Seahawks’ QB rotation remains Flynn first half, Wilson second


In Week One of the preseason, Matt Flynn started at quarterback for the Seahawks and played the first half, with Russell Wilson replacing him in the second half. In Week Two of the preseason, Flynn will start at quarterback for the Seahawks and play the first half, with Wilson replacing him in the second half.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll confirmed that he’s keeping his quarterback rotation the same for Saturday’s game against the Broncos as it was for the opener against the Titans.

That would seem to be a bad sign for last year’s starter, Tarvaris Jackson, but Carroll insists that Jackson is still in the running. According to Carroll, he’s just giving more preseason reps to Flynn and Wilson because the Seahawks already know what Jackson can do.

Flynn still appears to be the favorite to win the job, just as he’s been the favorite since the day he signed a three-year, $19 million contract with $10 million guaranteed. Wilson, however, showed flashes of talent in the preseason opener, and he may have closed the gap with Flynn. He’ll get another half of football to try to do the same on Saturday.

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  1. Wilson is a great story but the Seahawks have to go with Flynn.

    If Flynn tanks, throw in Wilson. It wont work the other way around, itll become drama-central if Flynn has to come in and replace Wilson.

  2. Russell Wilson is outplaying Flynn and should get an opportunity with the first team. Don’t let salary get in the way of who gives you the best chance at winning.

    Seattle is my sleeper pick of the year.

  3. Russell Wilson looked great against the 2nd stringers. I’m sure if he plays well again, Pete will give him a chance against the first stringers to see if he’s not just feasting on the famine of other teams’ 2nd stringers and vanilla defensive schemes that are common in the preseason.

    Both Flynn and Wilson showed quick decision making and good anticipation and ball velocity. What we need to see is what happens when they’ve got 300 lb. men trying to turn their spines into slinkys. Do they start to feel invisible pressure? We’ll see.

    The Seahawks defense is getting extremely good. We just need someone to manage like Alex Smith has done for the 49ers. You don’t have to play football like the rest of the league; you can have a run-first offense. No matter what the “experts” tell you. The 49ers weren’t so dominant by mistake.

  4. Jackson is gone baby gone. They should cut him now to give him a chance to hook on somewhere else.

    The notion that a guy who is going to get zero snaps in the first two pre-season games while healthy is still in the battle to be the number 1 QB is laughable.

  5. Jackson is the safety net. Everyone knows it. So far one of those guys is being given every opportunity to show himself… and they are failing.

    If they continue to do so, Jackson will absolutely be starting week 1.

  6. Wilson looked great but he was playing against the second and third stringers. Flynn looked more reserved but they were playing all Cover 2 AND he had not first string receivers in there. Short little shots were all he was given and he did exceptionally well with them. I hope Wilson is tremendous but it seems right for Flynn to get the first string reps this week and to start again. He will probably be the starter and that has NOTHING to do with his salary and everything to do with his consistency.

  7. I agree Wilson deserves his shot. Disagree that he is the sleeper pick. Seattle won several games that they shouldn’t have because of opponents overlooking them and they lost games they should have won by double digits. I don’t think they will be as overlooked as last year and that lingering QB controversy will be sure to cause problems in the season. I am picking San Diego as my sleeper

  8. I wouldnt go as far as saying Wilson is outplaying Flynn till Wilson plays against first team defense. Russell played well but in all honesty he played mostly against defensive players that wont even make the Titans final roster.

  9. Don’t understand this. Both QBs played well the first game. Wilson should get his shot with the first string now, and then they could decide what to do from there.

  10. Put Flynn in and give Wilson time to develop. There is no rush. The QB just needs to play with a steady hand and let the Running game and defense do its work. I do not see them surpassing the 49ers but I can see them in the wild card weekend.

  11. Carrol’s all crazy. Even if they know what TJack can do, you gotta get him some reps in there. He’s handling this quite strangely.

  12. Wilson could be an incredible player in a few years. As long as he takes advantage of these opportunities, he’ll be great one day. He did play against 2nd and 3rd stringers, but those players still have NFL contracts. They’re still good enough to be in the league, so don’t push on the fact they were “backups”.

  13. People saying that Wilson was playing against second and third stringers need to remember that he was also playing WITH second and third stringers.

  14. Last year Pete Carroll said that Tarvaris Jackson had been jerked around by the vikings.

    After seeing Tarvaris play, the Seahawks sign a one of the best free agent QB’s available for years and draft a pretty good rookie QB.

