Schaub, Johnson know the time is now for Texans


After missing much of what might have been their best chance at a Super Bowl run a year ago, you’d think Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson might know how fine the line is, how hard it is to reach, and temper expectations.


Last year was Houston’s first 10-win season, first playoff berth and first division title.

So both the Texans quarterback and star wide receiver are embracing their role as fashionable picks, and are willing to declare this a “Super Bowl or bust,” kind of year.

“That’s how I feel about it,,” Johnson told’s Albert Breer. “That’s the only reason you play the game. I mean, that’s the only reason I play it. You can make the playoffs, go to the AFC championship, [but] if you lose, you’re still getting the same thing the guys who didn’t make the playoffs got.

“The ultimate goal is winning the Super Bowl. That’s it.”

Schaub is no less confident, accepting the role as fair, and deserved.

“We have to have that sense of urgency to go get it,” Schaub said. “Nothing’s gonna be given to you in this league. We have a tough schedule, yes, but we know we have the type of talent in our locker room where we can go out and beat anyone on any given day. For guys like me and Andre, yeah, we’re in Year 9 and 10, but we’re hitting our stride, we’re hitting our prime.

“And we know that window of opportunity is small in this business. The talent level here is so good, we have to embrace every opportunity we have to go play.”

The pressure’s on both. While they earned their acclaim, the Texans are now defined by an excellent defense.

So if they’re going to fulfill what they believe to be their destiny, Schaub and Johnson are going to be present. If so, the Texans will have to be accounted for.

15 responses to “Schaub, Johnson know the time is now for Texans

  1. Texans fans fell the same way but Coach Kubiak needs to be more aggressive with his play calling to achieve that goal. With his 47-49 record the past 6 seasons, he has as more to prove than any player on the roster.

  2. Yeah dalucks, we only have one of the best running back tandems in the NFL plus a top 10 defense. Let’s forget about controlling the clock and be aggressive by airing it out to a bunch of rookie receivers and give our opposition every opportunity to stay in the game- Gayke Gayden

  3. Easily the most overrated team in the league. 10-6 last year, and 3-3 in a weak division. This team has done nothing but talk about how good they should be for five years and running. For a team that has only had two winning seasons ever, my how they sure do a lot of talking.

  4. @jvillenole
    A) You’re a Jag fan so anything you say on the matter regarding the Texans is instantly funny
    B) They were actually 4-2 I’m the division with meaningless losses in weeks 16 and 17

    Great idea, let’s just ignore arguably the best running back tandem in football and a top 10 defense and air it out to rookie receivers and a fragile AJ. Who needs to control the clock? Let’s be “aggressive by going air attack and inviting every opponent to stay in the game.

    Gayke Gayden

  5. That’s all well and good, but good luck getting through Blaine Gabbert and starting RB Rashad Jennings, who gonna be Jaguaring their way to the Superbowl!

  6. If the other Texas franchise had a QB, RB, and WR of this caliber, to go with a decent defense p, they would be Super Bowl favorites every year.

  7. Sorry Texans, you guys don’t get a free pass through the division this year. The Jags passing offense has finally started to come alive. Not a cakewalk anymore. You MIGHT get 2-4 in the division…i’m just sayin..

  8. “You MIGHT get 2-4 in the division…i’m just sayin..”

    But lets not pretend those 2 wins are coming from the Jags.

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