Colts inch closer to sellout of home opener

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In little more than a month, the Andrew Luck era officially begins in Indianapolis.  The good news is that only 1,300 tickets remain for the home opener.

The bad news is that 1,300 tickets remain for the home opener, according to the Indianapolis Business Journal.

The number has dropped from 2,000 when training camp opened.  It was 4,000 earlier in the year.  But with Peyton Manning gone and the season-ticket waiting list exhausted, not even an impressive debut from Andrew Luck has gotten the rest of the tickets sold.

They most likely will be sold at least 72 hours, if not much earlier, before the start of the Week Two game against the Vikings.  And if any non-premium tickets remain, hopefully the Colts will reward the fans for suffering through a 2-14 season by buying the remaining seats at 34 cents on the dollar.

The bigger reality is that having Luck on the team isn’t enough to ensure an ongoing high demand for tickets.  He’ll have to play well in order to help the team re-connect with the fringes of the fan base.

It also would help if Manning doesn’t perform at an MVP level in Denver.

3 responses to “Colts inch closer to sellout of home opener

  1. Indianapolis will be witness to the birth of the greatest bust in the history of Professional football brother.

  2. I don’t understand the logic of the last line: For the most part, the good people and fans of Indy wish Peyton well; he brought them a Lombardi Trophy, was a stellar citizen of the community, etc. But of course they still support their team, evidenced by the fact that there are only 1300 tickets left, and still lots of time before the Home Opener. So I don’t think anyone will be surprised if the Colts have multiple sell-outs [particularly if Andrew Luck plays well]…AND Peyton Manning comes back strong in Denver.

  3. Heres a crazy idea… Lower ticket prices. Instead of irsay buying them at $.34 on the dollar, sell the, to fans at anything more than $.35 on the dollar. We’re not bad fans here, I’m a season ticket holder, but I understand that people want a decent return on their investment. The last thing many of us remember is either the 2-14 season, or being patronized by the Polians after we tanked the perfect season. It’s been 4 years since we even had a head coach. I don’t blame anyone here for having more loyalty to Peyton, than the organization. For years now, it seems our players were more supportive of the fans than the front office. I don’t blame people at all for not wanting to pay $100+ per seat for a nose bleed and an unproven, unknown roster and staff. But I’m crazy, so I’ll be there.

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