    Always good to see a coach correcting his mistakes.

  15. But wait a minute, last year we were hearing about what a raw deal Jackson got from the Vikings, that they disrespected him and didn’t give him a chance.
    Has that situation now changed? Has Carroll decided that maybe the Vikings were spot on correct that ol’ T Jack has a ton of potential but sucks when it counts?

  16. Some good comments in this thread.

    Personally, I think Flynn has earned the edge, based on his experience. In two NFL starts, he’s performed exceptionally well…not just for a guy making his first two NFL starts, but for any QB in general. He nearly beat the Pats in New England and threw for a franchise-record number of TDs against the Lions.

    That said, it’s hard not to cheer for Wilson, since he seems to have that “playmaker” aspect working in his favor. You don’t see QBs with that kind of mobility every day.

    As a Seahawks fan, all I know is our QB situation will be better this year than it has since 2005, which was the last year Matt Hasselbeck started all 16 games. I believe that both Flynn and Wilson are better options than Seneca Wallace, who backed up Hass for several years, and also offer more long-term upside than Jackson.

    The real difference won’t be seen, however, until the final two minutes of halfs or games. Tavaris Jackson had nine opportunities to either score points in the last two minutes of a half, or to score at the end of a game to win it, last year. Under his leadership, the team scored 0 points in these situations, and he threw four interceptions.

    Simply put, we must do better at that this year, since it’s not really possible to do worse. It is good to know, though, that if a QB gets hurt, the guy coming off the bench isn’t going to be a total stiff.

    A little better QB play, and Seattle is a playoff team last year. They should have that this year; whether or not that will be enough remains to be seen.

  17. Interesting, so the Vikings “jerked T-Jack around” and now Pete jerking him around even worse than he accused the Vikes of doing.

  18. Doesn’t matter, 3-4 games in Russell Wilson will become the starter. Flynn gets traded to the Jets !!

  19. I had forgotten about Carrol’s “raw deal” comments about TJack last year until some posters mentioned it here.

    Doesn’t he realize that what he is doing is 10 times worse?

    He has obviously already decided to go in another direction, and is further screwing TJack by not allowing him to even get on the field to show other teams that he can play.

    Cut him now or play him.

  20. Some of you posters are clueless about TJack and Pete. Pete brought in TJack, named him the starter before training camp, honored that commitment for the whole year (good or bad)… where do any of you get the idea that Pete did not give TJack his ‘chance’?
    One whole year is pretty good opportunity in the NFL considering most of us ‘hawk fans were calling for TJack’s head after week 7. Of course, having Whitehurst as his b/u probably saved the starting job for TJack.

    Right now, Pete sees Flynn is better than both Wilson and TJack and will start Flynn, barring injury or other complications. Wilson may not even get the b/u job this year.

    Pete is a pretty straight shooter. He says he ‘knows what TJack can do’ and doesn’t need to play him to see more. Quit reading more into that then there is.


  21. I still can’t get over those uniforms. Its like they purposely chose the most horrid numeral combination possible.

    Flynn should be the starter and Russell Wilson is bascially Seneca Wallace all over again. Capable of a good spark off the bencch….if he starts out as a phenom, only a matter of time before defense learn to defense him – live arm though. Flynn “floats it” a little more.

  22. We all know what Jackson can do and if these two guys don’t beat him it’ll be a LONG season.

  23. Wilson excelled in multiple offences at the college level and had the Wisconsin playbook down in under a month. He has above the NFL QB norm in gray matter and I’m not surprised to see him already outplay Flynn. That 2 game starter advantage really shouldn’t be brought up again in this case.

  24. Get ready for the pain you northwest lames!…..Hurry up and get off the computer REI is having a sale on flannels and hiking boots!

  25. @norseyapper
    Totally agree. This Pete Carroll JERK called out our Vikings about not giving T-Jack an honest chance at QB for 2 years and now he is doing the same thing. I emailed the C-Hawks last year when Pete did that in training camp after they signed him, and it’s funny how history has repeated itself. I believe Tarvaris has all the tools to be a great QB but maybe not the mental makeup to be a top flight NFL QB. Not trying to call another team out though I’m not a G.M. Learn the game pete. Clearly you’re not either. Ask the Browns or the Jets.

  26. I want to know why a backup qb is even being talked about … What exactly has TJ done in the NFL?

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