback, but running like a deer isn’t going to cut it in the NFL for long.

  7. T.P.

    forgotten completely…

    cam newton, RGIII, Andrew Luck, Dalton, Ryan Tann, etc….

    watch this kid be the gem of all gems for young QBs…

    give it a few years, T.P. is gonna be better then all of them ,

    hes stronger, bigger, faster, better arm then all of them ,

    yes even Cam Newt,

    winning 5 games doesnt impress me, sorry ,

    Mark Sanchez went to the AFC title game his first year,

    but we dont give Sanchez props, but we give players who have good STATS but no significant WINS props,

    what world are we living in ?

    i dont care about stats, as long as the team is still playing in mid-January

  8. Bring this kid along right and get him in the games as a wildcat and receiver. I think he should be the qb-sneaker on obvious sneak plays too.

    He’s too athletic to keep off the field for a few years.

  9. This guy sucks.

    He will be out of the NFL in 2 years if you count the current year.

    No arm, no brains, simpy a good runner who played in a conference where passing is not that crucial.

  10. let’s see how he does first before throwing him under the bus?

    Given his absurd “God blessed me. He gave me great talent, and I can finally use it again…” comment, he had better produce or its under the bus big-time.

  11. Reall at this point is giving Pryor any snaps worse than Leinart being the backup and Palmer throwing Pick 6’s all year? I understand Palmer being the starter, since he was traded for a so much and he is technically the best they have, but I doubt Pryor has much trouble becoming the backup if he winds up staying at QB.

  12. He didn’t cost the team much, nothing but upside. I’m rooting for him, don’t let yourself down and we’ll all be fine. Go Raiders

  13. It really has been a long time for the kid. I remember hoping he got a few snaps against SEA last PS game last year. He never got in.

    Al Davis’ last draft pick. Let’s watch and see.

  14. TP will never be the starting QB in Oakland. Palmer will play just good enough that TP will eventually get traded to a team that needs a QB (I can think of about five) and only then will he become an elite player.

    But as long as he is in Oakland, he is going nowhere, like the rest of the Raiders.

    Last place, baby!

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