Chris Neild has torn ACL, done for season

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Redskins defensive tackle Chris Neild’s season is over before it even started.

The team announced the results of Neild’s MRI Tuesday and they weren’t good. Neild tore his ACL during practice on Monday and will miss the entire 2012 season as a result.

“Chris is a fighter, and this is just a setback,” coach Mike Shanahan said while announcing the severity of the injury.

Losing Neild leaves the Redskins in need of another tackle who can back up Barry Cofield at the nose in the team’s 3-4 scheme. Neild played in every game as a rookie after being drafted with the next-to-last pick in the seventh round, picking up two sacks, and he was being looked at as part of the team’s rotation up front again this season. Chris Baker will likely get that job now.

The news was a bit better for two Redskins receivers who couldn’t finish practice on Tuesday. Shanahan said that both Leonard Hankerson and Josh Morgan had heat sickness and expects both men will be fine after receiving attention from the team’s medical staff.

13 responses to “Chris Neild has torn ACL, done for season

  1. That is a shame but he was being pushed for his roster spot anyway. Now he can be on IR (be paid) and get healthy for next year. I am not worried about the Redskins defense at all.

  2. Whoever comes up with a better way of protecting knee ligaments is going to be a very rich person…

  3. Baker has looked good and with jenkins back they’re gonna use him at nose and slide cofield out in some nickle packages. Would’ve been a good 3person man rotation tho so get well nield see you next year

  4. Luckily that may be the skins deepest position but that really is a shame he was promising. But I Really like what i saw from Baker he could be a beast

  5. Whoever comes up with a better way of protecting knee ligaments is going to be a very rich person…


    They are called “knee braces.”

    They’ve been out for a few years now.

    Whoever comes up with a better way of protecting knee ligaments without restricting movement will be a very rich person.

  6. I hope he recovers and comes back ok, now I also hope Baker lives up to the promise he’s shown the last couple weeks….You just can’t have enough linemen in today’s NFL

  7. Never a good thing, but it especially stinks seeing this happen to a longshot who had some rookie success.

  8. I’ve been watching the NFL for a little overy 35 years now and i can’t remember a time when so many ACLs were going out. I know the guys are bigger and moving faster and all, but i have to wonder if the turf has a play in all of it. Just seems like a fairly new(last 5-10 years) injury that is really coming on. Any thoughts? Hey “Safety First Goodell, how about looking into that as well?

  9. Hate that for Chris Neild. This is the perfect opportunity to bring back Albert Haynesworth and rekindle love fest.

  10. @majskinsfan

    Turf may play some role in this, but the Skins practice and play their games on natural grass. They do have an old-school concrete turf that is just for laughs as far as I can tell, and their new practice bubble is of course brand new field turf.

    Not sure, but I believe they were practicing outside on the grass when this happened. It was the last day of open practice so I don’t think they went inside.

    Either way, a tough lose. Gotta feel for the young man. The Skins will be fine on the DL with Chris Baker looking like a beast as well as Jenkins rotating at DE and NT.

  11. It’s obvious… tendons can’t keep pace with how fast and strong these guys get in a relatively short period of time (high school through college years). Tendons are breaking at a higher rate because advances in strength training keep coming. Weight training techniques, supplements, etc.. I agree with “ishallcomment”… whoever comes up with a supplement for strengthening tendons is an instant billionaire.

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