Chad Johnson 911 call is released


As a legal matter, calls placed to 911 aren’t private.  And so all of them are subject to release upon request.

And so the 911 call that was placed after receiver Chad Johnson allegedly head-butted his wife on Saturday night has been released.

The call was placed not by Evelyn Lozada but by a male next-door neighbor.  The tone and content of the conversation suggests that this was anything but a publicity grab by the soon-to-be-former Mrs. Johnson.  If anything, the man who called requested discretion on multiple occasions.

Though the content of the call doesn’t point to guilt, it definitely does nothing to lend credence to the notion that Johnson’s wife is exaggerating, embellishing, and/or fabricating.

Meanwhile, Johnson has said nothing about the situation, presumably on advice of counsel that, amazingly, he is complying with.  (So far.)  But more than a few of his 3.6 million Twitter followers will begin to interpret Chad’s decision to say nothing (such as, “I didn’t do it!”) as an implicit concession that Johnson did it.

If nothing else, the silence shows that the ordinarily happy-go-lucky Johnson recognizes the very serious nature of the circumstances in which he now finds himself.

19 responses to “Chad Johnson 911 call is released

  1. “It was just a verbal and they hit heads” Then she has to correct him that “he hit her” Hmmm so the first story had to be corrected she gave the neighbor.

  2. Never mind, listened further and realized he was asking because Chad wasn’t home, and they needed to know what he looked like to find him wandering around.

  3. Really funny how you expect him to answer “What car is he driving?” with like an Escalade or a Hummer and instead you get “a black Smartcar”…Someone obviously cares about the environment!

    All kidding aside, you never hit a woman…That to me is one of the worst possible things you can do and he should be punished for it…I like Chad as a player and he seems like a nice guy off the field outside of this incident so hopefully they can resolve it and get back to the way they were

  4. Looks like somebody ran to the police first. Three questions. How did he go from driving around the neighborhood looking for her to maybe he is just in the house? Secondly why is the caller whispering ? And why did they have a trip up about who headbutted who? Why Isnt she on the phone ?

  5. Might be too “CSI” but cant you tell form the nature of the wound what happened? Like if both heads were moving towards each other, or if one was stationary? I feel like an accidental bump and one where one person violently headbutted someone would be different.

  6. Man, this is just sad, I want to truly believe that this was the case of a psycho chick, but with the news of previous domestic, you wonder what to believe. Even once is too much, you just don’t ever touch a woman, your wives, girlfriends, and in some cases even your mother. I don’t know who this woman is, but from the one episode of hard knocks. That Chad picked her up by cussing her out on twitter, and he quit playing FIFA to answer her call. It seems like they both are lacking in the maturity category. You just don’t touch a woman, ever. Come on man…. I kinda wanted to see Chad play, although his kid like antics were getting stale, and more of the same over the top stuff.

  7. The neighbor making the call is calm and measured and does not appear to want to ‘blow this thing up’ but just the opposite, he repeats that they want to keep this quiet and the male is “high profile”. What little we can hear from her, she doesn’t sound like she is insane or screaming or cursing, and when it is all totaled up, it does not sound good for Chad Johnson. Not the 911 call I was expecting to hear.

  8. I don’t know exactly what happened here, but, if any part of Ms. Johnson’s account is true with regard to him hitting her, Chad Johnson is a PUNK!! Any man who hits a woman is a punk who needs both a good kick in the balls and at least some prison time.

  9. I don’t want to jump to conclusions until it all plays out, so I am going to give Chad the benefit of the doubt. If you google Evelyn Lozada basketball wifes violence you will see there was a petition of over 30000 people asking them to stop the show because apparently she is bat @#%> crazy. Who really knows what happened but given her past I’m not 100% ready to blame chad.

  10. I don’t get how the guy who made the call wanting discretion means that the woman who gave him her story of what happened wouldn’t be looking for attention.

    If she had been screaming in the background, it wouldn’t be proof that she was doing this for publicity, just as this guy being calm isn’t proof that it is legit.

  11. Unless there is security camera footage of the incident, this 911 call becomes a huge piece of evidence in a trial. If she had been screaming and acting like Evelyn “Basketball Wives” Lazado in the background that would have brought a different perception to this call, but she sounds like Mrs Chad Johnson, victim, in the call and that will play differently in court.
    The tone, language, and individual words of this call will be a major factor in a court case that is otherwise “he said, she said” with no witnesses or evidence of an actual event. If the caller would have been dealing with a “Basketball Wives drama queen out for publicity”, he might have handled the call differently than he did in the spur of the moment, but he sounds like he is being measured and not pressured by her. These things are important when it comes to a trial and sending someone to jail.
    She is apparently injured, and Chad has no signs of injury. None of this looks good for 85.

  12. An so, as the sun sets over Chad, we find him entering a new and exciting phase in his ever-amusing life, that of job seeker in the REAL WORLD. He brings with him an impressive trio of job skills : extreme impulsiveness, little to no education and, of course, a police record. As Ms. Bette Davis so aptly put it: “Hold onto your seats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

  13. There’s a few fishy things concerning this whole situation. As mentioned, Evelyn Lozado is nucking futs and that leads one to not trust the whole story from the get go.
    Second, I’ve been watching/practicing MMA ever since Keith Hackney fought Emmanuel Yarborough and only once have I ever seen a three inch cut and it was from a devastating elbow. I would not put it past that crazy b*tch to induce injury upon herself to build this case against Chad. This is not like him at all but she’s definitely capable of something like this.

  14. Neither of these 2 people seem like they are very serious, mature or have much depth. Since I don’t them personally I could be wrong, but after seeing her in action on VH1, there’s a possibility she should be charged as well.

    That woman was quick to slap, throw a drink, punch or bottle at anyone who looked at her the wrong way. Violence in a relationship is like the lowest common denominator. Then when you factor in the way they curse each other in front of cameras which you know will broadcast worldwide…:/

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