Joe Flacco wants to push tempo with more no-huddle offense


You can sense that Joe Flacco keeps pushing for more.

More respect. More contract. More responsibility.

While the first two are a bit beyond his control, he’s pushing for more of the no-huddle offense they showed in the preseason opener.

“I love the no-huddle,” Flacco said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “We’ve got to get quicker and quicker at it. I like to go up there and run a play, run a play, run a play. That’s what we’re going to be, and I think we have to make sure we get it as fast as we can.”

They started slow, but Flacco finished 9-of-12 for 88 yards and a touchdown against the Falcons.

“It works really well when you convert; it doesn’t look so good when you don’t convert,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. “When we have situations during the season, if we are out there, if we chose to go that tempo, that we don’t convert, our defense is going to have to get stops. When we do convert, we are going to build some momentum on our opponents.

“You have to understand how that goes. That’s something that we have been practicing from the beginning, so obviously, that’s going to be a big part of what we do. We just have to pick our spots and all that.”

There’s a natural temptation to push it, as the Ravens will need to be more aggressive offensively this year. Some key defensive parts are aging, and being without Terrell Suggs makes it reasonable to assume that side of the ball won’t be as dominant as in the past.

But the Ravens are also breaking in some new parts on the offensive line, and still can’t be confident what they’re going to get from tackle Bryant McKinnie, which impacts where Michael Oher plays.

But Flacco’s obviously trying to put more of his own stamp on this thing, and pushing the tempo a bit could allow him to do just that.

19 responses to “Joe Flacco wants to push tempo with more no-huddle offense

  1. Do ya, Joe? First rule of no-huddle is to have a solid O-line.

    Second rule is to have a QB that does not have this kind of stat line against the Jaguars:21/38 137yds 3.6ave 1td 1int — 61.0qb rating

  2. Considering how much the Ravens and Steelers respective fan bases love to rag on the other’s QB, this is another point in a long line of similarities between the two guys styles. Ben was (and continues to be) a big proponent of the no-huddle offense in Pittsburgh, so that he can control the pace of the game, and it sounds like Joe is interested in doing the same as well.

  3. IMO, this guy does not have what it takes to lead the Ravens to the big one. He is an average kid with no heart or desire to do what it takes to extend Lewis & Reed. The defense is on the field too much b/c the qb can’t deliver the ball to the receivers.

  4. I can’t stand the Ravens. But it’s his 5th yr in the league, last yr of his contract, playoff wins each year. It’s time for the kiddie gloves to come off. Let Joe play his game because majority of the time when they lose. It’s not because of quarterback play. I blame Cam Cameron.

  5. tmac4454,

    You know why Flacco is going to get a long term deal, its because the Ravens already know Flacco has what it takes to lead the team. Anyone who watched the AFC championship game last year knows that Flacco made the plays to beat the Pats, he threw the game winning TD, it was Lee Evans who choked. Everyone in that locker room knows Flacco can do it. And he is young while still developing, going to be scary how good he is going to be by year 8 of his career.

    This is more of a passing league, now, and Flacco has one of the best arms in the NFL. Just because you might not like the Ravens doesn’t mean you cant respect the talent.

  6. Flacco better be able to win a big game before he thinks he can run the no-huddle. We all know this QB with a fan base that doesn’t even know what a no-huddle is cannot pull this off.

    Please try to do this no-huddle anytime you’re playing the Browns, Bengals, and Steelers.

  7. I’m not a ravens fan, but that Monday nighter against the jags was rigged by Vegas. The ravens were given a shady point spread of about 5 (I don’t remember the exact number) so everyone thinks the ravens would cover because the jaguars were so bad.
    But go back and look at the game, the jaguars corners were mugging the receivers beyond 5 yards the entire game and the refs never called it.

  8. I think its a great idea keep the tempo up and hold on to the ball longer. the reason Ravens lose when they do is cause the defense is on the field too long.

  9. Everything is pointing to the expectation that we’ll be seeing more of the no huddle and more control by Joe.

    First Ray Lewis shows up looking like a safety and when questioned, says that the ground of the game is shifting underneath us.

    Then Harbaugh says the primary thing the team needs to improve upon is catching the ball.

    Now Joe is emphasizing the no huddle, up-tempo aspect of the game.

    People’s minds haven’t evolved from seeing the AFC North as a run-first, stocky front seven division.

    The success of Pittsburgh and Ben along with their emphasis on speedsters can take the credit for this.

    Joe’s in a contract year. he needs the stats. He’s proven against Arizona, Pittsburg, New England, etc ;ast year that he can take the offense on his back….

    Get ready for the scoreboard to be lit up!

  10. We love the idea flacco. .go for it. We’re licken our chops! Signed pittsburgh steelers and their fans!

  11. steelersownyou says: Aug 14, 2012 6:28 PM

    We love the idea flacco. .go for it. We’re licken our chops! Signed pittsburgh steelers and their fans!

    You weren’t licking your chops when he went 92 yards to win the game against your much-touted defense in Pittsburgh last year. Or the year before. You were crying in your beer.

  12. I have a really bad feeling about our chances this year. We came so close last few years and couldn’t get over the top, even after beating the steelers twice last year. When will that happen again??!? With T-Sizzle out and apparent offensive line issues, do you really think Joe is going to all of a sudden play like a world beater? I am a realist. We are probably looking at a 9-7 record at best.

  13. Lot’s of doubters here. RedBengal brings up 1 game to look at Joe’s QBR. Let’s look at Ben’s 1st game against The Ravens, and Brady’s QBR in the AFCCC. Just look at the WINS. Then come back with a intelligent response.

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