Some teams still have time to make decision on blackout rule

To date, three teams have embraced the changes to the blackout rule.  Others still have some time to make a final decision.

Despite an initial deadline of July 15, the league office tells PFT that each team has until its initial preseason home game to make the modification of their “manifest,” reducing the minimum number of non-premium tickets that must be sold from 100 percent down to as low as 85 percent.

Thus, teams that can still take advantage of the rule include the Cardinals (who play their first preseason home game on August 17), the Vikings (August 17), and the Rams (August 18).  The Vikings have said that they will announce their decision this week.

The Dolphins, Buccaneers, and Raiders previously have embraced the full reduction to 85 percent.

6 responses to “Some teams still have time to make decision on blackout rule

  1. Dear Mike Brown,
    No one wants to sit in the nose bleeds. Take the offer so you can make some TV revenue. I’ll scalp decent seats, don’t you worry about me.
    From: A loyal Bengals fan who would like for a change to have the choice to watch a game on live t.v.

  2. Nothing beats current experience of watching games at home with friends and family on spectacular HD with great food. I’m not even sure lowering ticket prices can help…it’s such a task to attend games and dealing with such annoying things. This season will be the first time I’ll actually go to FedEx Field after 3 years away and it’s just because I want to watch RGIII play in person.

  3. John Daly has been successfully using the blackout rule for years. That’s why we don’t see him playing on Sundays.

  4. Raider fan you are pathetic! You have the smallest capacity in the NFL, the cheapest tickets and you still cant sellout! No wonder why you are on FM radio. You will always be the Niners bitch!

  5. Have you been to a Browns game? Even in games where it looks like it’s not sold out its because the people who bought the tickets were so drunk before the game that they never make it to the stadium (thats a long walk and some just quit either at the part where you cross the street or at the Rock and Roll hall of fame). Browns will NEVER have to worry about not selling out a game. The only time Colts games are fun is when the Browns are in town and the dog pound is actually USING the parking lot (which Colts fans don’t).

  6. Why keep including the Ram’s, even with crappy football for 5 years there hasn’t been many blackouts (maybe 2) and that is with the worst record for any team since keeping stats.

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