Pryor says he played like “dog crap”


As colorful images go, the one Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor used to describe his performance against the Cowboys on Monday night isn’t very colorful.  But it’s definitely an image.

I just think I played like dog crap,” Pryor said, via Paul Gutierrez of

“I’m angry at myself,” Pryor said of his eight for 15 performance, which generated 50 yards and an interception.  “I don’t think I played well.  I thought Matt [Leinart] played great.  I thought Carson [Palmer] played great.  I thought everyone else on the team played great. . . .

“So I’m mad about that, about how I played today.  So I’m angry and I’m going to come back stronger next week.”

The question is whether the flesh will be able, despite the will of the spirit.  One of the things we’ve learned from the scouts we know is that every player has a ceiling over his abilities.  Pryor’s seemed on Monday night to be somewhere between the college level and the NFL.

He was slow out of the huddle, and he seemed indecisive.  Perhaps most troubling is the fact that when he relied on his God-given skills, he couldn’t easily elude second- and third-stringers.

Maybe he’s rusty.  After all, he hadn’t played since January 2011.  Or maybe he was feeling overwhelmed by the moment, with nerves getting in the way of his natural talent.

Regardless, there’s a chance that further reps and development will amount merely to the polishing of a self-described turd.

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  1. If Leinart and Palmer were “great,” what does that say about the Cowboys D? I thought both teams were terrible last night, at least offensively.

  2. He’s vince young with a weaker arm. Better make that switch to receiver because Pryor will never be an NFL qb. Tebow has heart and I desire to win. Pryor was handed everything while in college and got by on athletism. Does it for a paycheck like Russell.

  3. I think the kid is being way too hard on himself. I didn’t think he looked that bad at all. What the coaches need to do is run him in the Wildcat while he figures this game out. Let him take advantage of what he does best. I’m not sure if Florio watched the game, but he was very elusive and made plays with his legs. The pocket passing thing will come, and if it doesn’t so what. Run that option with him, and let him make plays! Oh yeah raider2124 the Russell comparison is dead wrong!

  4. here’s what matters the first week of the pre-season. generally the first quarter, if you want you can say the first half. whichever you choose the Raiders still looked better than the cowboys

  5. He pulled a “Rookie Mike Vick” last night: didn’t read the D, didn’t go through progressions, you know…quarterback stuff. Just run every play and hope everyone says “Wow! He looks just like Cam!”

  6. He may have been handed the keys while at OSU. This is the same guy who was suspended for 6 games, 3rd qb last year. I would love to see the critics get behind a center and do his job. I wonder what kind of athleticism do many of you have to scramble and get away from 300 lbs + linemen. I have to agree with his game last night but he needs more time under center than holding a clipboard. I wish him the best. BTW, the Raiders need a real QB b/c Palmer has seen his days and I personally do not think he can go 16 games heading to the postseason.

  7. Pryor is right. At this point in his career anytime Palmer can keep his interceptions under 5 he “played great”.

  8. I thought he looked like a rookie in his first game. However, let me add a very promising rookie. It think he’ll be very good. One thing about it…..Palmer and Leinart, are continuing with little to none UPSIDE…..Pryor has tons of UPSIDE. I hope the coaches see this and give him a chance…IF not some other team will!!!

  9. I think it’s great that Pryor is taking the blame, even though it definitely wasn’t all on him.

    Most young QB’s would blame everyone else.

  10. He did show ability to run and get 4-9 yards on plays where 6-7 guys were dropped in short to mid zone coverage.

    Chalk it up to rust and nerves, but if he doesn’t show improvement over the preseason this kid will find his way to the wideout position.

  11. I’m not worried about how the 3rd string QB played. I’m allot more concerned with how Jacoby Ford turned into stone hands last night. Dude was terribad. Kick off/punt returns and not catching the ball. He is/was a 1st stringer, there’s more cause for concern about him than Pryor in my opinion.

