Jason Garrett not impressed with Cowboys offense


Give Cowboys coach Jason Garrett credit for an astute eye for observation, and his economy of language.

Asked about that barn-burner of a 3-0 win over Oakland, Garrett replied in the only manner that was appropriate.

Not real good,” Garrett said, via Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas.com. “We didn’t play with great rhythm.”

The only scoring was a 33-yard field goal by Dan Bailey.

The starting offense played three series, had 11 total snaps, and gained 22 yards. Of that total, 24 came on one pass from Tony Romo to Dez Bryant, the lone first down they gained.

“We wanted more,” Romo said. “We made some mistakes, and it cost us. There will be some good stuff to evaluate and get better. We have to get better from [Monday’s] game, and we will.”

The problems began, as they often do, up front. With a rash of injuries to centers, guard David Arkin was playing in the middle, which he never had before. The starting guards, Derrick Dockery and Mackenzy Bernadeau are learning each other.

“It took us a couple of drives to make some first downs,” Garrett said. “Dez made a good play, a completion to Wit was good, but for the most part we didn’t run it as well as we needed to and didn’t drive it as well as we needed to.

“I think the self-inflicted wounds were a part of that. But we have to learn from it and go back and watch each individual play, technique assignments and how 11 guys did and understand that everybody has to do their job for us to be a good offense.”

The expectations are high for the Cowboys this year, and the key parts are in place for them to be much better than they showed.

Becuase this one wasn’t necessarily a case of Oakland playing so well, but the Cowboys getting in their own way.

20 responses to “Jason Garrett not impressed with Cowboys offense

  1. Once again – terrible play at guard and a reject for a center. And some of this is due to injuries. They have 2 centers out with injuries and several guards. New York is going to murder Romo – but of course this will all be Romo’s fault…

  2. I am a Cowboys fan, and no the Cowboys can’t not run the ball. And it will continue to hinder them.

  3. “Not real good.” Garrett said…

    “We wanted more,” Romo said. “We made some mistakes, and it cost us…”

    These statements have become the perennial Dallas Cowboy mantra.

  4. Well that’s it then, the season’s over. The good news is Romo’s golf game has really picked up.

  5. the whole game was painful to watch. The Raiders had a possession, punted and received a first down because someone hit the punter. Then basically go 3 and out again, off sides on the receiving team, get the ball back, and a few plays later punt again.

    Hard to watch really.

  6. Jason Garrett needs to go…Tony Romo needs to go…the running backs are ok. The defense is ok…time for some changes in big D after the season.

  7. That was some truly horrible interior OL play. Offense cannot expect to function when those guys on the inside are getting whipped like that. A DE coming around the end is one thing – the QB can step up. When the DTs are jumping right into the QBs lap there’s nothing to be done. If Dallas can’t get their interior OL settled they’re finished. Everyone else in that division will eat them up.

  8. Becuase this one wasn’t necessarily a case of Oakland playing so well, but the Cowboys getting in their own way.
    According to the Packers and Niners, that’s how the Giants won the Super Bowl this year.

  9. It’s ONE preseason game. I don’t know what y’all were expecting, but KNOWING the injuries to the interior line I fully expected a lousy performance from the starters. The real dissapointment was McGee and Carpenter. I saw nothing to indicate we have a legit third string QB.

    But, hey, the defense closed out a game.

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