Chad Johnson wasn’t the only one with televised hurt feelings


Last night’s episode of Hard Knocks was the second-most watched episode in the shows history, HBO announced Wednesday.

And while the vast majority of the 984,000 viewers (behind only the 2010 Jets finale) tuned in to see Chad Johnson get cut just before the credits rolled, they also saw a few other Dolphins raked across the coals.

No player had a worse night than Johnson, but wide receiver Roberto Wallace might have been close.

Or, as the Dolphins coaches refer to him, Roberto “Ankle Weights” Wallace.

That was the nickname coaches gave him during a meeting to describe his lack of speed in and out of breaks and his inability to get open.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald wrote that Wallace wasn’t happy about it, but wasn’t going to let it become an issue.

“At the end of the day it’s a show,” Wallace said. “That’s what they’ll do. Obviously they pointed out all of the negatives which is part of the show. People like drama more than anything. They did it to Vontae [Davis] last week. I try to come out here and try to get better.

“Whatever criticism the coaches have, I can’t control that. What I can control is my effort and my attitude. So I come out here with a positive attitude every day and leave it at that.”

Michael Egnew, the rookie tight end who offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said he wanted to cut, was equally embarrassed.

When he was asked if he got calls and texts of support from his friends and family, Egnew replied: “I shut my phone off.”

“I guarantee any player can tell you the experience,” he said. “It’s one of those things that happens a lot because he wants the best out of his players. It just so happens that mine made the episode and it’s OK.”

Coaches bust on players behind closed doors in every camp, and then cut many of them. But they aren’t all under constant surveillance.

Wallace and Egnew’s egos are merely the collateral damage for their bosses’ desire to publicize the team, and any amount of hard feelings is just the cost of doing business for the agenda management’s pushing.

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  1. “Wallace and Egnew’s egos are merely the collateral damage for their bosses’ desire to publicize the team, and any amount of hard feelings is just the cost of doing business for the agenda management’s pushing.”

    As a player, you are either mentally tough or you’re not. If you can’t handle criticism in the middle of August, how in the hell are you going to handle it when the games really count? Word is Wallace stayed after practice today to work on some things… something he doesn’t normally do. Who would think that someone could get extra motivated by seeing a negative opinion on TV?

  2. another reason i never want my team on hard knocks. these things arent supposed to be seen or heard behind closed doors if you really want to benefit your team. any owner that approves it is selling out their team for money

  3. No matter which/whose ‘lens’ you view the process from…it is impossible to go from 95 [or whatever?] to 53 [or whatever?] without there being plenty of Hard Knocks.

  4. If I ever owned an NFL franchise, which I won’t, I would never permit my team to be on Hard Knocks. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show and it is produced extremely well, but it seems like every team that participates on this show and the Franchise on SHO, has a bad season. On the Franchise – SF Giants (last year) and the Miami Marlins (terrible year). Hard Knocks, not much success as well.
    In regards to Roberto Wallace – I like his response and desire. I hope they keep him around.

  5. Dont worry players, when the Dolphins finish up at 4 -12 well be laughing at the poor coaching that was partly responsible. The coaches should take a long look in the mirror before they ridicule 22 year olds doing their best to make a team and realize their dream. Grown men acting like high school frat boys does not reflect well on professional coaching.

  6. This is irresponsible journalism in my opinion and an attempt to stir up drama that just isn’t there…if anything the guys were agitated by the reporters’ mindless questions about circumstances out of there control, not the coaching staff…quotes taken out of context as usual, coulda taken 5 minutes to watch the actual interviews but that wouldn’t fit YOUR agenda

  7. I think Bill Polian said it best. The Colts were approached multiple times to be on Hard Knocks. But he said they were already a Super Bowl contender, on Monday/Sunday night football 4 or 5 times a year. He said for them, they discussed it internally, and came to the realization that the negatives outweighed the positives. I think these Dolphins coming into this season were at one of their lowest points in their franchise history in terms of overall popularity. And Polian said for the Dolphins, obviously the positives with the national exposure on Hard Knocks outweighs any potential risk.

  8. Yes, this is going to end well.

    Poor Dolphin fans, Stephen Ross is still your owner, and Jeff Ireland is still running the team.

    Now, you have dopey coaches who demean players for ratings on the payroll to go in that sess pool.

    However, Mike Tomlin was “too hip hop” for this franchise, lol.

    Onward, and downward, Dolphin fans. I feel sorry for you.

