Tom Brady isn’t bothered by replacement officials

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We’ve gotten our first tastes of life with replacement officials over the last week or so and that’s led plenty of people to raise concerns about the effect they will have on the coming season.

Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz said the group working the Giants-Jaguars game made a “mind-boggling” call, Raiders defensive end Richard Seymour questioned their ability to do the job and Patriots coach Bill Belichick intimated that he agreed with former NFL V.P. of officiating Mike Pereira’s belief that the replacement officials undermine the integrity of the game. Belichick’s quarterback has a different opinion.

Tom Brady said in an interview with WEEI that he isn’t spending much time thinking about the background of the men (and woman) throwing the flags.

“Whoever’s out there is out there. I really couldn’t care less who’s calling the game. I gotta go out there and do my job as best I can,” Brady said, via

Short of taking some kind of labor action through the NFLPA, there’s not much players can do to change the current impasse between the league and the regular officials. Since that’s unlikely, Brady’s approach is probably the best one for players to take since worrying about what officials will do during a game is a surefire way to wind up blowing your responsibility on a given play or getting hurt because your head isn’t totally in the game going on around you.

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  1. tom brady has the right state of mind. he could care less who’s officiating.
    you can have monkeys officiating the game. i could care less.

  2. You kidding me? Hes got more to lose than anyone! Hes on a first name basis with the refs, thats why they call roughing the passer when ever he gets hit!

    Maybe hes already made friends with the news refs.

  3. I wouldn’t worry either if my team/coach were the supreme cheaters in professional football either brother.

  4. He’s not bothered because if anything they’ll be more trigger happy with the Roughing and Illegal Contact penalties, thus helping teams like the one-dimensional patriots and hurting teams like the Ravens and Steelers.

  5. For Bill Belichik: Cheating undermines the integrity of the game.

    To Victor Cruz: Veteran Ed Hocculhi made a couple “of mind-boggling” calls as well.(just ask the Chargers)

    To: Richard Seymour: I question the ability of over 50% of the regular refs to to their job.

    Point is, the replacement referees are doing no worse than the regular referees. I have seen too many assinine roughing the passer calls, imaginary pass interference calls, invisible holding calls, wrong coin flip calls, non fumble calls, uncalled fumble plays from the veterans.

    Time for a change. The regular refs are too greedy and not any better, time to replace them.

  6. Look at Tom Lady kiss up to the refs hoping to continue the “breathe on brady = personal foul” rule. I wonder if daddy Belicheat signed off on this?

  7. It doesn’t matter because he will still whine like a little girl to get the calls after he’s barely touched.

    And when was the last time Hulk Hogan was relevant brother?

  8. Yeah, that’s it. Brady gets every call, every roughing the passer call, every everything. As do the Patriots.
    Plus they got an easier schedule this year because Kraft and Goodell are buddies.

    I know all of this to be true.

  9. I am so sick of hearing people say Tom Brady (or Peyton or Brees or Rodgers) get preferential treatment by refs. I couldn’t imagine being so lame that every time an article comes out, some people instantly think “A Pats article! I am gonna comment on Spy Gate, or Tom Brady being a baby!” How can you be so bitter, especially towards a sport or athlete.

    Tom Brady is the man. The pats are a perenial contender. The Jets havent won the big one in forever. All facts. Spy Gate and Askingforacall-gate, not facts.

  10. On one hand you have an undrafted player with one good year under his belt blasting the Officials for a bad cal. On the other a 6th round pick who has made a legend of himself taking the high road….which one gets that bang bang call later? Yeah that’s why some guys should never have a mike in their face.

  11. Yes, Brady whined for a call… the Ravens game a few years ago. And that’s the only one people can bring up. Give me another example of him asking for a flag.

  12. And the “one-dimensional” Patriots are 7-1 against the Ravens and 6-2 against the Steelers with Brady. Must be a heck of a dimension.

  13. By the way that averages out to one call per 625 passing attempts.

    In others words that’s one roughing call per two seasons but hey I don’t want to interfere with all of your delusions. I guess if I kept getting whipped by him I’d whine cry and moan while trying to find an illegitimate reason to make me feel better after seeing my team lose to Tom Brady again.

