Vincent Jackson: Josh Freeman a Top-5 quarterback

Standing up for teammates is noble and admirable.

Until it makes a mockery of logic and reason, that is.

Bucs wide receiver Vincent Jackson was comparing his old Chargers teams to his new digs, and then he started in with the crazy talk.

“We were a little more flashy as far as the names go [in San Diego], but I think we’re just as talented here all the way across the board.” Jackson said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay times. “We have tight ends, running backs and obviously, Josh Freeman, and he’s a quarterback I think should be mentioned among the top five in the league.”

If the sentence is: “Josh Freeman is not among the top five in the league,” then yes.

Let’s call the roll for a moment.

Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers. Drew Brees. Eli Manning. Maybe his brother Peyton too.

And that doesn’t even get you into the Philip Rivers/Ben Roethlisberger/Matt Stafford class, or even into the next neighborhood which gets you Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Cam Newton, Tony Romo, Matt Schaub and the like.

There’s 13 off the top of my head, and whether you quibble with the order or the inclusions, there’s no empirical way to chop that list to five names and include Freeman.

Although I’m sure he appreciates his teammates having his back.

40 responses to “Vincent Jackson: Josh Freeman a Top-5 quarterback

  1. Josh Freeman will be a great qb in this league one day.. today is not that day. tomorrow doesn’t look to promising either

  2. I’m a hardcore Bucs fan who openly admits to having what he refers to as a “Freeman-crush”, and even I think this is a load of crap. Top 5? No way. Now, if you’re talking what he showed in 2010, yeah, he has the promise of maybe potentially being a top 5 QB some day, but this sure isn’t that day. I mean, last year is hard to judge based on the competition of young team/short offseason, the rest of the team totally giving up (including WRs just stopping routes left and right, leading to picks), and the just glorious stabilizing effect of the coaching of Raheem Morris.

    I do think last year was likely an aberration, and still have loads of confidence in Freeman for the future, but that’s for the future. I mean, top 5? I hope so. I think he’ll be really good in the long run, but, again, that’s admittedly homerism.

  3. Eaaaaasy VJax. I sure hope Freeman can become one of the top-5 in the league, but he’s not even in the conversation at this point. Brady, Rodgers, double Manning and Brees are a pretty damn tough top-5 to crack.

  4. Freeman certainly played well enough in 2010 to get himself inserted into the discussion of the game’s top quarterbacks that season. Not top 5, but maybe top 10.

    His play last season promptly removed him from that discussion, but the potential is there. It’ll be interesting to see how he does with a real head coach and OC, as well as some additional weapons and protection to work with.

  5. We’re tired of this crap…

    Another passive aggressive dig, aimed directly at the city of Jacksonville and their beloved Jaguars by ‘conveniently’ leaving Gabbert out of the top 13 or so off your head.

    I kid. No, seriously, I kid.

    If you can’t laugh at yourselves…..

  6. Thumbs down all you want but you guys are gonna see. Our Offensive Coordinator last year was terrible. He got another job in the NFL but you know where? JACKSONVILLE! (sorry jags fans). Not only that but the talent level has risen waaaay above last years roster. Two pro bowl guards (one of them is the size of a grizzly bear) a pro bowl reciever and two talented running backs to go along with a talented tight end that understands the game. I know what free did in 2010 wasnt a fluke. With the coaching staff we have now i can really see him being top 5. Maybe not now and maybe not even next year. After a couple division titles and some deep playoff runs I think everyone will be singing a different tune.

  7. Flacco shouldn’t be listed. I would take Freeman over Flacco any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  8. In 2010 Freeman’s passer rating put him 6th in the league (above Drew Brees and Matt Ryan).
    In 2011 (a poor year obviously) his completion percentage put him at 8th in the league in that stat (higher than Matt Ryan and Cam Newton).
    So don’t sit there and say that “Top 5” is ludicrous, because, you know, 6 and 8 are really damn close to 5 last time I checked.

  9. @tombradyspoop

    He could have said, “We have tight ends, running backs and obviously, Josh Freeman [end comment].” He did not have to add the rest. I think most objective people feel Freeman is a decent QB (I am actually jealous being a Vikings fan), but actually stating Top-5, especially in that context, is pretty contriversial.

    Personally, I would probably list Freeman in the 3rd tier listed here, but no way on Earth that he is CURRENTLY a Top-5 QB in the league. My list of Top-5 is different (Rogers, Stafford, Brees, Brady, Peyton Manning), but Freeman is not anywhere close to the level of these guys today. Someday, maybe, but not today. And with guys like Newton, Luck, RG3 and Bradford (I still think that kid is going to be impressive someday), he may not have much of a window to actually be a clear Top-5 QB.