  9. As it turns out, Wallace was one of the few guys who actually played really well in the game against Tampa, so go figure…..

  10. Yawn are we still talking dolphins ? Isnt miami like football siberia now ,i mean how many fans are actually going to games these days .you guys need to worry more about your games actually being televised for god sakes and yes im a football professor 🙂

  11. Had a class with Roberto Wallace in college, hell of a guy and nothing short of a class act…best of luck to this guy.

  12. Ha no wonder everyone hates the dolphins, even their coaches don’t have faith in its players. If they just make fun of them on TV show, and plus theyre the idiots that picked him

  13. “As a player, you are either mentally tough or you’re not. If you can’t handle criticism in the middle of August, how in the hell are you going to handle it when the games really count”

    its a scene right out of “Glengarry-StephenRoss”

    put the coffee down Egnew, you call yourself a TE you sonofabitch?

    great father Roberto? F*%# you

  14. Wait a damn minute. Since when do players get berated in player meetings for performing poorly and not living up to their potential? I always thought they had their hands held and finished every practice with group hugs, right after they have a good long talk about their feelings. It’s not like they’re all making millions to be doing this.

    NON-story. Post an article about coaches coddling their players when they suck, and people will complain that coaches need to be more of a hard ass because these guys are getting paid gross money to play a damn game. Post a story about coaches tearing guys down in a meeting for sucking, and people think they’re going way over the top and that it’s a terrible coaching staff. Show me what the wins column looks like in 3 years and we’ll see what’s up then.

  15. Anyone else less impressed with Lauen Tannehill than they thought they’d be, and more impressed with Les Brown’s wife than they ever expected? Well played Les. Well played.

    Ms Jake Long loos good too, but Jake…I say that with total respect. You’re the man. She seems very lovely and I hope you two have nothing but the best.

  16. Professional football players need to be mentally tough under the stadium lights not the film crew lights.

    Pick any profession and watch how a camera crew changes things.

    It is one thing to have you boss/coach rake you over the coals, or try to prick your pride to get more out of you…but it is another thing to have your mom and dad, and kids, and friends, and girlfriend…and your highschool coach, and former teammates all there to hear it and see it.

    That is another type of professional altogether.

  17. So one is slow and cannot run routes and the other is on the chopping block, yet both say that it was only said for the tv show? Wake up and get your priorities straight, because if you don’t, neither one of you will have an NFL career with any team.

  18. BlueLifer

    Your a “football professor” who doesnt know the difference between the NFC East and the AFC East? Must be a Bills fan…isnt it the Siberian Bills? lol

  19. me of all fans …a springfield,ma resident……home of the pats…..this is the worst i’ve ever seen this team…chad gets cut …thats crazy…oh cuz wegot the best recieversfor are rookie qb thats a damn project we r hoping goeswell…wehad chnce with so many f.a but nooooo not even a plax or b.edwards like cuz r redzone is great…it shows in preseason …can waitfor this yr. to be over adeveryone gets released fired and we sell the damn team….thats how im feeling…andmind u i have the logo on my leg…im adiehard finsfan….fact

  20. As a friend of a professional football player I am always told that football isn’t just playing games on Sundays and spending your money on pretty women Mon-Sat, there is a ton of work in between and they have terrible days at work as well as the rest of us. Only difference is that they are well compensated where as most of us are not. This is good television for all those little kids who just want to play football and be rich and famous and nothing else. Football player lives aren’t cookies and cream like most people think and this show does a good job of showing the real side of it.

  21. I watched the show nd laughed at the nicknames and was thinking about how those guys would feel about it. I feel bad. Anyone who has played football knows coaches get on you like that and shouldnt take it to heart but its tough having on National TV bc the ppl who haven’t played football wouldnt understand. Having said that i love how these coaches are crtitcizing these guys so bad when this franchise has been terrible for as long as i can remember. There recieving corps looks terrible right now…none of them get any seperation at all. Teams who hope to sneak a wr on their practice squad at final cut is going go lose him to the dolphins. They’re going to be like vultures.

  22. I love the non-Dolphins fans that come on here and try to bash the coaches and the organization for this “behavior.” If you actually watch the entire show both of these players are told to their face that they have problems, so the fact that they were also discussed behind closed doors was not a surprise or an attempt at ratings. If either player didn’t think they were talked about in coaches meetings in a negative way then they have a lot to learn. All the TE’s except for Fasano were basically told the team would be watching the waiver wire if their performance didn’t improve.

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