  14. There have been about 2 or 3 roughing the passer calls involving Brady in the last couple years, you dolts, look it up.

  15. There’s nothing to look up.I have been watching football for 41 years and the one thing I noticed.In all those years of watching I have seen such a clear bias by all the media outlets to one player and his teams.This includes SF,Dallas,Pittsburgh or even Oakland.I have seen plenty of dominate football teams and NE is not one of them.

  16. I heard the interview. It was a non-answer. Brady didn’t want to address the issue and just said it’s not something he thinks about and that he has to worry about improving his game and getting on the same page as his receivers. It was nothing more than that. In other words, it’s worthless to worry about something you can’t control. The return of Logan Mankins is more important to Tom Brady than the return of the officials. Now, it would be nice if Nate Solder did his job too. 😦

  17. I don’t like hearing that Tom Brady is fine with the replacement officials. In fact, as a Steeler fan, I wish he was so mad about them that he just up and retired from football. Then the Pats can sign Tim Tebow and the Steelers should be able to beat them pretty eas….oh wait, nevermind.

  18. “I have seen plenty of dominate football teams and NE is not one of them.”

    I Could care less there are no “dominate” or as people fluent in the English language would put it dominant teams anymore.

    Case in point the Giants lost seven times but were still the best team and the champions at the end. Were they dominant? No but in this day and age you don’t have to be.

    If you feel like the refs and media are biased toward the Patriots and Brady try backing up your claims with facts. Nobody cares how long you claimed you have watched football.

  19. See the stats below as to how Tom Brady cries and gets all the Roughing the Passer calls

    Roughing the QB Calls per 100 passes

    J. Campbell 1.46
    J. Cutler 1.28
    C. McCoy 1.20
    J. Clausen 1.00
    S. Bradford 1.00
    K. Orton 0.99
    M. Stafford 0.93
    R. Fitzpatrick 0.91
    M. Vick 0.88
    M. Cassel 0.75
    D. McNabb 0.72
    S. Hill 0.72
    C. Palmer 0.68
    C. Henne 0.67
    D. Anderson 0.61
    J. Kitna 0.61
    P. Rivers 0.60
    M. Ryan 0.58
    K. Collins 0.53
    A. Rodgers 0.52
    D. Brees 0.51
    A. Smith 0.48
    R. Grossman 0.40
    M. Sanchez 0.32
    B. Favre 0.28
    B. Roethlisberger 0.20
    M. Hasselbeck 0.18
    J. Freeman 0.17
    E. Manning 0.16
    T. Brady 0.16

    He’s 30th…30th….among QBs and that study was as of 2011…One of the bottom of the league in terms of how many flags he draws so you can all stop with the “Tom Brady cries for flags” talk…Maybe educate yourselves before assuming things

  20. Maybe watch the games and educate yourself jolink653.

    He whines to the ref every time he gets hit, and no matter how hard it was he always thinks it’s late.

    Your stats only prove how bad the offensive lines are of the QBs mentioned…he has no one to blame but his O-line for the hits he takes.

  21. @yssupasigninnamnotyep

    I believe you need to watch the games. If you watched the preseason game, you would have seen Brady get drilled. He just got up with no complaints. He also came out and played the next drive. If you knew anything about Brady, you would know he is one of the toughest QBs in the league. He has played with cracked ribs, sports hernia, bad shoulder, etc.

  22. This blog should be used as a case study on how badly jealousy distorts perception and opinion!

  23. Brady is a tough SOB that only missed the starts due to the ACL. No other injury has caused him to miss a start. In fact, he has a start streak going again, after having the 3rd longest in history before his injury.

    He doesn’t mind taking a hit. look what happened when Dumervil smoked him last year. Brady popped up before Elvis did. Listen to what the players say. Brady is as tough as they come.

    As for the whining for calls, I am glad he does it. It’s called being competitive and trying to win. He fights for every single moment in the game. Maybe if the QBs of the other teams fought for calls more they might also win more.

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