Texans NT Shaun Cody suffers back injury


The Texans could only dodge so many bullets.

They lost nose tackle Shaun Cody in Saturday’s preseason game to a back injury, and coach Gary Kubiak said Cody would miss some games.

Cody suffered some degree of disc injury in his back, and needed an epidural, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

“It’s a disc issue,” Kubiak said. “It’s going to be evaluated. Obviously, he’s going to miss some time.”

While the Texans haven’t had many of the the big season-enders to key players, they have had a number of near-misses, with players such as wide receiver Andre Johnson, defensive end J.J. Watt, left tackle Duane Brown and cornerback Kareem Jackson have missed stretches.

It’s not a major concern at the moment, depending on the severity of the Cody injury, but those little nicks could pile up into a bigger problem down the road.