Chad Johnson apologizes for “recent events”

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If you had three days in the “How long will Chad Johnson remain quiet after his arrest?” pool, congratulations.

Just as we were expressing amazement that Johnson has said nothing since the Saturday-night incident that left his wife with a gash on her forehead, Johnson issued a statement, via his media outlet.

“I would like to apologize to everyone for the recent events that have occurred,” Johnson said.  “I would like to wish Evelyn well and will never say anything bad about her because I truly love her to death.  I will continue to be positive and train hard for another opportunity in the NFL.  To all the fans and supporters I have disappointed, you have my sincerest apologies.   I will stay positive and get through this tough period in my life.”

It’s hard not to view the apology as an implicit confession, especially since he has opted not to “say anything bad” about a person who, if Chad’s version of the events is true, told a lie about him that caused his career in the NFL to end, at least for now.

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  1. i dont think it was an implicit confession. I just doubt that chad johnson would make a statement saying how his wife is a liar and say bad things about her. That wouldnt help his case at all.

  2. The sports media should apologize for dismissing and minimizing domestic violence towards women. The things I’ve heard on sports radio and read have been nothing short of disturbing.

  3. It’s called taking the high road. If she is lying, which, seeing her past behavior, I believe she is, it still would do no good for him to say that through the media. He fell for a head-case, now let’s see if he keeps his money, which he should.

  4. Re: another name change, forget that.
    Maybe he needs to enter the witness protection program.
    He needs to disappear for a long time.

  5. What a friggin joke she’s been with Antwan Walker he’s broke and out of the NBA…then she latches on to Ocho now he’s out of football and after 41 days wants a divorce…really, and in the short time you’ve been together this is the first dust up? Oh she’s mad cuz she got cut physically and monetarily no TV show for you. Reality Tv keeps these sleeze bags in the limelight with all their stupid reality shows The Braxton’s, Kardashians, etc, for what all these shows as well as the people in them are so damn fake…

  6. How come on the 9-11 tape the neighbor at first states they bumped into each others heads but then changes the story to he “headbutted” her?

  7. Again with the “loving ______ to death” nonsense. Someone in Dez Bryant’s camp uses that line after the assault on his mother. A poor choice of words there and a poor choice of words here. Who writes this stuff??

  8. He will play for someone this year wait and see

    A team will have a void and he will fill it

    As for the he said she said who knows
    Just because its a man againest a women does not mean the man is at fault.

  9. Where are the Chad is a good guy people? One is right here. I still think Chad is a good guy, regardless of the headbutt. Sometimes, accidents happen. Based off what I’ve read about her, she might be a missing a screw or two. I do have a believable excuse where neither one is a liar though: screaming at his face and he moved in to scream at her back and they pushed into each other’s heads simultaneously, that would completely be a way that it happened and how Chad says she did it and how she says he did it.

  10. I want everyone to look at the provided CJ photo above…I see regret and remorse in his eyes. He looks sorry.

    Dear Chad, from all the followers of THIS site, we want say we love you and may you rest in peace.

  11. As a Miami fan I’m glad they cut Chad. The young receivers are coming along and I hate that a Pruitt or Wallace would get cut to keep a stop-gap.

    That said, I wish Chad the best. This was an ugly situation between a man and wife. Its like the head-butt was just due to two people arguing in close proximity, not a violent act.

    Chad needs to quit football and focus on LIFE.

    Best of luck to him…

  12. No Chad, you need to apologize for being loud obnoxious jack@$$. You know you would get alot more respect if you would just keep your mouth shut and stop doing stuff that grabs negative attention. Just go out there and do your job and go home for the day. It’s just that simple.

  13. Another example of internet romance gone wrong. I read Johnny Pesky’s obit yesterday, and he was married over 60 years. Yet these clowns are all over the media for their 5 weeks. Celebrity sham marriages are just ridiculous.

  14. I bet she is filing for divorce because she found out that Chad will never be solely hers. She mistakenly thought a ring would change things. Or maybe she is filing because he now has no job and no reality show. I bet the last reason is the 3 inch gash, but I am sure she would convince you otherwise.

  15. Let’s be slow to judge. My ex-wife headbutted me accidentally during an argument years ago then hurt her foot when I blocked a kick and still claims I was the aggressor.
    A LOT of women like to play the victim and care little about their man’s reputation or welfare.
    I’m not saying that is the case here but it’s definitely possible.

  16. Any Man that put his hand on a woman is weak, but I find it hard to believe that all this time in the NFL this man his not had any off field issues and all of the sudden, he gets married to this witch and now his career could be over, and possible broke. I am sick and tried of these leeches that targets famous athletes and try to ruin their careers by making false allegations so that they could get paid. Given this woman’s track record the perception is there. If this woman is lying, I hope she reap what she sows and if Chad did in fact head butt her, then he is getting what he deserves. I find it really suspect that only after 41 days of marriage, she starts an arguement and is the first one to file for a divorce. Whoever files first has the upper hand and also calls the shots.

  17. Chad Johnson is a douche. I’m glad the POS is out of the league and I hope he never returns. These diva wide receivers believe the world revolves around them. See ya turd!

  18. jayquintana says: Aug 14, 2012 6:16 PM

    Sad, but, by comparison, TO looks like he’s got his life together.


    Let me know when Chad tries to commit suicide.

    Chad got booted from the Dolphins; TO got booted from the Allen Wranglers

  19. canjura says: Aug 14, 2012 6:17 PM

    Where are the Chad is a good guy people? One is right here. I still think Chad is a good guy, regardless of the headbutt. Sometimes, accidents happen. Based off what I’ve read about her, she might be a missing a screw or two.


    This this this this this!

    Head butting a woman is unacceptable, but whether or not he actually head butted her is questionable considering who she is and all the fighting you can see her taking part of on Basketball Wives.

    But even if he did head butt her, it doesn’t wipe out all the good he’s done over the years. Taking out hundreds of random fans to dinner or to the movies, and making sure he talks to every single one of them before he leaves. Flying that lady who recently lost her husband out to his wedding. Flying random people from all over the country to his house and hanging out with them all weekend (once, he even introduced them all to Denzel Washington). The school he built in Africa (I think it was Africa anyways). Meeting that homeless boy after the kid sent him a letter and helping him get to attend a football camp that he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to attend.

    Chad has done a lot of good, and has interacted with his fans on a level that I don’t think any other athlete or celebrity has ever done. One alleged headbutt doesn’t change all the good he’s done in the past.

  20. You guys fell for this hook, line, and sinker. That “apology” was clearly written and issued by his lawyer in a PR move so Chad could land on another team. Let’ see how sorry he actually is if the apology came from his lips rather than be written by his lawyer/PR team.

  21. Chad shouldn’t be apologizing to anyone for anything. He is probably the victim here. Playing by the white man’s rules (women are always right) is a terrible burden.

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