  10. The people who think joe Flacco is good must have thought mark Sanchez is good after 2 afc champ appearances. When will people realize that being on a team with a great defense doesn’t make you good qb.

  11. After this season he will be in the top seven.I Guarantee.And most smart people will too.This year he will shock the doubters.

  12. All your top QB’s have Great Coach’s and Offencive Weapons.Now Freemon does too.Now that he has got his footwork down he is amazingly accurate and has the weapons.Watch Out NFL!

  13. sorry but listing guys who have 1 good year and a great rookie season as top 10 qb’s is just insane. what happens when 1 gets hurt again as he was prone to before last year and the all time greatest rookie qb comes back to earth now that teams know how to defense him?you notice his numbers dropped the second half of the season right? leaving Cutler off your list because you do not like him is just as stupid. look at what he did the last 2 years with the talent around him and tell me any of those other qb’s on your list could have done better. did you see what happened to the Bears when he went down last year?

  14. Is Vincent Jackson back on the sauce?

    1. Brady
    2. Manning
    3. Brees
    4. Rogers
    5. Rivers
    6. Roethlisberger
    7. Eli Manning
    8.. Flacco
    9. Romo
    10 Ryan
    11. Cam Newton
    12. Alex Smith
    13. Stafford
    14. Andy Dalton
    15. Andrew Luck
    16. Robert Griffith
    17. Bart Starr
    18 Babe Parelli
    19. Kordell

  15. I love V-Jax’s enthusiasm, and I think Freeman is GOING to be an elite QB within the next 3-4 years…but he needs to show that last year was the exception and rebound to the kind of season he had in 2010…my guess for this year is Freeman comes in around 63-64% completions, 3,800 yards, 20-22 TD passes and 8-10 pics…that plus our new power running offense and an improving defense gets the Bucs about 8 wins this year….which would make me, and a lot of other Bucs fans really happy!!!

  16. OK this is a funny post, not only because of what V-Jax said but some of the responses. The only thing clear here is V-Jax was trying to support his QB. Remember last year when Eli said he thought he was an elite QB, he kinda proved it.

    Cutler good QB, with all the skills, just bad decision making and the great misfortune to have played in Denver in the shadow of Elway, and now the Bears which till this year did not have a valid #2 WR on almost any other team, except Tampa.

    and Techstar25 do not use 2 completely different stats to try and validate something, and if you are get it right

    2010 – 8th in QBR and 6th in Comp %
    2011 – 23rd in QBR and 26th in Comp %

    If there is one QB not mentioned enough in this post it is Matt Stafford, and I am not a Lions fan.

    Does Freeman have an upside I think almost everyone agrees he has potential but to be an elite QB you need an established body of work. Which is why the mention of Cam Newton is ridiculous. Cam had 1 year with good stats except for Wins, and you will never be the ELITE conversation without a Super Bowl ring, or your name is Dan Marino.

  17. 2010 proved he has the potential to get there in a couple of years, but yeah this is crazy talk. Especially considering he was among the league’s worst last season. He’s got to prove he can bounce back from that first, then we can start talking about top 15, maybe even top 10. Top 5, however, is a few years down the road under the most optimistic of scenarios.

  18. @steeelfann, I see what you’re saying but you can’t even put Luck on that list, period. Until the kid actually, ya know, plays an NFL game, let alone wins a few he’s nothing but potential. Admittedly he has a hell of a lot of potential right now, but he still hasn’t called a single snap that matters.

  19. Agreed, VJax is jumping the gun a bit here, but I believe Freeman is on the right track in redeeming himself this season. He will silence the doubters but, after the stench of last season, the criticism is warranted.

  20. by my count that is 12 “top5” QBs as mentioned by NFLers. wow. These guys need ti get out more. Freeman will be a good QB in this league, but he is NOT elite.

  21. forthand26 says:Aug 13, 2012 3:05 PM

    Flacco and Schaub mentioned before Vick?


    Yeah, they’re mentioned before Ron Mexico because they’re better QB’s. Mexico has only played one full season once in his career, and even after 10 years in the NFL he still can’t read a defense, or throw accurately. Oh, and when is the last time Mexico won a playoff game? If Mexico wasn’t fast he wouldn’t even be a backup in the NFL. He shouldn’t be in the NFL anyway, but for other reasons…

  22. I’m not saying he’s proven, but if VJax says he should be in the conversation for top 5– and he’s out there in camp and in the classroom w Josh EVERYDAY, I’ll take his word over ALL OF YOU EXPERTS ON HERE who say he’s not. Go bucs.

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