Josh Johnson falls to No. 4 in San Fran


49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has said he has five No. 1 receivers.  He doesn’t have five No. 1 quarterbacks.  Or even four.  Or even two.

But he has one No. 4 quarterback.  An despite what the depth chart says, his name is Josh Johnson.

It was supposed to be one of the great battles of August — Johnson vs. Colin Kaepernick for the privilege to be the man who would get the nod if/when Alex Smith is injured or benched.

But Johnson was the fourth guy into the game on Friday night against the Vikings.  And he said that he typically has been the fourth guy in, all year.

“Since I’ve gotten here, it’s pretty much been that order,” Johnson said, via Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle.

That puts Johnson, who played for Harbaugh at the University of San Diego, behind Smith and Kaepernick and Scott “‘I’ Before ‘E’ Except After ‘C” Tolzien.

“All I really care about is the opportunity to go out and compete and show what I can do,” Johnson said. “Whatever happens is going to happen.  It’s out of my control. . . .   All I want to do is go out there, lead the offense, put good things on tape and let the chips fall where they fall.  That’s the NFL.”

The chips may fall with Johnson falling off the roster, unless the team decides to carry four quarterbacks into the season.

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  1. after watching tolzien’s impressive performance on friday… i think josh johnson will be let go.

  2. In a couple of weeks you may be posting “Kaepernick falls to No. 3 in San Fran” Tolzien looked good last year as a rookie and is looking better this year.

  3. Josh will get in as the #3 QB against the Texans this weekend. This battle will come down to the last day of preseason. Whoever gets cut will land on some other team’s roster. They will be in the NFL this year. A lot can transpire before week 1. Baalke might get an offer he can’t refuse.

  4. In my eyes Alex smith has done more then enough to keep himself at the number 1 qb but to others including some 49er fans/ coaches he hasn’t hence their chance for Peyton an Wat not

    Scott an Colin are performing an u have to think since they have ” 5 no.1 wrs that if he doesn’t get them the ball or they dont win out the gate like last year hell be benched because that’s sad. I really feel like smith is *finally* coming into his own

  5. Tolzien lives in the building. He’s there earliest and leaves in the wee hours. He knows as much about that offense as Roman and Harbaugh both. Super hard working kid. He looked great Friday except for the pick.

    If he doesn’t ever get a shot to start in the NFL – he’ll be a great coach in this league. Hopefully for the Niners on Harbaugh’s staff!

  6. The battles is not over to the preseason ends and the season starts, As soon as Josh Johnson has his fair chance to play he will show everyone what he can do, Kaepernick is a good running QB, Passing not that bad, Tolzien is a good passer, Took a good hit after the pass, But as soon as the season starts we see who here and who not, Hell it be great they let go of Alex Smith.

  7. Josh Johnson was not great when filling in for Josh Freeman last year! What made him look good enough to beat Colin Kaepernick during OTA’s and Mini-camp?

  8. I loved how Tolzien played. He looked really good; poised. As far as just throwing the ball, he outdid Kaep handily. I hope to see more rythm in the coming weeks of the preseason.

  9. I was sad when they let Tolzien go last year, glad he didn’t stay with SD and is back in SF this year.
    I think he’ll make the roster since he is in the mold of Smith; if Smith goes down, he could fill in with that offense better than Colin.
    Colin at this point seems like he’s a year or so away from being able to run that offense on his own (if Smith goes down), and will probably play more as a gimmick/gadget type player this year.
    9ers are no where near their glory years of QB depth, but I’m pretty excited about this group, especially after years of O’Sullivan, Dorsey, Hill (who i like but c’mon), Rattay, etc. etc.
    Tolzien looks a lot more like a Grbac or Bono then any of the names I just listed, and that is a very very good thing.

  10. Seriously florio! We get it, Harbaugh said he believes all his receivers have the capability of being the number 1 receiver (even if he flat out said he has 5 number 1s) but for christs sake do you have to mention it in every single article about the 49ers!? You’re starting to sound like tebow declaring his love of Jesus anytime a camera is in front of him, but for you it’s Harbaugh and 5 number 1s.

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