  12. Did you really say he couldn’t elude second and third stringers? I think that was the one thing he was doing…. in his words…. great. I’ve never seen someone avoid so many sacks. Hard to expect much from a guy playing with a practice squad offense.

  13. raider2124 says:
    Aug 14, 2012 8:55 AM
    He’s vince young with a weaker arm. Better make that switch to receiver because Pryor will never be an NFL qb. Tebow has heart and I desire to win. Pryor was handed everything while in college and got by on athletism. Does it for a paycheck like Russell.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems you are suggesting that Tebow hasn’t been handed everything. Dude is a competitor but has no business being an NFL QB. But he was handed everything from the moment he was taken in the first round. And he will probably eventually be handed the Jets starting QB gig. Not because he actually deserves it, but because Sanchez doesn’t deserve it either.

  14. At least Pryor shows some recognition of his own shortcomings. I would wish he could come back smarter rather than stronger.

  15. Like you said, he hasn’t taken a snap since January 2011. That’s more than 18 months!

    Let’s give him time and see what he can do. Nerves may have played a part. I just don’t want to see anyone given up on after a long absence like this, especially when your first game back is at a completely different level of talent.

    I’m not saying he’s going to be the next Joe Montana or Peyton Manning, but the jury has to be given more time before rendering a verdict. Let’s see how he looks after the final pre-season game at least!

    And to compare him to Russell Wilson is just moronic, by the way.

  16. Wow. The haters are grasping at anything. Pryor needs some work. Anyone that follows the team and football in general already knew that. He’ll get better.

    These Plamer comments are stupid, though. Palmer looked fine. It’s obvious you’re scared and you should be. Oakland will move the ball on anybody with a healthy DMAC and Palmer. The first team O- line looked good, DMAC is beast, and Palmer looked in control. It’s not Plamer’s fault Jacoby Ford dropped two passes and another went right through his arms.

    The Raiders first team team looks much improved. I know it’s only the first preseason game, but that should absolutey scare people. I’ve been saying it over and over. If the Raider D improves even to the level of average this year (and I think it does), then the Raiders are a play off team.

  17. Typical Ohio State QB, only looks great when surrounded by elite receivers and playing completely inferior teams (Indiana, Northwestern, etc.). Put the guy on a level playing field and he can’t hack it. I guess the Raiders will have to draft a kid from Delaware next year to make up for Troy Smith 2.0?

  18. Did anyone else notice that he was playing with no mouthpiece? he was chewing gum the whole time. Is a mouthpiece not required at the NFL level??

  19. Pryor’s being too hard on himself. By the time he got into the game, we were down to Lonyae “2.5 yards/carry” Miller at RB and had two OT’s (Kevin Haslam and Joe Barksdale) who can’t pass-block to save their lives (did Barksdale stop even ONE outside rush all evening?). So Pryor had no running game and no time to go through his reads.

  20. Let Pryor run the Offense with the one’s or two’s. I guarantee you will see him in a different light. If he has good blocking, good receivers to snatch the ball incase his pass is a little off, better RB’s lining up with him that know how to block. Pryor has the potential to do what Vick, Newton and RG3 can, thats keep plays going when it looks like the play is about to collapse. Run like the lightning but, still have enough of an arm to do damage through the air. Vick Newton, RG3 and Pryor are not field generals, they are the weapons used by their field general their Offensive Coordinator. So in order for Pryor to succeed at this level, the Coaches need to tailor the game to him, not the other way around. Without it, he looks like he did last night, dog crap.

  21. Ah, TP, the ultimate “fake Buckeye.” This kid has never been much of anything. For the record, Carson Palmer looked pretty awful. Leinart looked ok, but we all know how bad he really is. Pryor won’t ever be anything in the NFL, and he was barely anything in college, and certainly nothing special.

  22. “I thought y’all was a starter, Jacoby. What happened, baby?”

