Mularkey’s touchdown celebration plan is brilliant


Though it remains to be seen whether Mike Mularkey’s second stint as an NFL head coach will turn out any better than his first one, he recently unveiled a plan that is nothing short of brilliant.

For every touchdown scored by the Jaguars that isn’t followed by a celebration, he’ll donate $250 to the local Ronald McDonald’s House.  The Jaguars will match the amount, driving the total to (carry the one) $500.

So Jaguars players now have an even stronger incentive to hand the ball to the official after scoring.  While those who choose to nevertheless celebrate will likely feel plenty of local pressure to donate the $500 out of their own pockets, it’s the kind of no-I-in-team exercise that could truly help bring the Jaguars together in a way that will cause them to perform better as a unit.

Some may say that, in the end, it won’t matter because they won’t be scoring many touchdowns.  But every year there are teams that surprise us, and that often happens when a collection of individuals decides to behave like a team.

Mularkey’s strategy is the kind of thing that possibly could make that happen in Jacksonville.  If it does, look for plenty of other coaches to consider doing the same thing.

51 responses to “Mularkey’s touchdown celebration plan is brilliant

  1. Just what we need, the Jaguars to be even more boring than they are now. Folks against celebrating TD’s mystifies me. I find it entertaining. I find handing the ball to a replacement official to be completely boring. Yawn.

  2. Horrible idea! Touchdown celebrations are fun, fans like it, players like and they get pumped up as a team doing it. He should donate the money for every touchdown celebration instead (that doesn’t result in 15 yd penalty)

  3. I guess the Jags can get more boring than they already are. If you score as rarely as the Jags, when you do get in the end zone get your f’n money’s worth!

  4. Mularkey was not a bad guy (not a good HC)when he was coaching my Bills, this is great idea to help a great charity!!!

  5. Oh great, more publicity for MacDonald’s, which thanks to the ‘food’ they serve helps put people in position of need for the charity money they dish out. The irony is big, Mac.

  6. Come on. Some celebrating is OK. He should give money for each quarter without some stupid, mental mistake.

  7. A great idea ! I always thought the players job was to score touchdowns..not act like an ass. The best sportsman acts like one. Ronald McDonald’s House helps thousands of kids with cancer etc.. and their families. HOORAH for Mularkey !!

  8. Like the old school coaches say, act like you’ve been in the end zone before….

  9. The owner made him Masta when he made him headcoach! I don’t mind a player spiking the ball in the excitement of the moment, but TD celebrations show 1 player when it took 11 players all pulling together to make it happen. Barry Sanders just handed the ball to the ref. Class. As a Jags season ticket holder, I love this!

  10. Theres players who celebrate with a salute, jump over the wall and dunk over the goal post. Then you have players who pull out a cell phone from under the goal post, imitate shooting self in the leg and run all the way to the middle of the field and shine on the star. My point is, im fine with celebrations as long as they’re not obsessively or drawing penalties. Hell when im watching on tv, I cheer my team on when they score and cuss them out when they do something stupid, theres nothing like getting pumped up and gaining momentum after a touchdown, just don’t go overboard.

  11. If I were a player I’d be less motivated to score a touchdown knowing my coach pulled this stunt in an attempt to stop me from celebrating a touchdown I worked hard for..

  12. Fantastic idea. Now if only the Raiders and Cowboys would be willing to make a similar donation for quarters without a flag…

  13. For those who don’t understand those of us who don’t like end-zone celebrations:
    Usually it’s a wide receiver who performs the irritating end zone dixplay. That wide receiver catches the ball if:
    1. The offensive line does their job of giving the QB time
    2. The running back picks up the blitzer
    3. The quarterback steps up to buy additional time, then makes that perfect throw over the defender and into the receiver’s hands.

    It’s a team game. End-zone celebrations are the epitome of self serving egotism. Disgusting.

    Great idea Mike!

  14. So many good things are happening
    around the Jaguars right now. The new owner, Shad Khan, has had a positive effect on many aspects of the operation.

    Sure, maybe they go 5-11 again this year or worse but at least they aren’t finishing 2nd to the Bengals in arrests anymore. They have a new locker room, one of the best in the NFL, a new sound system in the stadium and a new crop of young players who want to win.

    The HC (Mularkey) has done everything right so far.

  15. So by the logic of the anti-celebration crowd we’re to assume that nothing in life should ever be celebrated because in at least some small way someone else was a contributing factor to that achievement?
    I really have to wonder if the issue goes deeper than simple resentment towards rugged individualism.

  16. Count me among the fans who enjoy TD celebrations…the more creative the better (as long as it doesn’t involve taunting the other team OR their fans). I don’t see any harm in it and think it’s entertaining.
    Not sure how many TD’s the Jag’s will score with Blain Gabbert at QB and their only offensive weapon holding out. Oh, wait…I forgot about Justin “Gonna-drink-till-I-blackout” Blackmon.

  17. Amazing how many are upset about donations to charity.
    No wonder America is going over a cliff.

    I applaud Mularkey for finding a way to create a team first atmosphere while helping out a charitable foundation.

  18. So he is going to make financial incentives to his players for certain types of on field performance??

    Sounds like a bounty style program down in Jacksonville. Better get on that Roger.

  19. This is brilliant. To the idiots above that say td dances are fun…i counter by saying winning is a hell of a lot more fun. if you want to watch people dance, you shouldn’t be watching football!

  20. If you are going to donate to a good charity, donate. Don’t make it conditional on what happens in a football game.

    And, it wouldn’t be horrible if we didn’t hear about it.

  21. @flik44 Do you really think this is the only money Mularkey gives to a charity? Do you really think he ran out to find a reporter and let the world know what he was doing? What, articles on every damn stubbed toe as DUI in the league are cool but one that points out something good is more than you can handle? *sigh*

  22. cleveland1980…why do you feel the need to insult people who have an opinion you don’t agree with? Not very mature. Then again, if you’re a Browns fan, I guess it makes sense that you get a little crabby when the subject of touchdowns is brought up.

  23. 1phd, Ronald McDonald House provides housing for families of children who have to travel to other cities to undergo treatment for diseases like cancer. It has nothing to do with nutrition. You jackass.

  24. As big a corporation as McDonald’s is, the fact is this a privately funded charity with only the name attached. The public finances it while giving publicity to the golden arches .
    How about make a wish or some charity without a stock price involved?

  25. Unfortunately, this will provide little disincentive to celebrate. For most guys in position to score frequently, $500 is pocket change. For those who score infrequently, the rare chance to celebrate is too tempting. Now, if the donation were $5000, it might get interesting.

  26. Instead, how about a $25,000 fine paid to charity for every excessive celebration penalty? Unpenalized celebrations are ignored.

  27. Nice idea but unfortunately, the Jags won’t score any TD’s this year.

    They hardly scored any LAST year when they had MJD in the lineup.

  28. i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings 2ndaryinsanity…didn’t know you were a dancer. i prefer football. i also prefer when players celebrate the td with their teammates…not them dancing. think about it…they are getting paid to score touchdowns. thats like a judge spiking his gavel after he sentences a criminal to death.. its stupid and adds ZERO value to the game of football. rip on the browns all you want…id probably agree with most of what you say. my opinion is just that…mine, whereas yours is yours. you just scored… now do us all a favor and spike yourself into the pavement.

  29. People are upset they can’t see exciting touchdown celebrations? And hear I thought I was going to watch football, not a man doing the dougie in the end zone. Guess my priorities are all wrong…

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