Rule for Vikings’ defense: If you touch Adrian Peterson, you’re cut


Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is back and practice less than eight months after suffering a torn ACL, and he’s hoping to see how he feels when he takes a hit. But that will have to wait until Peterson suits up against an opposing team.

Players on the Vikings’ defense have been told that hitting Peterson is a serious no-no.

“The rules are simple,” Vikings safety Jamarca Sanford told the Star-Tribune. “Do not touch 28. If you touch him, you’re cut.”

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said he talked to the defense about taking it easy on Peterson. But Peterson is looking as strong as ever, to the point where Frazier said defensive players were asking if Peterson could be told not to run them over.

“Now we have to adhere to it,” Frazier said. “But one of the things they told me was, ‘Coach, you know how he runs. What about protecting us?'”

From all indications, Peterson will be good to go when the Vikings start the season against the Jaguars on September 9 — and he won’t need any protection.

54 responses to “Rule for Vikings’ defense: If you touch Adrian Peterson, you’re cut

  1. How is this going to get him game ready? That rule will not work on Suh, Fairley, Allen or Raji…

  2. So they just took Jared Allen’s rule for offensive linemen and applied it to the defense…

  3. One of the best stiff arms in the league. Only two other players stiff arm better than Peterson, Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson. The Beast-mode has the best stiff arm with Fred-ex in second and Peterson in third. Three running backs that will actually run you over!

  4. What a freak of nature! Hope the Vikes become relevant soon so they don’t waste the few years AD has left!

  5. dbones750 says:
    Aug 15, 2012 3:45 PM
    Vikings are always a source of lulz, this time in a good way….brother.

    Right on brother. Redskins will absolutely sweep, sweep the Vikings in week 6 and in the NFC championship game this year brother.

  6. He will try too had to prove the naysayers wrong and he will blow it out. They all do.

  7. Well, then what’s he doing out there? People get touched and bumped in practice—even when it’s not totally live.

    If you think the guy’s that fragile, he shouldn’t be out there yet.

  8. Don’t forget to mention it depends on who touches him that gets cut. I totally doubt that Jared Allen would be shown the door.

    But hey, some Vikings players might use this tactic as an opportunity to get out of Minnesota if they are good enough players.

  9. I still have no clue when/if to draft AP in fantasy. Him and Jamaal Charles are 1st round talents who have slipped due to injuries, but I can’t imagine either of them performing at a 1st round level this early after recovery.

  10. This seems rushed to me. The general thought is that to fully recover from an ACL tear you need 12-18 months. Usually closer to the 18.

    What is the big hurry anyway? With AP they are 6-10. Without they are 3-13…why risk him long term?

  11. If you’re criticizing this rule, then you don’t get the levity of the situation. This is the right thing to do – the guy had his leg surgically repaired less than a year ago. Easing him back in, even if he doesn’t like it, is the right thing to do. Besides, the guy is used to running with space and no defenders near him anyway, so this is just training him for the breakaway situations that will most definitely occur when the best running back in the game comes back in full force.

    Haters gonna hate, and eat dust when you see #28 ahead of you while you wallow in his dust.

  12. I keep remembering all the amazed people giving Jerry Rice acclaim for coming back in seven months after ACL… and him going back down in his first game back on a simple cut without any contact.
    AD’s a certified beast, a unique physical specimen, and it’s understandable and tells you about the man that he’s back and demanding to play. But cuts have to heal… and this team’s going nowhere even if he gets 2000 yards. Give him time, whether he wants it or not. That’s why they have bosses, to make the hard calls whether the player likes it or not.

  13. If he’s ready to come off the disabled list and practice, he should be good enough to take a hit. I think it’s stupid for him to take his first hit during a game, where opponents will be gunning for him.

  14. I’m going out on a limb and saying that if Jared Allen love taps AP, then Jared Allen will not get cut.

  15. That’s a stupid rule. It’s not like you’re going to cut opposing players when they touch him, he needs to get used to contact on a diminished leg. I hope Jared Allen pimpslaps Peterson in front of Frazier to see what he’d do haha.

