Giants suddenly thin on defensive line after a rash of injuries

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One of the foundations of the Giants success in recent years has been the depth of their defensive line.

That depth took a serious hit Tuesday morning, as they four of their defensive linemen are dealing with a variety of health issues, per Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger.

Veteran defensive tackle Shaun Rogers is being treated for a blood clot in his leg, and second-year man Marvin Austin has been sent to the Hospital for Special Surgery for an unspecified back issue. Austin missed his entire rookie season with a torn pectoral muscle, and after being suspended his final year at North Carolina, he’s been off the field for nearly three years.

Also, backup defensive tackle Martin Parker has a herniated disc that will require surgery, and backup defensive end Justin Trattou has a heel problem that will keep him out a few more weeks.

With defensive end Chris Canty still on the PUP list, and tackle Rocky Bernard just back after missing the preseason opener with a knee issue, the Giants are suddenly thin, and relying on a bunch of unknowns.

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  1. Way to get people to waste time reading about all the back ups that never see the field…..last I checked we still have a healthy JPP, Osi, Tuck, Kiwi….just sayin’

  2. Purpleguy, grow up. I’m a Skins fan and I know that was tasteless. Best of luck Shaun, get better. I want you and the rest of your line 100% when you play the Redskins.

  3. Austin may or may not be hurt, we lost 2 guys who won’t make the team & possibly Shaun Rodgers? When I read this headline I got scared… This is not news

  4. Gonna hate to see them rely on “a bunch of unknowns” on the D-Line like Osi, Tuck and JPP… and Linval Joeseph a starter from last year. Most of these guys mentioned arent even starters.

  5. Horrible story. Rogers, Austin, and Trattou have yet to play a regular season snap for us. Besides Rogers, the other two are pretty unknown, so in all actuality, we have anticipated relying on “unknown guys”.

    We still have Linval Joseph and Kennedy, who has had a very good camp and preseason. Chris Canty, who is a DT not a DE, will be back by the beginning of season according to Coughlin.

    Darin, do some research before you start typing up your stories. Well, I guess that’s what I should except when Florio is “relying on a bunch of unknowns”.

  6. Let me guess these candy asses think because they won a couple lucky games they can fake injuries to get thru camp , or better yet Osi is probably complaining about his contract again .

  7. I honestly believe the Redskins have the best front seven in the division brother. The others will name their flashy overrated guys, but give me Carriker, Jenkins, Baker, Cofield and Bowen to go along with Kerrigan, Riley, Fletcher and Orakpo and I’m set brother. Not to mention our Phenom at QB and everything points to the Redskins giving NY the sweep, sweep for the 2nd straight season brother.

  8. JPP, Osi, and Tuck are household names for NFL fans. Maybe you’ll want to be more specific than “defensive line” when saying they’re “relying on a bunch of unknowns”.

  9. I didn’t realize that the Giants had signed Rogers. He’s no longer a full-time player, but he can still be productive in the right situation.

  10. Don’t forget Kiwi comes down to play D-End; Adrian Tracey has been tearing is up and looks to replace Tollefson in that backup roll. Dwayne Hendricks might break out this year, and the obvious 3 monster D ends plus last yrs starting DT Linval Joseph. Never good to see guys get hurt but they are still really deep at d-line.

  11. This is just devastating. Don’t know how the Giants survive this horrific rash of camp fodder injuries. Prayers going up for the Giants.

  12. With canty Hurt this does leave us thin at dt for sure- basically a tweaked Bernard and Joseph and ps player Hendricks who was a monster in the first preseason game
    Against the 3s

    Trattau is easily replaced by a Tracy and Parker was not making the team.

    Jimmy Kennedy no longer play for the giants

    Jimmy Kennedy no longer plays for the giants –

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