Brian Urlacher has knee surgery, still hopes for opener


On Sunday, Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher said he was out of camp on personal business, not to get his sore left knee looked at by other doctors.

In a stunning coincidence of timing, Urlacher had surgery on that very same knee this morning, according to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune.

Urlacher and the team have maintained he’ll be ready for the Sept. 9 opener against the Colts, but with surgery 26 days from that point, his status is very much in the air.

During an interview Monday with WFLD Fox-32, Urlacher was asked if there was a surgery that he could have and still return quickly.

“I don’t know,” Urlacher said. “I am just going to keep resting right now. I have never had a scope. I don’t know how that stuff works. This is the first time I have ever done anything to my knee so I am kind of new to this. I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t know how that works.”

Urlacher’s been limited all offseason, after spraining the MCL and PCL in his left knee in the Jan. 1 finale against the Vikings.

He practiced for a week early in camp, but when the knee swelled, the Bears decided to shut him down.

“I just think I did a lot of movements I hadn’t done in a long time and being out there for 2 ½, three hours probably doesn’t help, running around,” Urlacher told Fox-32. “But it’s practice. You gotta do it. I think just the shock of being out there so long and doing so many movements like that was too much for my knee.

“It is hard but there is a fine line between pushing it and easing into it, which is what I need to do. I just gotta get back out there for Sept. 9. Even if I just practice the week before, I’ll be in good enough shape to make it through those games. But I gotta be out there when the games count.”

Urlacher sounds like a guy in a bit of denial. He’s 34 years old, and isn’t going to be able to recover at the rate he did when he was younger.

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  1. The rock thinks that age is finally catching up to Mr Urlacher. At least he won’t have to chase around a healthy Adrian Peterson. It might be time for this Jabroni to call it a career

  2. I get the feeling that Urlacher is one of these athletes who just are afraid to retire because he doesn’t know what to do without football/the limelight. At a certain point it becomes embarrassing to see a once great talent play at such a mediocre level ala Urlacher brother. Makes me appreciate London Fletcher that much more. For my money, Fletcher is the greatest MLB of this era.

  3. I’m surprised that whack-job of a girlfriend he has now would even allow him to go near a doctor. She’s so certain she knows more, medically, than those folks who wasted 8 years of their life studying, you know, actual medicine, as opposed to doing fart jokes and taking their clothes off for the camera.

  4. @hulkhogansays-

    London Fletcher has never come close to Urlacher’s ability. He’s certainly a tackling machine, but that’s it. He can’t sniff what Brian does against the pass. Add in sideline to sideline speed…he easily has two to three more good seasons ahead of him. Recovery from a knee scope doesn’t take that long, regardless of his older age. He’ll be out there verus the Colts come Sept 9.

  5. @hulkhogansays:

    “At a certain point it becomes embarrassing to see a once great talent play at such a mediocre level ala Urlacher brother.”

    I won’t debate that London Fletcher is a wonderful talent, or that Urlacher’s knee is worrisome, especially at 34 years old. But playing at a mediocre level? Last year Urlacher had 102 tackles, 3 interceptions, 7 pass breakups and made the Pro Bowl.

    He also made the Pro Bowl the year before that. He’s been nothing but fantastic, even this late in his career. What’s really embarrassing is listening to sports fans talk out of their ass.

  6. I don’t care if Urlacher is 40. If you’ve ever suffered through a Bears game that he didn’t play in you’d realize how valuable he is to the team.

  7. London Fletcher is the best MLB of this era? Hell, I’d still take Ray Lewis or Urlacher. Also I hate Major Wright. He must’ve gotten tired of injuring himself so he took out the heart of the defense. Thanks, jerk.

  8. that’s to bad that he is hurt…I was looking forward to watching Benson flatten him in week 2 when we whoop the bears…Go Packers

  9. I see by the comment dislikes that the Bear “Specials” are in full force. Urlacher was great, but it’s clear he’s done or just about done. Sorry folks, it happens.

  10. Urlacher is in denial. You injure your knee 8 months ago, you’d think you might have some conversations with your doctors and figure out what’s going on.

    The fact that Urlacher isn’t coming clean about what’s going on leads me to believe the injury is more severe than he’s letting on, and that his playing time is rapidly coming to an end.

  11. Urlacher proved to the world how weak he is when he let Rogers tackle him in the NFC championship game

  12. Wow. So he hurts his knee last year, ops not to have surgery, and 3 weeks before the season decides to get it worked on? His knee might be ready but I don’t think his heart will be.

  13. I see this ass the begining of the end for Lach but not our D with Pep, Briggs, Tills, Melton, Pea and such we’ll be fine. As far as crybaby Benson running over somebody, man please….

  14. Meatballs,

    Urlacher sprained his MCL and PCL in the last game of the season. Those injuries are more than likely healed.
    This sounds like it was a routine scope to clean up cartilage. While it will require some recovery/rehab and may be a nagging issue going forward, it isn’t a career ending injury. Quit writing the narrative before you have the facts.

    Thank you.

  15. Gotta love the cow town Packer fans chiming in about a LB that is better than any fudgepacker LB in the last 50 years. #54 will be there for the season opener and week 2 in the village of Green Bay to stick Aaron Rodgers’ discount double choke belt up his as.s

  16. I remember when Brian broke his wrist or forearm in a game against Green Bay and didn’t tell anyone and went out for the next defensive series. Yikes. Tough. That was about 3 years ago, maybe

    It is true that I wondered how in the world Aaron Rogers stopped Brian in the open field after that interception in the title game. That to me was an indication that the skills were going downhill.

    If the knee heals, I’m hoping it heals well so that the final years of Brian’s career don’t dilute our memory of the toughness he’s displayed up to now.

  17. Remember, all, it’s a sprain, not a partial or complete tear. This sounds typical after a sprain. Do a minor scoping to clean what needs to be cleaned up, then continue with the rehab/healing process. He might or might not be 100% after this, who knows. Give him a chance to recover and see what he looks like on the field. It’s premature to pass judgment on him now. It’s like AP, I’m anxious to see how he does once he fully recovers from his devastating knee injury. He might be a little more resilient than Urlacher, but with that type of injury, he might not ever be 100% from here-on-out. It’s all a waiting game. I’d say if Urlacher doesn’t look good by the end of the season, it signals the beginning of the end for me.

  18. As a Bear fan in Central Wisconsin I found the comment about Benson flattening Urlacher extremely funny. Even with Benson, the Packers still SUCK.

  19. Here’s Urlacher less than a year ago for the season opener… you really think he’s done? I saw him making even better interceptions later in 2011 against Mr. Rodgers… You aren’t a true sports fan if you’re glad a great player is injured. That’s just gluttony

  20. I’m a huge bears fan! But all i can say is that it sounds like alot of haters out there. Ive had my knee scoped and its really no big deal. I believe that Brian will return and play at the top of his game! Maybe not as fast but he wont need to be with all of the experience and knowledge he has….PLAYING SMARTER NOT HARDER!!

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