VH1 pulls Chad Johnson reality show

Last month Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson (who hadn’t yet changed his name from Chad Ochocinco) was planning to play football until age 40, and was planning a VH1 reality show. Both of those plans took a hit when Johnson was arrested for domestic violence over the weekend.

VH1 told Brian Stelter of the New York Times that it is pulling the reality show, called Ev & Ocho, after Johnson was arrested for allegedly head butting his wife, Evelyn Lozada.

The arrest led to the Dolphins cutting ties with Johnson, and now VH1 has decided not to stay involved with him. The cable channel has already taped 11 episodes of the reality show, which was supposed to premiere on September 3, but VH1 says it has no current plans to air those episodes.

Both Johnson and Lozada have plenty of experience with reality television: Lozada was on Basketball Wives when she was engaged to former NBA player Antoine Walker, and Johnson was on Hard Knocks when it profiled the Bengals’ training camp in 2009 and was prominently featured again last week when HBO aired the first Hard Knocks episode focusing on the Dolphins. Johnson will surely be prominently featured again on Tuesday night, as Hard Knocks will take us inside the Dolphins’ decision to release Johnson. After that, we may not be hearing much from Johnson in NFL circles anymore.

Despite the regular presence of reality TV cameras on both Johnson and Lozada, no cameras were rolling during the incident that led to Johnson’s arrest.

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  1. No mention of the Chad’s first search for reality show love in “Ultimate Catch”? Wow.

  2. Chad Johnson did two things over the weekend. He ended his NFL career and he ended his entertainment career.

    The latter is the more shocking. He hit a women, he hit his wife. He’s was an athlete. Biggest “Come-on Man” ever.

  3. I foresee the last football related footage of him being the video of the scouts clearing out his Dolphins locker.

  4. Chad Johnson: No criminal history. Evelyn Lozada: Basketball Wives. Chad Johnson: Distraction in the media. Evelyn Lozada: Physical assaults, threats, verbal abuse, and harassment on a TV reality show. Do we really know who headbutted whom?

  5. Meet the newest VH1 producers, Bill Belichick and Joe Philbin!!!!

    At least when T.O. lost his show it had nothing to do with a criminal manner!!!

  6. So I assume, that she will no longer appear on (ex-) Basketball Wives either? I think VH1 should fire her from that show as well. It’s funny, on that specific show she said it was “expected” for him to sleep with other women and she had 2 condition – 1) wear a condom 2) let her know. Well, he obviously bought condoms – now he has lost 2 jobs, a lot of money in his future divorce settlement all over something she said he could do. I’m 100% she instigated the violence and head butted him as well. He has been railroaded.

  7. I don’t know about all the judgmental stuff going on regarding Chad. I mean I’ve always enjoyed watching him play and his antics have been entertaining for the most part.

    I don’t know what happened between him and his wife and none of you guys do either, so labeling him as a wife beater isn’t the right thing to do at this point.

    I wish he’d stayed with the Chad Johnson he was with the Patriots, I really do. I think that’s closer to the “real chad” than Ochocinco or the guy we saw on the first episode of Hard Knocks last week.

    I feel sorry for Chad, and I wish him the best of luck because nobody deserves getting blindsided quite as much as he’s been blindsided the past few days.

  8. I LOVE how the Cincinnati Bengals are the only team tagged in this and NOT the Miami Dolphins.. Even though at the time he was employed by the Dolphins and the incident occurred in MIAMI!!

  9. Maybe this could end up being good for him. Since he has an incessant need for attention and he can’t get it from television maybe he can get it from his several illegitimate children. I’m sure they’d love to see there father in person.

  10. he turned from happy-go-lucky to a very angry man the last couple of years. you can just tell from Philbin’s interview on the first Hard Knocks episode that he wasn’t a lock to make the team even without his arrest.

  11. Saw her on BB Wives, pure trash! Ocho is dumb for getting with this women in the first place. Evelyn probably bought the rubbers and put the receipt in his trunk and then head butted him. She is going to rake him just like she did Walker. Johnson is a sucker!

  12. In all likelihood she probably headbutted him. But he was stupid enough to marry her. Can’t turn a ho into a housewife.

  13. I think all these people should see if it was actually his wife who did the headbutting before firing Chad.

  14. Almost better to stay single than to have a woman derail your career. If i was in pro sports i just would not get married untill i was retired, it prevents adultry and marrige domestic disputes.

  15. Add one more ex-football player exiting his fairytale, sheltered, pampered, enabled life and crashing, headlong into the REAL WORLD, which comes replete with REAL CONSEQUENCES that actually apply to him. and his CHOSEN behaviors. Must be a tremendous shock! Of course, most of us learn the existence of logical consequences from our parents, or at least sometime prior to first grade.

  16. what a weekend:
    end of his playing career…
    end of his entertainment career…
    most likely end of his marriage…

    i like chad… hoping he gets another shot…

  17. Chad is probably more upset over losing out on Hard Knocks and his show in VH1 than being out of football.

    It must be a hard life for an out of control self-promoter when the camera goes dark.

  18. I realize nobody will read this, but if you do… Does anybody remember that VH1 is Video Hits 1? And that its a music channel? So why in hell is there a reality show about a football player to begin with? I think its been 15 years since MTV & VH1 actually had music on it.

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