Pepsi, NFL partnership hints at future of Super Bowl halftime

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At first blush, the announcement that Pepsi and the NFL have launched what both parties are calling a “breakthrough” collaboration to create original team anthems didn’t seem all that significant.  But then I thought about what this could mean for the 20-minute slice of time between the second and third quarter of the Super Bowl.

With Pepsi once again sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show and with Pepsi and the NFL showing a strong inclination to make their brands inseparable via the availability of original songs that can be obtained by purchasing Pepsi products, it’s reasonable to wonder whether the future halftime acts will come from the universe of acts associated with Pepsi and not, say, Coke.

The first wave of team anthems come from Kid Rock (Lions), Kelly Clarkson (Cowboys), Ice Cube (Raiders), Travie McCoy (Giants), and Wiz Khalifa (Steelers).  (For those of you who are as out of touch as me, the person photographed is Wiz Khalifa and not, say, Kelly Clarkson.)

For now, it makes sense to keep an eye on this new partnership — and on whether and to what extent the money Pepsi is paying to the NFL will give Pepsi direct input in the always-intriguing question of who will get the extremely lucrative privilege of performing for the biggest audience generated by American sports.

18 responses to “Pepsi, NFL partnership hints at future of Super Bowl halftime

  1. The greed of the NFL will never cease to amaze me. They care nothing about true fans, safety, history, or accessability.
    They just want the almighty dollar, and they don’t care which players, fans, or anyone else they have to alienate or defame to get it

  2. What a shame. Pepsi is terrible – Coke is and will always be America’s most iconic brand.

    Seriously, Pepsi, just go away. I’m sick of restaurants telling me they don’t carry Coke products. That’s as unamerican as killing bald eagles or rooting for the Cowboys.

  3. Just listened to Ice Cube’s Raiders anthem… yuck. Cringe inducing. The past 10 years have been embarrassing enough, there was no need to pour gas on the fire and make it worse. Ice Cube’s a LOOOOOOONNNNGGGG way from “AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted” & “The Predator” – he needs to stick with TBS and Tyler Perry movies now.

    Can’t say that I’ve watched a halftime show since Janet.

  4. This smells of more lame lipsync shows to come.

    Can’t read a note? Can’t play an instrument? Can’t compose a tune?

    No Problem! As long as you can shake your a$$ we will fix the rest.

  5. Remember that great vikings song that Prince came out with a few years ago? I hope this new partnership produces plenty of awesome tunes just like that one.

  6. The Superbowl halftime show organizers need to take a few notes from the Olympic closing ceremonies. I know they have limited time for set up and break down but no more lip syncing fools. If the Brits can actually y’know, SING for a stadium that size why can’t we have genuine y’know SINGING????

  7. This doesn’t change halftime one bit. It will still be a time to go to the can, eat some more and maybe squeeze in some beer-fuelled Rock Band before the game starts again.

  8. pilot2011 says:
    Aug 14, 2012 12:52 PM
    and with Pepsi being from NC, how much you want to bet that the Superbowl will be in Charlotte before too long?

    Holding your breath could be hazardous to your health.

    Charlotte, Mecklenburg County and the 7 counties that touch borders with Mecklenburg need to build another 20,000 hotel rooms before we will ever get a Super Bowl.

    When first reading this, I thought of the stadium atmosphere at Panther games, which is amazingly lame, and how management goes out of its way to maintain that lame atmosphere on purpose. It made me think, “I wonder how long it will be before we hear the Brittney Spears Panther anthem blaring through the speakers.”

    However it goes down, I like the partnership. I’m a Pepsi guy all the way. Their Super Bowl commercials have run circles around Coke since the Joe Greene ad.

  9. Can no one see what’s really happening? The American Plumber’s Association is behind this. It’s all part of a ploy to coordinate a massive bathroom break at the start of Halftime, thus over-stressing our aging infrastructure and causing catastrophic municipal plumbing failures.

    Do I really need to spell this out?

  10. I mean the NFL is a big business obviously they would care about the money, if they didn’t there would be no NFL, just like any other business. Only difference is the NFL and owners have to pay these ridiculous contracts to players and the top guys in charge of the NFL(Roger Goodell. So people want to say its greed, but all big businesses and corporations are like that. It’s all about money to them, as any human being should be. With Pepsi coming on as a sponsor is going to make them hundreds of millions, and hopefully brings a super bowl to Charlotte soon.

  11. I don’t care who sponsors the halftime show as long as there are no more crappy hip-hop and lip syncing pop divas. The last two SB halftime shows have been just downright horrible.

  12. Honestly, just get a Pepsi logo with arms and legs and have it cover the songs of whatever old, has been, band they were going to over pay for this year.

    That would be equal parts hilarious and with the savings they can pay the real refs what they want.

    Boom. Done. You’re welcome Mr. Goodell.

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