  16. Not sure why so many are of the opinion, “If he can’t take a hit he shouldn’t be out there.” ???? How about this…Peterson can’t go from riding an exercise bike or jogging then go straight into a game. That would certainly raise the risk of re-injuring his knee.
    Coach was probably using an exaggeration to prove his point… AP is off-limits. That being said, Jarred Allen obviously wouldn’t get cut. Some undrafted free agent probably would be cut. Not rocket science, guys.

  17. Peterson, just needs to get some reps! Not touching him is smart! And if anyone has a chance to pick him up in the draft? Don’t be stupid take him he has proven why he is a first round talent!!!

  18. AP will be added to the Vikes “Redshirt” hall of fame. He will be the 2nd inductee after Sidney Rice

  19. IMO there are already too many injuries coming out of the training camps. He’ll be getting hit soon enough. Most teams already recognize that you don’t need to be knocking the cr*p out of your QB. I would think that’s just as important for other offensive skill positions, especially running back where it’s so easy to hurt the legs.

  20. The Vikings are playing it smart.
    They deem him as ready for an increase in physical requirements but do not want him being tackled to the ground at this point.

    Whether he has a monster season or whether he blows out his knee early on there will be naysayers each way.

    SIDENOTE: The worst thing for AP is the turf they play on. If the NFL really cared about injuries they would mandate and help fund the move to having all fields be grass. (Indoors can be arranged.)

  21. I’m hoping AP comes back and is the beast he’s always been for all 14 games not against the Bears.

  22. Chances are “good to very good” that the only way AP ever again plays in a playoff game is if/when he switches teams through trade/FA.

    It’ll be many years & well past AP’s career before the Vikes actually win more games than they lose in a season. It all has to do with the “BF Curse”.

  23. The guy is a specimen who will heal better with strength training and rest better than this highly risky move. If Vikes management had a brain, they’d be resting him. He tweaks and re-tears or aggravates it or worse, he may be done forever.

    Plenty of time for him to get recouped and get in synche…it’s not like he’s a rookie. Or is he not that bright that he can’t remember his A, B, and C gaps.

    This all sounds well and good until he goes down and then him, his agent, his teammates, and all of Viking nation all throw up in their mouths a little.

  24. pacodawg says:
    Aug 15, 2012 3:54 PM
    If Jared Allen touches him, I am sure they will cut him. Stupid
    It was a joke to express the importance of AP to the Vikings. He is their number one player. Pull that stick out of your butt and grow a sense of humor. You’re either stupid or you hate the Vikings so much that it doesn’t matter what they say. But you’re still gonna read every article huh?

  25. I dont think playin AP is a good idea to start the season no matter how good he feels. Im a Raiders fan but loved AP style & game since OU. I wish him the best but as a RB and thinking about his future and career not a season where the Vikings are not gonna make the playoffs in that division.
    He has aleays been a fast healer but that was a major knee injury and it hasnt been close to a year yet. I wish him the best but what usually happens when they return early is they dont trust their knee 100% so they favor the other knee and end up tearing out his good knee. Im not tryin to be a hater and hope he does stay healthy.
    I just think in his and the team for that matter intrest would be to wait extra long iin AP tine but still less time than other rb’s just to make sure he us ready. But coaches cant do that and in today’s NFL and every year they are in the hot seat and instead of looking to the future but a coach’s future are this year. I know what AP will say every time u ask him and he will be upset at the little u r holding him down now.
    Just like how the Nationals are shuttin Strausberg down for the season even though they are in the playoff race. They are gonna shut down their best pitcher for the playoffs just to protect tge player amd their investment in the playoffs while this player is 100% healthy. The Vikings in my opinion should take a page from the Nationals playbook and take their time and protect the player and their investment in him and bring him along slow. Is anyone sold on Ponder or like his chances w or w/ Peterson to step his game up and compete in his division against A.Rodgers M.Stafford & J.Cutler?

  26. The rock thinks this rule is silly , place him in a red jersey cutting a young enthusiastic D lineman whose trying to make the team is ridiculous if you smell what the rock is cooking

  27. Jake The Snake Roberts, Million Dollar Man Ted De Biasi & Rowdy Roddy Piper think ALL the little Hulksters are idiots!!!

  28. The “no touch” rule for AP is no different than the rule for every QB in the game superstar or not. They all wear red jerseys so they are off limits. Good move by the Vikings, he’ll get some preseason contact Friday and see how it goes from there.

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