Even with reduced limit, Bucs’ first preseason game is blacked out


For the Buccaneers’ preseason home opener, the reduction in the minimum non-premium ticket sales from 100 percent to 85 percent means nothing.

According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, the Bucs’ preseason home opener against the Titans will be blacked out locally.

The development also means that, even though it’s now significantly cheaper for the Bucs or their sponsors to buy the remaining tickets at 34 cents on the dollar, neither the Bucs nor any of their sponsors have written a check for however many tickets remained to get the team to 85 percent.

Of the team’s last 15 regular-season home games, 13 of them have been blacked out.  It’ll be interesting to see whether the Bucs or their sponsors come up with the extra money necessary to get the regular-season home games televised, given the lower threshold.

11 responses to “Even with reduced limit, Bucs’ first preseason game is blacked out

  1. Blackouts just direct traffic to live streaming sites, and the league doesn’t see a penny from them.

  2. So the Bucs were not able to sellout a game to 85% capacity at regular prices to see starters play 2 series?? Preseason games should not even be counted as regular season games. If season ticket holders weren’t forced to buy tickets, how many people would actually go? Did you see the stands last week

  3. of course it’s blacked out … why would anyone want to buy a ticket to a preseason football game, unless he/she absolutely had-to?

    I’d rather clean the garage …

  4. I urge everyone to go over to the Bucs website and see just what seats are available and what they cost.
    Yeah they say tickets start at $30 but that is for nose bleed seats on the sunny side of the stadium. And when I say nose bleed I mean the top ten rows on the corners. Club level is sold out. Sideline seats upper and lower level, are sold out. Lower level corner end zone seats are $91.

    Like I’m going to pay that to sit in the rain in 90 + degree weather and watch an exhibition game.
    I’ll stay home and watch the Rays. I can wait and watch the Bucs on replay.

  5. get used to it bucs fans , its only the beginning ! when they put all the marbles in josh freeman as there franchise qb, its going to be another long dreadful season …

  6. @ trillbilly – yes, the super nosebleeds are the $30 tickets, but most of the remainder of the upper deck are still only $35
    I am a season ticket holder, but I donate my pre-season tickets to charity. I can’t see paying for parking and concessions when it’s a game that really means nothing, but a great way to evaluate talent and see some guys compete.
    I expect to see more fans in the seats this year. Some people didnt go because of the old “If the Glazers aren’t going to spend $$, why should I?” approach. Well, they spent some serious coin this offseason and I look forward to a much improved team on the field.
    I hope the play lives up to the hype and look forward to a great season ! GO BUCS !!!!

  7. I don’t see the big deal here. A lot teams don’t sell out their pre-season games. Difference is, the Glazers know its a waste of money to buy up the remainder of the tickets just so the game will be on TV locally where not many will watch it anyways…. because ITS A PRESEASON GAME.

    Did anyone see the Dolphins stadium last Friday? There was like 30 people there.

    As for the regular season, I expect maybe two blackouts. The Glazers know they have to market the team locally and having them on TV will help. So they’ll be buying some tickets up this year, much like a lot of teams. Difference is, you just don’t read about it.

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