Report: Jahvid Best likely to start season on PUP list


The Lions got one running back at practice on Wednesday when Mikel Leshoure took part in some drills, but they’re still waiting on Jahvid Best.

According to a report from Adam Schefter of ESPN, there’s a good chance they’ll be waiting a good bit longer. Schefter reports that Best, who has yet to be cleared to resume a full workload after a concussion ended his season in October, is likely to start the season on the physically-unable-to-prepare list. If that comes to pass, Best won’t be eligible to practice until the team has played its first six games.

That’s a very different timetable than the Lions put forth for much of the offseason. There was talk of Best being cleared for contact in June which then shifted to the start of camp and the last we’ve heard is that General Manager Martin Mayhew thinks he’ll eventually be given the medical go-ahead. While there wasn’t much point in pushing Best back into contact work early in camp, the continual delays in clearance and gloomy reports about his condition make you wonder if things have shifted from when Best comes back to if he comes back at all.

Placing Best on the PUP list to start the season would guarantee that he goes more than a year without participating in football activities. He’d then have a few weeks to get himself into game shape without the benefit of any preseason action to help re-acclimate himself to the game. That might be their best chance of getting something out of Best this season, but it hardly seems like the ideal way to bring back a player who can’t find a way to make those red flags hovering over his head go away.

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  1. This reminds the rock of the time I smashed a steel table on the undertakers head and he couldn’t face the the Rock at summer slam. The lesson being if you got a fragile skull don’t step into the ring or field with gladiators. It’s in Javids best interest to shut it down til further notice , if you smell what the rock is cooking

  2. This is one guy who really needs to retire from football before he does some major damage to his brain. If he hasn’t already.

  3. Maybe it would be best for Best to retire? He’s had too many concussions. The fact that he STILL hasn’t been cleared from the October concussion proves how serious this is. He’s so young, with his whole life ahead of him and he’s risking his future if he continues to play football.

  4. Such a great playmaker, but don’t risk long term health. I would love to see Jahvid play as a football fan, but as a person I think he should probably call it quits. You don’t want to mess up your head and be screwed by 25.

  5. I don’t know who will lose more games this year. The Vikings or the Lions?

    Either way, bottom two in the division.

  6. So down to the 3rd stringer for week 1 vs St.Louis eh? No Fairley, no Leshoure, missing an o-line man, might have Delmas, no cornerbacks to speak of….

    may start bradford week 1 in fantasy

  7. Sidney Crosby took a year to come back.

    The Lions have lived without Jahvid Best for the better part of a year, so I don’t see how this changes anything. And, in some ways, this is great news. They can stash him on the PUP and carry another body for a third of the season—and doesn’t have to be a RB.

    Best of luck to Jahvid in getting well…even if football is not part of the future.

  8. @ thetokyosandblaster
    Did you even watch a single Lions game last year? Or maybe you’re just a hater. The Lions will be competing for first place in the division all year, they finished 10-6 without best for most of the season and with the Stafford to Johnson they really don’t need anymore offense. You’re an idiot and your post is a joke.

  9. They couldn’t beat a club better than .500 last year.

    Is that what you mean by “fine”?

  10. If it were up to Best, he would have been doing full contact workouts in June. The fact that there are still issues makes it obvious why players don’t get to make these decisions.

    But – it would be nice to know what goes into deciding whether a player has properly recovered from a brain injury.

  11. lol, I watched all the games, sonny.

    I saw a team that was two bounces away from being 8-8, which is where they’ll cap out at this year, if they’re lucky.

  12. Funny tokyo, how i saw a team that was a couple of bounces from 12-4 and advancing in the playoffs. You Packers fans will understand after this season. But keep talking, by all means.

  13. iced… can i be in your league? and play you in week one? (easy victory when bradford gets it handed to him again by the lions)

  14. Imagine that… A lions fan thinks they should have won more games.


    The truth hurts.

    Here’s some more truth. The lions will not even come close to the packers in the division. And in the games? The closest they’ll be is 0-0, after that, packers will be ahead by at least 7.

  15. Also, it’s funny, because lions fans were saying the same thing last year.

    It appears as though you were severely mistaken.

    I mean, don’t expect the Pack to spot you 10 points an then let their backup put up 40+ points again. They’ll just let Rodgers put up 40+ points while holding your one trick pony team to 20.

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