Tra Thomas to retire an Eagle, two years after retiring


Well, give Tra Thomas credit for not making a rash decision.

The Eagles announced that Thomas would retire as an Eagle Thursday.

Which is nice, since Thomas retired two years ago after a short stint with the Chargers.

Of course, his time with the Eagles was quite good, with three Pro Bowl berths and an All Pro selection in 11 seasons. The former first round pick (seventh overall in 1998), was also selected as the starting left tackle on the Eagles 75th anniversary team in fan voting.

“Tra Thomas is one of the best offensive linemen to ever put on an Eagles uniform,” Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said in a statment. “He was an anchor at the left tackle position for many years and played such an integral role in our success, though he probably never got all the credit he deserved. Besides being such a great player, Tra is an even better person and someone I’ve always had a great relationship with.

“I’m proud of what he has done with his career after football as he has remained very successful while keeping his home in this area. We are very happy that he is retiring as an Eagle.”

Thomas made cameos with the Jaguars and Chargers before retiring the first time, but stayed connected with the Eagles.

Hey, at a time when the league lets you keep 90 players on a preseason roster, every team can afford to keep a revolving spot at the end for whichever former favorite son wants to have a ceremony.

6 responses to “Tra Thomas to retire an Eagle, two years after retiring

  1. Does these guys crave attention, why dies it matter what team you retire with. Especially after two years of sitting on the couch doing nothing.

  2. This epitomizes ridiculous, but the birds need a little glory days to keep the fan base happy. Gonna be a long year bird fans. demeco a little slow. maybe just a little. fletcher cox non -factor. coach mentally out of it. safeties not too good. namdi mentally doing charity during games. King dunlap back at tackle–ughhhhhh. mikey vick looking pedestrian. desean rockin the upside down off to the side visor. just a jagoff. all makes for another dream team baby. dyansty in the making.

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