    Correction, Jacoby Ford played like dog crap. It looked like #12 was scared to get hit last night. He was tentative on PR, & he was hearing footsteps as a WR. If he were a rookie, he would be in danger of being cut with that careless performance last night. Don’t tell me he’s still pouting because the team let Jason Campbell go??

    Pryor’s throwing mechanics look like Vince Young’s. His performance was uneven. He couldn’t generate any points against 3rd & 4th string players. It does not look good for him.

  23. Pryor should be hard on himself. He is ruining the proud tradition of Heisman winning QB’s produced from THE Ohio State! I mean their has been such a long line of QB’s coming from OSU and winning multiple super bowls once they get to the NFL. They really know how to make QB’s there!

  24. The Raiders showed last night that their starters can play, but the depth on this team is quite suspect. If injuries come up on this team look out for a really rough season. Pryor is right he was dog crap and I have to wonder if he is better suited in another position on the field. What he did in HS and College isn’t going to work in the NFL.

  25. Clueless. NO feel for the game whatsoever. At least he wasn’t a huge investment, but there’s a reason no one, and I do mean NO one wanted him but the clueless Raiders, a final testament to Al Davis’s infirmity the last ten years of his life.

  26. Do you people watch football?? Pryor played like a rookie last night but he’s taken one snap since the Rose Bowl where he exploded on Arkansas. He’s rusty and I’m sure nervous but saying he is trash is just stupid. Then you guys say he was handed everything just like Tebow? While they might have been handed a lot they still are in the NFL. You nerdy bastards commenting probably didn’t even play football past high school. I’d like to see you stand behind a line of scrimmage with 300+ pound guys on the other side trying to end your night. Tebow is a winner and that’s the reason he’ll “be handed” the starting job in NY. Pryor is a baller and WILL make the most of his chance when the timing is right and he’s ready to go.

  27. I think it’s well known coming into the season the Raiders will be hogtied by the salary cap for awhile, and they’ve plugged in some warm bodies in spots, and there isn’t much depth. This says more about the Cowboys than the Raiders.

  28. It’s encouraging that Pryor has the desire to constantly improve – the anti-image of a young Leinart. It was the first real action he has seen in over a year and I thought he looked athletic and raw, which is what we all expected. Not bad for his first NFL action.

  29. He’s vince young with a weaker arm. Better make that switch to receiver because Pryor will never be an NFL qb. Tebow has heart and I desire to win. Pryor was handed everything while in college and got by on athletism. Does it for a paycheck like Russell.
    ok, first off. i dont agree that he’s Vince Young. i think he has a better attitude to improve and i dont think he has the same throwing motion Young has, but Young was a better passer than he was coming out. Pryor’s got potential to improve though. as for Tebow, he’s got the leadership, heart, desire and insane intangibles. he needs to improve on his throwing motion and mechanics badly, but i feel if he improves on those, he will be at least an average quarterback. i cant compare Pryor to Russell.

  30. He’s a 3rd string, for all intent and purpose, rookie QB, who hasn’t played in 18 months and was surrounded by guys who won’t be on an NFL roster in September. If he would have played well – now THAT would have been newsworthy.

    How many other 3rd team QB’s even get any press? Crazy. Let the kid learn and grow, you can’t even judge for another 2 years minimum – nor will he be needed before then.

    Two things I do like 1) his athleticism, which can’t be taught & 2) at least he seems to care and want to be better….quick who thought of JaFatAss just now?

    Now Ford…wow, he should never suit up with the 1’s until he shows he can concentrate. Unfortunately this is a trend that started last year and has to be a concern.

  31. He didn’t play THAT bad, when it came time to run he broke some ankles, and looked fast, and shook off would-be sacks. It was actually somewhat exciting for the 4th Qtr of a pre-season game. Also, he’s essentially still a rookie, no off-season, drafted in the supplemental, and then suspended 5 games.

  32. He’s a dream come true compared to the performance Boller put on last season when he stepped in for an injured Campbell. The QB position has better depth than last season.

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