Broncos lose starting DE Jason Hunter for at least two months

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The Broncos should go ahead and declare training camp over, just to change their luck.

They lost a pair of starters to injuries yesterday. We knew starting right guard Chris Kuper would miss six weeks with a broken forearm, but he’ll be joined in the training room by defensive end Jason Hunter.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, Hunter suffered a triceps tear and will miss at least two months, and perhaps the season.

Hunter, a former undrafted rookie from Appalachian State, had leap-frogged former first-rounder Robert Ayers for a starting job in camp.

He suffered the injury while hitting a blocking sled. The injury was apparently similar to Ty Warren’s last year, and while Warren held out hope of a late-season return, he eventually went with season-ending surgery.

9 responses to “Broncos lose starting DE Jason Hunter for at least two months

  1. Sheesh. I can’t remember the last time DEN had a camp without someone having a significant injury.

    Hopefully, the injury is not as bad as the one that ended Warren’s season last year.

    On the plus side, maybe this opportunity will get Ayers to finally show his potential. The clock is ticking on the former first-rounder. Also, if Wolfe can handle being a 3-down lineman, alternating between DT and DE, they should be fine.

    I really enjoyed watching the kid against CHI, even though it was preseason and, well, the CHI O-line is the same pretty much as last season (49 or so sacks allowed).

  2. I’ve been saying the Broncos D-line is poor, and now this. Ty Warren (old and no longer good), Justin Bannan (never good), Kevin Vickerson )never good), rookie Derek Wolfe (will never be good), and Dumervil (very good pass rush specialist but not good against the run) are not going to get it done against the run. Getting it done against the run is key, because teams are going to run all day on this D and keep Manning off the field. It’s not going to get done with this group, though. Yikes.

    McFadden (if he’s healthy I know) should be good for about 165 and at least two TD’s both games against these guys.

  3. The Broncos have to face:
    DMC twice(the best running back in the AFC West(when healthy))
    Charles & Hillis twice (aka Speed & Bleed)
    Mathews twice (should be back from his injury by the time Chargers and Broncos play)

    Ole’ Peyton is going to have a tough time scoring if his defense can’t get off the field.

  4. Enjoyed watching Jason Hunter in Detroit and was sad to see the Lions let him go. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

  5. You know, it’s funny how Bronco fans don’t get on here much and talk about how the Faders defensive backfield and receiving corps is terrible on an almost absurd level. Or how, even though they were “on the verge” of the playoffs, they ranked 29th in total defense, 30th in scoring defense, 27th in passing defense, and 26th in rushing defense. Behind Denver in every category. Then they have done nothing to get better in the offseason. Face it, villa, this is a bad team. Meanwhile, Broncos have improved at several positions in the offseason. Most notably quarterback if you weren’t aware. I guess its because the Broncos offer hope, where the Raiders have none. I mean, you had to pilfer the defensive coordinator of our “terrible” defense to be your head coach. We like to talk about our team and how good they can be, not dwell on how your team sucks (which it does). Good day now.

  6. How can any Raider fan comment on Denver’s ability
    to stop the run when they let an option QB completely run over them last year. For a team that hasn’t even made the playoffs in a decade that’s mighty strong speculation. Go over your own roster position by position and you’ll see you have an ineffective QB(Never good-never will be good) a china doll for a running back and over rated receivers. Add to this a D that constantly seems confused a commits penalties at the worse possible times. Look inward before dissecting other teams perceived weaknesses.

  7. @acanniv, that’s because nobody writes about those sorry ass raiders, they suck. When you google them, theres nothing exciting to talk about them but that they’re the dumbest team in america. If I could, I would comment on every single raiders news just like their fans are constantly talking crap about the broncos but theres nothing to report.
    I bleed orange and blue, am #1 raider hater, hope they enjoy another decade with no playoffs appearance.

  8. acanniv says: Aug 15, 2012 1:57 PM

    You know, it’s funny how Bronco fans don’t get on here much and talk about how the Faders defensive backfield and receiving corps is terrible on an almost absurd level.
    There are usually a few Donkey posters taking shots in the comments of every Raider article. The comments section is an avenue for fans to talk a little junk about other teams, if they choose. It’s just cheap entertainment. And Oakland’s secondary isn’t absurdly terrible. The safeties are solid, but the corners could use an upgrade. The receivers are just young, and could be the best in the West with a little seasoning. Every team in the AFC West sucked last year, and the Donks won the suck tie-breaker. Don’t let it go to your little horsey heads.

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